Snippets of Work

DSCN3096Another busy week last week.  And the hard part is I can’t share most of what I worked on. Drat.

DSCN3103I can share snippets though. This is a picture of one of two quilts that will be part of another new pattern.



When we go to Quilt Market in May we like to have at least 2 new patterns. That is what most shop owners ask us-“What’s new?” so we better have something new! The two quilts still need binding- I may bind one and do a facing on the other. We’ll see. Options, options!

DSCN3109Isn’t it great? Crystal did an amazing job quilting the quilts. The fabric is from Batik Textiles and they are just lovely.

Now this pattern just needs a name. I have mentioned before, naming a quilt can be tricky. Sometimes the quilt  just names itself, other times… well not so much.

Right now its name is Medallion. It might stay that. It was Table Topper which was its working title while I was designing it.

Most of my quilts start with an idea- maybe for a use, or a size or shape, a feeling… and their working title often reflects that. For this quilt, I wanted to create an octagonal quilt that could be a table topper, a wall hanging, or even, with the right fabrics, a Christmas tree skirt at the holidays! Thus the working title.

DSCN3101Then I decided it should be one great big block. This one is so much fun to make and I am going to include 4 sizes in the pattern- from a 12″ mini quilt to a 60″ wall hanging. With optional corners in case you want a square quilt not an octagonal one.

Alyssa was testing the pattern this weekend and her mini quilt is adorable. She made the small size and the mini in one day- and the mini is even quilted and bound! Want to see a picture of her mini? She posted it on our Instagram account- click here to see.

DSCN3142So that is part of what I worked on this week. The rest, well, when I can show it, I will! In the meantime, here is another snippet.

What are you working on? I would love to see!

happy quilting,



Up next: DSCN3114

National Quilting Day

Today is National Quilting Day. How are you spending the day?WWQD2015_public_150

I am doing a little quilting as I have some projects on a deadline. More about that tomorrow. But, it only seems right to visit a quilt shop on National Quilting Day.

So today I am going to Snappy Quilts.


It is their last day. They are closing which makes many of locals here so sad. Nancy the owner has health issues and can no longer run the store. No one bought it so it is closing. Nancy created a great store- it was only three years old and in the Quilt Sampler magazine last spring.


So many people loved the feeling she brought to her store, her wonderful staff and her mix of fabrics, well,  you can’t find that anywhere else around here.

So, on the day to celebrate quilting, I will go and celebrate (and mourn) a wonderful shop that was close enough to walk to from my house. But I would have traveled to it. It was that good.

happy National Quilting Day,


Here is a link to a giveaway from Quilters Newsletter for National Quilting Day- hurry! You only have until tomorrow night to enter!

Balance and a Book Review

What a week! We had some glorious weather- warm, sunny days. Spring was in the air and I hope it is here to stay, don’t you?

DSCN3088I had a lot of projects on my plate this week that kept me so busy. And to be honest, some weeks I don’t get out much. I don’t allow the time to stop and spend time with friends.

This past week, I was going to try to allow more balance in my life. Tuesday I was going to spend time with my quilty group. I got on the road, did some errands and was on my way to June’s house when, bam!

Flat tire!

So instead of visiting with friends, I spent a bit of time on the side of the road waiting on the roadside serviceman to come and change my tire. And yes, I do know how to change a tire but I find the lug nuts are too hard for me to crank off. The good news on that was, I was in enforced quiet time. So I listened to the radio, daydreamed and came up with a plan for a project that I had been working on. Yes!

Thursday I was able to have dinner with a friend before quilt guild and Friday morning I chatted on the phone with a friend from back east.

Did I have work to do? Yes. But in these busy lives we have, we often forget to make the time for the other things that matter. Family. Friends. Connections. Quiet time to sit and dream.

51C4Q6H6hyL._AA160_This week, I received a book in the mail from my friend Kirstyn Cogan. It is her first book with C&T publishing and she is just so creative. I say first book since I am sure it will not be her last!

Photo courtesy of C&T

Photo courtesy of C&T


The book, Urban scandinavian Sewing  is wonderful. It is charming and fun with clever projects and great scandinavian recipes.

The book has a fresh feel to it- and the pictures make you want to redecorate your house! Be sure to grab a copy.

Oh- and Kirstyn was on Pat Sloan’s radio show this past Monday. If you missed it, here is a link to the recording.





Stella is ready! Our new pattern, Stella is ready and up on the website. Stella is a really fun pattern- it comes in 2 sizes, 40″ and 20″ square. It will make a great wall hanging, a great baby quilt or table topper.

Isn’t the cover quilt beautiful? The fabrics are from the line Petal and Plume by BariJ from Art Gallery fabrics. They were absolutely wonderful to sew with. I love Art Gallery fabrics.


DSCN3091And here are the new fabrics I am making my next one in: a line called… wait for it…Stella by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics! I love the elephants!




happy quilting,


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Mixing a new quilt pattern with surgery


Fabrics from Batik Textiles

This week I was working on a new quilt pattern. I had gorgeous fabric from Batik Textiles to play with and a fun design that I was really excited about.

So what went wrong? Well, I have discovered you should not do quilter math right after surgery. I had some minor dental surgery on Wed and proceeded to do the math and then started cutting. Whoops!

Now I only had novocaine, but I am also on prednisone, antibiotics and pain meds. Hmmm. Maybe not a good mix for quilter math!

And no food. I cannot eat solid food for a week so I am on liquids. I bought a green smoothie on the way home from surgery day 1 (yes, I drove but before I took any pain meds, I promise!). Hubby found a green smoothie recipe that I tried to make day 2.


Yuck, yuck  and double yuck.

Back to the green smoothie store for me!

So, now that I am no longer in pain, I am back to sewing and working on the new quilt pattern. I am hoping that I am more clear headed, though I admit to being hungry.

Oh so hungry.

DSCN3069Got any good recipes for me?

Wish me luck as I finish sewing my new quilt.

happy quilting,


p.s. If you have not signed up for my Craftsy class, you can see a trailer for it here! And I always have a code for 50% off on my class available to you on my Craftsy page- click here to save!




Batiks from Batik Textiles- NEW pattern play!

We all get asked a lot- “What do you do?”  – meaning- “What is your job?”

Until I moved here almost 3 years ago, the answer was easy. I would say, I am a nurse. I am also a wife, a mother, a friend, a sister… but no one is asking about that. We often define people by their occupation.

Last month when I did the trunk show in Colorado Springs for the guild there, I talked about my journey as a quilt designer and a pattern designer.

What do those terms mean? I think they mean different things to different people.

So who is a quilt designer? In my mind, it is anyone who picks up a pattern and then wanders to find just the right fabrics to make that quilt.

It is also the person who creates blocks, puts combinations together and creates a new quilt design. It is a broad and encompassing term. It is many of us.

I am also a pattern designer which means to me that I take that quilt that I designed and create the pattern- the words and images that make it possible for others to create their quilt from it.

So, what do I say now when people ask what I do? Well, I have struggled with it- when I say I am a quilt pattern designer, I get funny looks. It often takes them a minute to process. Then they usually say, “Oh, you make quilts? My grandma did that.”

Yes, I do. I make quilts. I am a quilt designer. I am a quilt pattern designer.

I am a quilter.

happy quilting,


DSCN2795p.s. I am working on a new pattern today- MUST play with fabric! But, Stella, our other new pattern will be ready on March 16th!!

Woo hoo! She is so pretty…



The Process

DSCN3048Yesterday I had paperwork to do.

And 2 quilts to bind.

Now normally quilting takes precedence over paperwork, at least in hierarchy of which is more fun to do, but not when it is attaching the binding.

We all have parts of the quilting process that we like more than others. Sewing binding to the quilt by machine is, by far, my least favorite part. So when there are tips on sewing binding to the quilt by machine on both sides, a part of me thinks, WHY?

Why do this bad part twice????

I know why; it is faster.

DSCN3046Is faster always better?

Anyway, once I had done some of the paperwork, it was time to put the binding on the 2 quilts.

To make the process more enjoyable, I put on a movie. Julie and Julia. Have you seen it? I love this one. And Julie is writing a blog. Fun.

As I was putting the binding on, I decided to evaluate why this process is not fun.

1. Big quilt, small space. That part is a no brainer, but really, unlike quilting, I am not trying to smush a quilt thru the small opening in the sewing machine. But I am trying to wrangle a large quilt that keeps falling off my table, gets stuck underneath my Sew Steady table so when I go to advance the quilt, I can’t and end up with a wonky seam…

2. Long stretches of just trying to sew straight. I can’t. Truly. It wobbles.

3. Hmmm… is there a 3?

Then I debated, how can I make the process easier?

1. I could start by moving the ironing board to the left side of my sewing table to help hold the weight of the quilt while attaching the binding. (OK- why have I not been doing this? Laziness- I just don’t want to move things around. Pretty silly.)

2. I could remove the Sew steady table while putting on binding. I LOVE my clear table; I am a much better piecer with the table. But if I remove it, then the quilt can’t get stuck under or around it. (I know a different table where the sewing machine sits down in the table would help, but that is not in the budget right now.)

3. Slow down. I cannot sew a straight seam, and the faster I go, the worse it gets. Then I have to rip out sections and resew. I have a guide to follow but… I still wobble. So if I go slower, then I wobble less. But then, the part of the process I dislike takes longer! Drat and double drat!

OK, fine. I will slow down.


So I have a plan. I should have a new quilt to bind in a few of weeks so I will see if my plan works.

In the meantime, I have 2 quilts that I need to hand sew the binding to the back.

And honestly, I like this part. It may not be my favorite part of the process, but it is close. The quilt is almost done, I am able to do a little handwork that is easier than hand quilting on my joints and I get to sit, relax, maybe watch a movie, maybe just reflect and the day, the week, what project is coming up next. A good time to let my mind wander and think up the next quilt!

happy quilting,





QuiltCon was fun.


Best in Show: i Quilt by Kathy York

Best in Show: i Quilt by Kathy York

When we first saw the room we thought, this is it? There is not much here.

We were wrong.

There were more quilts displayed than we originally thought. And what quilts! Some we loved, some that were thought provoking and some were just fun!









Diamond Dust by Doris Brunnette

Diamond Dust by Doris Brunnette




Here is one of Alyssa’s favorites; I say one of because it was hard to choose just one!










Absent Minded by Lauren Palmer

Absent Minded by Lauren Palmer

One of my favorites…

And there was more to do than just look at quilts, shop, take classes, listen to lectures, see free demos… (like that wasn’t enough?). Some of the booths had games. Moda had a bean toss and we each won a charm pack! They also had a fun photo booth with silly stuff to wear. Kona had their naming the Kona color game and a friend of ours Bonnie won a tote bag. Aurifil had a ping pong ball toss game- no winners here.








And tattoos! A few of the booths had tattoos including C&T (where we got ours), Cotton & Steel… we could even gotten a real tattoo. And some did.










We were in Texas so we would not have been surprised to see a riding bull somewhere, but instead there was a riding sewing machine.












Complete with hat.











Best part of QuiltCon? Seeing friends and making new friends.














Ok- and getting my picture taken with Alex of Aurifil in front of our quilt!

happy quilting all!

Kate and Alyssa




Guild Lecture

Last week I went down to Colorado Springs and did a trunk show at the Colorado Springs Quilt guild meeting. What fun! They are a great group and everyone was so nice and welcoming. I did not take many pictures, actually only one right before their meeting began, but their social media gal did so I am hoping to get a few to share.

I have not done a lecture in a while; since before I moved here to Colorado. I was pretty nervous about it. I have done some small speeches at Schoolhouse at Quilt Market, but those are only 15 minutes, not an hour long lecture. But once I got started, I had fun.

DSCN2835I have a busy few days ahead. I have a quilt top to get done by Wed so Crystal can quilt it while I am away at QuiltCon. My plane leaves Thursday at 6am. Seriously? What was I thinking?

I was thinking I want to get to QuiltCon!

I was thinking I want to see my daughter! My sweet thing is meeting me at QuiltCon. We are going soak up the atmosphere, see great quilts, attend some lectures and get inspired! Woo hoo!

We are planning to post pictures – so follow us on Instagram! But we will share the pictures on Facebook as well.

What are you up to this week? Will any of you be at QuiltCon???

happy quilting,


Book Review


Photo from Martingale

I recently received a copy of the new book, All About Strips by Susan Guzman. I am sure many of you know who Susan is- she has been a regular contributor to McCall’s Quilting magazine and McCall’s Quick Quilts and now is the Content Director for those 2 magazines.

She is a great designer and a lovely person, and she now has her first book out with Martingale! How exciting for her- and us, because this is a wonderful book.

I mean really, look at the cover, that quilt is just yummy! It looks like sherbet flavors to me. Susan has a wonderful sense of style and a great way with color. In the book, she first gives us some really good advice about color, mixing fabric and discovering your style.


Finals B1266 All About Strips.indd

Photo from Martingale

Then she has 15 different patterns that use strips of different sizes, from 1½” to 10½”.  Each pattern is unique and full of color! They just pop off the page at you and it will be hard to decide which quilt you want to make first.

Best of all, not only are the quilts bright and colorful, but her directions are concise and easy to follow.  The quilts, while they look amazing, are broken down into easy to piece sections so you will be thrilled with how stress free it is to make your quilt. Perfect for a newer quilter, or a seasoned quilter.


Photo from Martingale

Photo from Martingale

The quilts have a more modern feel, but will be sure to appeal to quilters with a variety of styles.

So go grab some of your strips, a copy of her book and you will have a beautiful new quilt in no time!

happy quilting,


p.s. Please look for Susan’s book at your local quilt shop. Just in case they don’t carry it, I added links to both Martingale and Amazon so you can easily purchase the book- they are not affiliate links and I receive nothing if you go there. They are just to help you find it.



Magazine Giveaway Winners

DSCN2795What a weekend! We started off with a beautiful day here; sunny and we broke a record at 74 degrees on Saturday! Wow. Is this really February?

I won’t complain. It allowed us to take a few pictures outside of our newest pattern- it is almost ready to meet and greet the world. A few tweaks and she will be good to go!

I will post more when she is all ready.

In the meantime, I have winners to announce. Normally I would have done them Saturday but we had some website issues. Earlier this week, we weren’t getting all our emails. And then Saturday, the site was down briefly but then we could not get in! Crazy internet stuff.

Oh right- winners!

Cover FULL


The winner of the McCall’s Quilting magazine is: Lisa Marie!






The winner of the Quiltmaker magazine is: Darlene!





Congratulations to you both! I will send you an email because I will need your mailing address to get these out to you.

Florianna Star Quilt


Recently I had the opportunity to design a quilt for P&B Textiles for their line Florianna.

Like it? You can get the PDF here at P&B’s free patterns page. I will get it up on our Tips and Freebies pages soon.

Up next, on Tuesday I have a book review to share and later in the week, well… who knows?

happy quilting,