Our Quilt has a Name!

What a great week! I have been traveling this past week- to Boston, Hingham, then onto to CT to Hamden, Guilford and Fairfield CT to spend time with family and friends. I even got a chance to do a little quilting. Boston and Hingham was for my nephew’s wedding last Friday.

DSCN2034And we got to spend a little time in Boston with our son and his girl exploring- this guy sure has the life, huh?

But mostly my husband and I helped our daughter and new son in law with their brand new house.





DSCN2083It is an adorable 1919 cape style munchkin house. So small that my DH cannot walk thru the doorways on the second floor! But just a great place and so exciting for them!


In the meantime though, we have a quilt to name.




Thank you everyone for your suggestions- this one really had us stumped. So what did we name it? Well, what I love about all your suggestions is that they sparked creativity and took us in a direction that we had not intended to go. So, after a little more brainstorming, the quilt’s name is:




Urban Twist



We love that the quilt looks like woven bands of fabric, twirling stars and the colors twist and turn.


And since we did not take anyone’s suggestion literally but used them all as inspiration, we decided to just draw a name to win a pattern.

And the winner is:


I will email you to get your snail mail address and when I have the pattern ready and on the website later this week, one will be in the mail.


Thanks again everyone. I am off to see the Jolly Beggars play (my son in law’s Irish band) at a car show and then on to the airport; it is time to go back to Colorado.

happy quilting,



Nameless Quilt Contest

We need your help. Our quilt needs a name. We have tried and tried and we just can’t seem to find one we like! Naming quilts can be tricky. We loved naming our Cat Nap series of quilts; they were easy. Cat name = quilt name! Done!



This quilt is our newest pattern. A really fun, easy to piece block that creates a striking design.











DSCN0959I used this great mustache fabric as my “focus” fabric-and Crystal quilted mustaches all over the quilt,  but I don’t want to name the quilt based on mustache fabric. So what to do?

Can you help?

Do you have a suggestion for the name of this pattern?



Leave a comment with a name suggestion and if we use your name you could win a copy of the pattern! (Or if your name suggestion is the inspiration for the name.) One pattern; one winner.

Put your thinking caps on!


Pink and green quiltHow about the quilt in pink and green fabrics?












Orange QuiltOr a nice fall color scheme?


I bet it would look great in Christmas fabrics!


Please, help us name this quilt!

happy quilting,





DSCN2008I am caught up with my Globetrotting blocks.

Yea! DSCN2007Just in time too since September is next week.























Enjoy your weekend!

The last big weekend of summer.




Happy quilting,



DSCN1922Do you ever work in a series? Lately, without meaning to, I have been working in a series. Each of the recent quilts I have designed for various projects, seems to have a variation of a checkerboard in them!









How funny is that?












I must be in a checkerboard mood!


happy quilting,





Globetrotting- getting closer to caught up!

This past weekend, on Saturday night, hubbie and I went out to a photography MeetUp group event and watched the group set off paper Japanese lanterns into the evening sky. It was pretty fun, but I could not capture the lanterns with my camera; it was pretty windy, too windy really, and the lanterns were moving too fast! They all have these really spiffy cameras…


This is the best that I could get. There were actually about 5 lanterns in the shot when I pressed the button on the camera!


(And just in case you were wondering, the lanterns are biodegradable!)





DSCN1980 (copy)I did mange to get a few photographs of pretty flowers, much more my speed.










DSCN1964 (copy)And evidence that fall is coming.










DSCN2004Yea! My next set of blocks are done for the Globetrotting with Pat Sloan BOM.

DSCN2006These are the July blocks- I think they came out great!

Next up- the August blocks- I better hurry up- can you believe this is the last week of August???

Don’t we say this every year: Where did the summer go?

Have a great week!

happy quilting,



Sewing usually means you are inside. And in the winter, that is OK! but in the summer, it is often so nice out, I hate being inside! Last week, when we first got home from our travels, I had a bunch of fabric to iron for a new project. And it was just lovely outside.

DSCN1848So I set up my ironing on the deck.

Now I have to figure out how to sew on the deck. I know I can bring the machine outside, maybe on a card table or my portable table from Arrow, but what about a place to cut and trim???

Hmmm…. this will take some thought.

Any suggestions?

happy quilting,


Giveaway Winners

DSCN1911Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! And for all your kind words about the wedding quilt.

I hope you all had a great weekend- did you see my ALS Ice Bucket challenge video on Facebook? I figured if my husband’s aunt challenged me, well, I had to rise to the occasion! Thank goodness it was a nice warm day here.




On to the winners-

DSCN1893Tami Chaulk and Debbie Brooks!

Congratulations ladies.  I have sent you both an email asking for your snail mail address. I hope you enjoy trying out the Fabric Folding Pen.

happy quilting,


August Giveaway

WeddingQuiltBack in July I shared a couple of pictures of my son and daughter in law’s wedding quilt. It really is just so beautiful (if I do say so myself!) Though it was started 2 years ago, before their wedding, it got put away for most of the last 2 years.

I pulled it out a couple of times, planned some of the flowers and then promptly put it away again as other projects demanded attention.









So, when I decided in May that it must be done and brought to CT in July, I was really under the gun.
t186_667aa7d2a39f743d77c3562375c0ed8cAt Quilt Market, while Elizabeth and I were looking for our notion for the Notion Commotion Blog Hop, I came across a Fabric Folding Pen at the Clover booth.

The woman demonstrating it made it look so easy and so helpful. So I decided to see if it was really was helpful!




I had a lot of flowers to appliqué. And given that I had less than 2 months to add the borders, make the flowers, appliqué them, get it quilted….. I was looking for anything to make the process go smoothly and easily.

DSCN1436For the appliqué,  first I drew and cut my flower shapes out of freezer paper. Then I ironed the freezer paper to the fabric and roughly cut the fabric about 3/16″ bigger than the paper template.

Then it was off to the ironing board.

I tried three methods.




For some of the flowers, I ironed the fabric around the template, removed the paper and pinned the flower piece to the quilt.

For others, I used fabric glue to help the fabric stay down.


Then I tried running the fabric folding pen on the fabric around the edge of the paper and then ironing the fabric.

What I found was the pieces I made using the Fabric Folding Pen stayed pressed better than those without anything. The glued ones stayed too, but it was harder to remove the paper.




DSCN1443This was the piece without anything.

See how the edges are unfolding  already?










DSCN1441This was the piece with the Fabric Folding Pen.

It stayed nice and flat even after I removed the paper.










DSCN1438The pen comes with this liquid, and you add just a few drops to the barrel of the pen and then fill with water. The package says the resulting solution makes the fabric pliable and easy to fold.



Want to try it?

I have 2 Fabric Folding Pens to give away.




Leave a comment below and you will be entered in the drawing for a chance to win one of these pens.

DSCN1893Sign up for our newsletter (or let me know you already get our newsletter) and you get an extra chance.

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So tell your friends to come here and to like us on FB too!

Giveaway closes Sunday August 17th at 9pm my time.

OK- off to do some more sewing… I love my job!

happy quilting,



Seam Ripping- so many options!

DSCN1879So, I know I have mentioned before, my seam ripper Jack and I are good buddies.






In fact, Jack has many friends- he needs helpers so he doesn’t get tired with all the work to do!

There are a lot of seam rippers on the market- do you have a favorite?

And then, the REAL question is, how do you rip out seams?



DSCN1881Yes, there are many different ways.

Some people rip out each stitch, one by one.

Some people rip out stitches, a few here, a few there and then pull the bobbin thread out to get the rest.

Check out this Youtube video.



Others use the curved end in the seam and rip along the seam creating little stray pieces. Check out this video. It looks awkward, but it works well, once you get it started. And for me, it works better when you hold the pieces up in your hand, not flat on the table.

Do you have one way to rip? I do use a variety of methods depending on the seam, the number of cross seams, etc. Well, that, and my mood!

DSCN1882If I only have a few stitches to rip, I just pick them out with the point of my ripper.

For a longer seam of stitches, I like the method of using the curved edge and ripping along my seam.


DSCN1884It goes so fast that way. You just have to be careful not to poke a hole in your fabric!






DSCN1888And for long stretches where there are a lot of seams, I may do a little combo ripping as sometimes the curved edge of the seam ripper can get caught in the seam allowance.






And this ripper helps to clean up the stray threads.








DSCN1854 DSCN1855 DSCN1856


You know what else helps with seam ripping? A extra sticky pet lint roller!







Oh, and one other thing. A few of my seam rippers are old.

Most quilters like to be frugal, but guess what? Your seam ripper can get dull, just like your rotary cutter blade. So if your seam ripping is not smooth, get a new ripper!

You deserve it!


Happy quilting,


p.s. Two things:

1. Craftsy’s last day of the Dog Days of Summer sale is today. Click here to save up to 50% on classes! And it is not just my class- it is all quilting classes! There are some really great classes there. I am currently taking a class on machine quilting with Jacquie Gering.

2. Our August giveaway will start on Wednesday August 13th- so check back!

Week 1 of August and a Sale

DSCN1870How was your week? Mine has been busy- especially trying to get back into some sort of routine.

It is so easy to get distracted when working from home (actually distractions abound no matter where you work!) but at home the distractions are just different.




DSCN0999For me, it is-

the cat (she can get demanding- not so easy to ignore!),

the laundry,

the messy kitchen (fairly easy to ignore!),

the idea: oh it so nice outside, I should take a walk….


What distracts you?



Is that snow still up on those mountains? Isn’t this August?????

Part of my week has been a little bit of sewing on a new project. When I sew, sometimes I like the quiet. No t.v., no music, just me and my sewing.

Other times, a little background noise helps.

What about you? Do you listen to music, watch t.v. or….????

This week, I have had so much on my mind, I needed noise to keep the chatter in my mind quiet.

So I watched some Craftsy classes while I sewed. Of course, the danger with that is that then you see (or hear) something very interesting and you have to stop sewing to watch.

Hmmm… so does it count a a distraction or as background helping to keep me from being distracted?

unnamedEither way, here is a code so you can sign up for some great classes at Craftsy and save $$. And be distracted with great information!

Who doesn’t like to save money? This is their last big sale of the summer and you can save up to 50% on all quilting classes.

Click here to go to Craftsy and save.


Have a great weekend!




happy quilting,


p.s next week we are going to do the August giveaway on the blog so be sure to pop back and check it out!

Globetrotting Catch Up

St Louis Block 1

St Louis Block 1

I am behind on my Globetrotting with Pat Sloan blocks. The wedding details derailed my plan of staying on track and getting each block in “their” month. No worries, though. I am determined to catch up!

This past weekend, when I arrived back home, first we picked up Miss Lily from the vet and then we went and picked up my sweet little sewing machine. She had been for a spa day while I was gone- all the lint and stuff has been cleaned out and she is humming along nicely!


On Sunday I decided to make the blocks for June to ease her back into sewing.


St Louis Block 2

I have been to St Louis, once on my trip moving out here to CO, which is the city for June.

As some of you know, each month I am making 2 blocks so I can make my quilt a little bigger. I really loved that skull fabric I had used before and so I decided to use it again!


Next up, July!



happy quilting,



DSCN1853p.s. To save time, I made the 2 blocks at the same time, chain piecing sections. Do you know what happens when you are doing this and each block has a similar BUT different background fabric? Yup- I mixed them up and had to play with Jack the Ripper! Ah well, live and learn!

Strip Piecing Tuesday

DSCN1867When we showcased the Ideal Seam Guide last month (oops!- 2 months ago!) for the Notion Commotion Blog Hop, I wondered if I would use it.

I mean, I am a creature of habit and I had been used to doing something else.





I am working on a new project and I needed to sew some strip sets.

My sewing machine had been for a spa day while I was away and she needed a little workout! (She and I did do a little sewing on Sunday- I will show you those blocks tomorrow.) So today I got up and decided to get right to sewing.



I love how I can make a channel between my two guides and just gently hold the fabric strips together and let them slide thru the channel.

I occasionally stopped, needle down, and re-adjusted the strips so they were lined up together and then just went pedal to the metal!


















Once I was done with the first group, I re- adjusted where the seam guide was, and then kept going!


So yes, the Ideal Seam Guide was worth it!





A whole pile of strip sets, ready for slicing and dicing – and all before breakfast. Pretty neat!



happy quilting,



p.s. Does anyone know why you always run out of bobbin right before the end of the last seam?




Welcome Back!


The bride and her brothers

Hello friends! I am back in Colorado after 2 weeks in CT- what a great trip! It was so nice to see all my kids together, to spend time with family and friends and to see my beautiful daughter get married! I don’t even know what to say, so I will let the pictures say it all.



Alyssa and Jeff


Some of the photographs come from Walker Studios, LLC; two lovely sisters who took the wedding photos. Wonderful.















They had a Best Woman and a BridesMan- love it!

The place was rocking- they finally had to cut the cake before it toppled over!



The cake was amazing- beautiful and tasty!


The Groom’s Cake!


























Lots of people had some fun in the “photo Booth” area!


Scott and Jocelyn even got Grandma in the booth!


Sean and Rea



Even the happy couple!


After the wedding, the happy couple took off, and we took to the road with our son Sean and his wife Rea for a few days on the coast before they headed back to Scotland.




Life is good.

happy quilting,



Wedding Week and a Quilt


I have been so busy here in CT getting ready for my daughter Alyssa’s wedding. What an exciting time! And frustrating.

The woman we are working with at the wedding venue said that figuring out the table seating plan is the WORST part of the wedding- and she was right! We have changed it so many times in the last few days…

People coming that we did not know were coming- change the plan.

People now NOT coming that had said they were coming. Change the plan.

The venue does not have that many of that size table- change the plan! Oh my goodness!

But I think we are finally done with that. Yea.




Yesterday Alyssa and I picked up her brother Sean and his wife Rea in Mass.

They came in from Scotland for her wedding. They spent a few days with her family and their friends and now they are here with us and we are so excited!

We were also so excited because we were finally able to give them their wedding quilt- 2 years later!

Long story, but isn’t it beautiful?

Alyssa and I worked on it together in Connecticut before I moved, then she worked on part of it here while I worked on part of it in Colorado and then I put the whole thing together.

Crystal Zagnoli of the Quilted Cricket quilted it for me and she did a great job.


More family arrives today: my son Scott, his girlfriend Jocelyn and my husband Jim. First time in two years we will be all together.  So happy.


WooHoo We have winners!

Short and sweet – and more importantly to the point.

Our winners from the Notion Commotion Blog Hop are:

Robin H – the Ideal Seam Guide



Janet F – our gRadient quilt pattern



Susan (the farmer) – our Jelly Roll Jumble quilt pattern.

New Jelly Roll Jumble

New Jelly Roll Jumble

We would like to thank all of our entrants.  Our followers are the best!  And after visiting all of our fellow designers blogs, aren’t we all inspired?  Lots of great ideas and nifty notions

Kate has a week of pre-wedding final touches.  I will be heading up to our old stomping grounds in New England to attend.  Pictures will follow next weekend!

Have a great weekend!



Notion Commotion Blog Hop- Day 10

NotionCommotionToday is the day- the last day of the Notion Commotion Blog Hop posts! I hope you have had a good time visiting all the designers and seeing all the great gadgets and gizmos they have shown us.


I know I have had a blast!



southwindToday our blogger is my good friend Annette Ornelas of Southwind Designs. She is a great lady with some really cool patterns. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us! Pop over to her blog and check it out.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our blog hop. Don’t be a stranger- come back soon!

Elizabeth will be drawing a name on Friday and she will post the winners of our giveaway here either Friday or Saturday. So make sure you have entered our drawing- click here to go to the blog post if you have not entered yet! Click here for the entire list of bloggers- you don’t want to miss single one!

happy quilting, Kate

Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 9

NotionCommotionWow! Hard to believe we are almost done with this blog hop! Is has been fun, hasn’t it?


Today on the hop is Susan Emory of the Swirly Girls.




SGD LogoShe has wonderful patterns, designs fabric for Michael Miller and just does lots of fun stuff!

So pop over to her blog and see what groovy gadget she has for you!


Happy quilting


Don’t forget to pop over to all the blogs to enter to maybe win some nifty notions! The whole schedule can be found here.

Did you enter our giveaway? Hurry- Elizabeth will be drawing a name this Friday! Click here to enter!

Quilt Show

DSCN1518This past weekend some of my quilts were hanging in a booth at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Show in Castle Rock.

Did you get a chance to go to the show? I spent my day there Thursday helping in the booth and chatting with quilters. Always fun to chat with quilters!


Here is a picture of the booth- any guess what is missing?




This! The Innova long arm!

Crystal does a lot of quilts for me these days and I am so lucky to have found her. I can’t wait to show you a quilt she did, but it will have to wait a couple more weeks.


DSCN1524We were giving away a goodie in the booth- a cute charm pack and a copy of our pattern Prints Charming! Congrats to Laura!

I have a busy week ahead… some sewing… some pattern writing… stuff for the wedding – less than 2 weeks away now!

Oh- don’t forget – this is the last week of the Notion Commotion Blog Hop. Check back tomorrow to see who is up next and what groovy gizmo they have.

Happy quilting,


Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 8

NotionCommotionAnother day, another notion! Today’s blogger is Laura Blanchard of Plum Tree Quilts. I wonder what she has for us today?


PlumTreeQuilts copyWell, pop over to her blog and wonder no more!



I hope you have been able to get to all the bloggers and see their great notions and enter their giveaways! Why miss a single one?!


What has been your favorite tool so far? Curious minds want to know! (And it does not have to be the one we showed, I really do want to know what you like!)


If you need to catch up, here is the whole list of bloggers so you don’t miss a single groovy gadget! Next week is our last week of the Notion Commotion- it will be so sad not to have more tools to covet!

Have a great rest of your week-

happy quilting,





1 BlogButtonsAPQLetterhead med NEWHave you heard me on Pat Sloan’s Podcast? It was so fun to chat with her! Click hear to listen.




CraftsyLogoHave you signed up yet for my Craftsy class? Click here for a link to get 50% off  my class!

Quilt Show

New Jelly Roll Jumble

New Jelly Roll Jumble


Whatcha doing this weekend?


I am going to the Rocky Mountain Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival! Doesn’t that sound like fun?




It is in Castle Rock, CO on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. And some of my quilts will be hanging in a booth- my friend Crystal Zagnoli of The Quilted Cricket, will be there with her Innova long arm machine. And some of my quilts that she has quilted will be displayed. How fun is that?

So, if you are in the area, pop on over. They have free classes, vendors, and lots of groovy stuff.

Maybe even some nifty notions? Need informations? Directions? Hours? Click here.

happy quilting,


Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 7

NotionCommotionAnother day… another notion! Did you all have a great holiday weekend? Are you ready for some notions?

Today our blogger is Celine Perkins of Perkins Dry Goods. Elizabeth and I met Celine at Quilt Market many years ago- she is a great quilter and I know you will enjoy what she has to show us.


PDGLogo 300 x 709


So, pop over to her blog and see what the nifty notion is today! And then check out her website- worth a look.


happy quilting,


Did you miss entering our contest for our groovy notion? Then pop over to this post and leave a comment.

The whole schedule is here.


Happy 4th of July


Happy 4th of July- I do hope it is a nice day where you are. It is lovely here- going to get very hot, but right now, warm, sunny, beautiful blue skies…. a great day.

This morning, hubby and I have been relaxing on the deck, reading and just enjoying the day.





Last night we had some clouds roll in, but as the sun broke thru the clouds, the sky was just so pretty!


I hope you have a lovely day!

happy quilting,




Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 6




And the fun continues! Isn’t it great seeing all these tools? And possibly winning one?





Today on the blog hop is Brenda Miller of Among Brenda’s Quilts and Bags! Brenda is a great person and she has lots of fun stuff on her website.

I am sure she is going to have a cool tool for you today.


So pop over to her blog and check things out!


If you haven’t entered our giveaway for our groovy tool, click here for our blog post. There is still time to enter the drawing!

For the whole schedule of posts, click here. Trust me, you don’t want to miss one of these great giveaways!

1 BlogButtonsAPQLetterhead med NEW If you missed hearing me Monday on Pat Sloan’s radio show on the American Patchwork and Quilting network, click here, then choose our show link to hear the show! I was on along with Jenny Doan and Nancy Mahoney- what an honor!

happy quilting,

and happy 4th of July to my American peeps!


Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 5!

NotionCommotionSo today on the blog hop is….. (insert drum roll)


Debbie Wendt of Wendt Quilting!






So pop over to her blog and see what nifty notion she has for us!

Happy quilting,


p.s. If you haven’t entered our giveaway for our groovy tool, click here for our blog post. There is still time to enter the drawing!

For the whole schedule of posts, click here. Trust me, you don’t want to miss one of these great giveaways!

1 BlogButtonsAPQLetterhead med NEWp.p.s. If you missed hearing me yesterday on Pat Sloan’s radio show on the American Patchwork and Quilting network, click here, then choose our show link to hear the show! I was on along with Jenny Doan and Nancy Mahoney- what an honor!



American Patchwork and Quilting Show!

Today is the day!


1 BlogButtonsAPQLetterhead med NEWTune in to the American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast at 4pm ET, 3 PM CT, 2 PM MT or 1PM PT and listen to all the fun!


I will be on along with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company and Nancy Mahoney! How cool is that!


Happy quilting,


I am going to be on Pat Sloan’s radio show!

1 APQPodCastBlogButtonsGuest250I am SO excited!

Tune in on Monday, June 30th to the American Patchwork and Quilting podcast where I will be a guest on Pat Sloan’s  show!

I first met Pat back in 2006 when we both were at a quilt retreat at the Mercy Center in Madison, CT. The Mercy Center is located right on the water so the views are wonderful- a peaceful and serene setting.

I was teaching a 2 ½ day class and Pat was the featured quilt celebrity and she did a trunk show and lecture and it was so much fun!

I am so honored to be a guest on her show- so please, mark your calendars for Monday, June 30th and listen to me chat with Pat!

Pat Sloan American Patchwork and Quilting radio Kate Colleran guest


4pm ET

3 pm CT

2pm MT

and 1 pm on the west coast.





Happy quilting,



NotionCommotionp.s. Did you see yesterday’s blog post on the Notion Commotion Blog Hop? It was our day to showcase a nifty notion, a cool tool, a groovy gadget! Check it out here!

You don’t want to miss out on our great giveaway!

Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 4

NotionCommotionDay 4 of the hop! And guess who is posting? That’s right, it is our day on the Notion Commotion Blog Hop. So let’s get to it!

We are excited to show you our nifty notion, our cool tool, our groovy gadget…






Today we are addressing that pesky ¼” seam allowance. The elusive one- you know, sometimes you are right on the money,




other times, well, not so much!





DSCN1419For those who have seen my Craftsy class, you know that I like to use a small seam guide on my sewing machine bed to help me maintain that ¼” seam allowance.  Now I know there are lots of ways to do it; some people will tell you to use a small stack of post it notes to bump your fabric up against. For me, that never worked. I “bump” too hard and the notes move!



DSCN1423Other people love their ¼” foot on their machine. I have two but I don’t use them. I really like having a seam guide. That way my fabric is heading to the needle all lined up and I don’t have to adjust as it hits the foot.

( The other reason I don’t use my ¼” foot is because I forget I have it one and then I try to do a fancy stitch and poke holes in the foot and break needles! But don’t tell anyone that part; it is a little embarrassing!)





While we were at Quilt Market, Elizabeth spotted this great seam guide. It is called the Ideal Seam Guide from Sew Very Smooth. It is a pretty nifty little gadget!






First they have a seam gauge to line up with your needle- you stick the needle in the hole and gently lower your pressor foot onto the gauge.

The gauge has a bunch of markings; including both ¼”  seam and a scant ¼” seam marking.





Then you peel back the cover from the sticky stuff on the back of the guide and press in place.

Remove the gauge from your needle and done! Ready to sew perfect ¼” seams!







What is nice about this guide is how sturdy it is.

To be honest, it took me a while to get used to it; it is thick, so your fabric can bump against it and not easily slide over it. If you firmly press the guide in place, the sticky stuff is pretty sticky, so it stays secure.

Once I got used to the size, it was terrific!












See me sewing my little 4 patch units for Jelly Roll Jumble!














Their website has lots of how to videos- how to use it; how to clean it, etc… so it is worth a visit!

They have a 5″ long guide (which is what I have) and a 10″ long guide. And other groovy stuff!



DSCN0988One way to use both guides is when you are piecing long strips of fabric like I was doing for my quilt, Jelly Roll Jumble. You use one guide to mark the  ¼”  seam and the other on the other side of the strip to form a channel.





I did that, but since I only had one Ideal Seam Guide, I used my other seam guide on one side. Then you can easily guide long strips thru the machine without a lot of adjusting. Nice!



You can even move the guide over for larger strip sets.


So, wouldn’t you like to try this seam guide? Of course!

The folks at Sew Very Smooth are going to give away one set of the Ideal Seam Gauge and the Ideal Seam Guide to one lucky winner!





Lily testing the new Jelly Roll Jumble quilt! She approved!




And we are going to give away two patterns; one of our new updated patterns, Jelly Roll Jumble, and one of gRadiant- our newest pattern!








So a total of three winners! Woo hoo!

So how do you enter the drawing? Leave a comment below an you will be entered in the drawing for a chance to win one of the three prizes listed.

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If you missed the first few blog posts on the Notion Commotion Blog Hop, click here for links to earlier posts by other designers! Go show them some bloggy love and enter to win their giveaways! What’s not to love?


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Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 3

NotionCommotionHi everyone! Today is Day 3 of our Notion Commotion blog hop! Are you ready for some hopping?







Today’s blogger is Joanne Harrison Hillstead of Fat Quarter Gypsy. I know she is going to have some fun stuff for you to see so hop over to her blog and check it out!



And don’t forget to come back here on Thursday because it is our day to post! You don’t want to miss it!


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Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 2



It is Day 2 of our Notion Commotion Blog Hop!












Today our blogger is Janice Pope of Anything But Boring.


Janice is most well know for her Two Hour Tulip purse, but she has a lot of other wonderful things.

So pop over to her blog, see what must have, nifty notion she is showing us and get in on the fun!



Did you get to Kris’s blog on Tuesday? It’s not too late to still get in on her giveaway!

Click here to go to her blog post!

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Notion Commotion Blog Hop Day 1

NotionCommotionWoo hoo!


The blog hop is here!







Day 1:

First up is Kris Poor of Poorhouse Quilt Designs.




Pop over to her blog and see what notion she just gaga over!


If you don’t already know Kris, you are going to love her stuff. She has all sorts of fun patterns- bags, bowls, quilts…. so after you check out her nifty notion, browse her site- it’s worth a look!




If you want to see the whole schedule, click here to go to my Notion Commotion Blog Hop page.



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