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DSC08045Did you ever dream you could make a quilt? Did you think you couldn’t do it? Maybe you thought it would be too hard, or it would take too much time or…?

Well, whatever the reason, we are here to tell you, yes, you can make a quilt! And we want to help.

Our website and patterns were created to help you find something to get you started quilting. And to keep you quilting! Because quilting is fun. We like to call it “our therapy”. It just makes us happy and we want you to be happy too!

Our designs are fun, fresh and incorporate traditional elements with a modern flair. So click on browse and shop to select your next project!

We are so glad you are visiting with us. 

 Now Available!

Introducing Sgt Stanley – a new pieced quilt that’s part of our Cat Nap Series!

Check out Stanley and all our newest patterns:

Sgt Stanley Sparkles

Sgt Stanley 


Brick and Mortar

Magnetic Midnight

Brick and Mortar

Magnetic Midnight