Scrappy Backs

Today is another scrappy post- a great way to use up chunks of your leftover fabrics is to make scrappy backs. I have always liked pieced backs- it seems like you get two quilts in one that way!

But who wants to use small pieces for that?

Autumn View

Autumn View

For my quilt Autumn View, I cut the leftover chunks of fabric into 10″ (or 10 ½”) squares and sewed them together.



I also added all the “reject” blocks- just because they weren’t good enough for the front doesn’t mean they aren’t good enough for the back!



DSCN2363I also did a scrappy back on my Blustery Day quilt. On this one the smaller reject blocks became my hanging sleeve!



DSC04895And here is another.




Just another idea for your scraps, or fabrics that you no longer love but are still good. Scrappy backs.

happy quilting,


Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Winners

Wow. Thank you to everyone who commented on our post yesterday. I loved reading about what you would make the block in- so many great ideas! And yes, I read every comment!

QMMS-140050-cover_200Time for the winners: Allison Everard and Marta!  I will be emailing you, the winners, to get your mailing address.

Thanks again everyone for visiting with us- have a great weekend!

happy quilting,


Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Issue 10 Blog Tour

QMMS-140050-cover_200Hi everyone! Welcome to Seams like a Dream and the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour. Wow! 10 issues, 100 blocks each= 1000 blocks!

We are so excited to be part of the fun.





Here is our block, Starry Hearts.


I know everyone is prepping for the upcoming Thanksgiving, Chanukah and  Christmas holidays, but really, Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it!

It would be pretty easy to take the block and make it into a table topper or wall hanging.

Something like this: Isn’t that fun? I love dots.

Starry hearts Wall Hanging Dots

Or, if you want a slightly calmer background, you could do this.

Starry Hearts Wall Hanging Gray

Or you could use four blocks and make them into a spiffy table runner. Like this:

Starry Hearts Runner

Or, if you didn’t want to use traditional colors for your hearts, how about this?

Starry Hearts Runner in Blue

So many options!!

Want to make a runner? It is pretty easy.

The runner finishes to 14″ x 50″.

Make 4 blocks following the directions in the magazine. Sew them into a long row.

Get ½ yard of border/ binding fabric and ⅞ yard of backing fabric.

From the  border fabric cut 4 strips 1 ½” x WOF and piece them together.

Cut into 2 side borders 1 ½” x 48 ½” and 2 borders for the top and bottom at 1 ½” x 14 ½”. Sew the borders first to the sides and then to the top and bottom.

Cut the backing fabric into 2 pieces, about 20″ x 29″ each.  Sew them together and trim to a backing piece about 20″ x 56″. Quilt as desired and bind. You will probably need 4 strips to make the binding ( I use 2 ¼” double fold binding for most projects though, for a runner, you could just use 1 ½” strips and make single fold binding).

Have fun with the block- and if you play around with it, pleases, send us a photo! We would love to see what you do.

QMMS-140050-cover_200In the meantime, would you like to win a copy of Quiltmaker’s 100Blocks Issue 10?? Of course you would!

Well, leave a comment and, if you want, you could tell us what colors you would make your block in. Comments will be open until I get up Saturday morning- then I will draw a winner.

Ok. 2 winners.

happy quilting,


Contest is closed- winners have been picked! Thanks everyone!

Channeling Tim Gunn

So this past weekend, I had a “make it work” moment. Do you watch Project Runway? If not, you may not know the phrase Tim Gunn made famous. I love that show and it is such a great phrase; make it work.

DSCN2362I was working on a quilt and adding mitered borders from a border print. I learned two things:

1. If you cut the print wrong, sometimes you can salvage it.

2. If you sew your miters on a 30 degree angle, you end up with a bra, not a border.



DSCN2361I have only done mitered borders a few times. Most of my quilts have small borders or no borders so I don’t take the time (or the fabric) to make mitered ones. This quilt called out for miters though.

So I picked up my manuscript of our soon to be released book, in which I have directions on making mitered borders. How cool was that? I was my own instructor!


Of course, no directions are good unless you actually follow them! Hence the oops! And the bra-like border.

But the borders are on, the quilt is lovely and off to the long arm quilter for her magic touch. Yea!

happy quilting,


joinforblogtour10_200p.s. Don’t forget- this week is the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Blog Tour- check it out here. And come back here on Friday for my block and my post!



Friday Finish

DSCN2358Phew! It has been a busy week- how about for you? And a cold one- today it is warming up to a balmy 30 degrees- I’ll take it!

And the sun is shining today so that always helps.

While I can’t show you too much of what I have been doing, I am getting to play with some very pretty fabrics from Timeless Treasures- aren’t they lovely?

It is just a gorgeous line of fabrics and they feel wonderful.





Have you seen the Quiltmaker’s Treasure Hunt that is going on? Lots of great prizes- click here to see all about it!







Have a great weekend and don’t forget the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Blog Tour starts Monday!


happy quilting,


Fun Scrap Idea

I have been very busy making new quilts. Which means I have been very busy creating new scraps. Yikes! Once this frenzy of quilt making is over, I want to use up a few scraps. So I am putting my thinking cap for a good quilt idea for my scraps.

_IMG_6620In the meantime, I saw these last week and they are so cute.

Disclaimer- this is her picture; I have not had time yet to make one but it is now on THE LIST.

Granted they use up just a little bit of your scraps, but hey, it would make a great gift for a quilty friend. Or even a non quilty friend.


Here is the link to her post.


joinforblogtour10_200Don’t forget, next week is the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks blog tour. The 17th- 21st. My day is the 21st so be sure to be here for that, but really, you don’t want to miss out on any of it! Fun information, prizes….


And, did you see the Volume 10 video? You might see a familiar face….

 Happy Veteran’s Day


- and a great big thank you to all who serve. Our freedom is in your hands.


happy quilting,



unnamedAt Quilt Market, one of our quilts, Sparkles was on display in the Fabric Editions booth.



They had made a sample using their new line of fabric called 3 Wishes.




unnamedDoesn’t it look great? Such a fun quilt.







DSCN2334Since I got back from market I have been in a sewing frenzy  and I just love that I have this fun fabric to play with! So cool.

so many quilts….so little time!

Isn’t that the truth?

What are you working on?





shop to unlockAnd just an FYI- Craftsy is having a flash sale this weekend. They call it a Shop to Unlock sale- the more people shop, the more stuff that goes on sale. Sounds pretty good! Click on my link here to save big this weekend.


I know- they have a lot of sales- but hey, what better time to get that class you have been meaning to sign up for? I know I am planning to see what new classes they have!


have a great weekend- happy quilting!


p.s. Don’t forget we have some great things in our Etsy shop that you can use to help with your holiday shopping.

This week

Hi everyone! How was Halloween? It was pretty quiet for us. We did not get any trick or treaters again this year. We stayed home for a while and finally went out to dinner. Mexican food is traditional right? Hmmm… maybe not, but it sure was good!

Did I tell you one of my other Quilt Market stories? Well…. imagine, it is 5 in the morning and you have to get ready, finish packing, check out and get to the airport. You get on the elevator, go to the lobby and bam! The elevator doors won’t open.

DSC07521The stuff of nightmares right?

Well, it happened to me and my daughter. We were stuck on the elevator for 1/2 hour, missed our shuttle pickup to the airport… The good news is, we were pretty calm the whole time (well, until we were safely at the airport, then we were a little freaked out!).

Guess what we did in the elevator while we waited for help to arrive? We played with my daughter’s knitting project! Thank goodness for our crafts. Talk about a stress reliever!

So,what’s up this week?

I was hoping to have another scrappy post for you, but to be honest, I have not had time. I have some quilts due this month and so I had to pedal to the medal sew on those. I can’t show them to you yet since they are for magazines.

Woo Hoo! Did I tell you all I would be more of a regular contributor in a few magazines this year? It is all very exciting for me; I will have quilts in Quiltmaker, McCall’s Quilting and McCall’s Quick Quilts. The first one will be in Quiltmaker’s Jan/Feb 2015 issue due to be on sale Dec 2nd. I will keep you posted.


In the meantime, I have a block in the upcoming 10th edition of myblockisin10_200Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks due out this month! Another woo hoo!







And I am going to be part of the blog tour. My day on the tour is November 21st so be sure to check back then.

And yes, there will be a giveaway! Of course!


I love giving stuff away.


Have a great week- I will try to post again late this week.

happy quilting,



Post Quilt Market

IMG_20141025_094437Quilt Market is over. So sad. While we are there we get so tired just standing in the booth and so we find ourselves wishing it was over.


And then, it is over and we are sad! We want to take more time to see the quilts, visit other booths, see what is new- wait time, come back! I am not done yet!

DSCN2318I must admit, I did not take many pictures; I know, what was I thinking?




I did get one shot of the red and white quilt exhibit. If you saw the show in NY city a few years ago, you will recognize the set up. Equally impressive the second time around.



Kary Bresenhan, founder of Quilts, Inc., put together a book; 500 Traditional Quilts. Lots a great quilt eye candy in there. There was an exhibit of the quilts, but no pics allowed- sorry! But here is a link to the book. AND, if you go to page 74, there is a quilt called Crossorads thru CT based on our pattern!!!! How cool is that! We did not get any mention, but we know and are excited anyway!

We saw many old friends and made some new ones. Wish I had thought to take more pictures. Silly me. We had a lovely dinner at the Aquarium with some designer friends and that was great. They had never been to the restaurant there and they loved it!

2014-10-26 08.36.32I have been asked what new trends did I see? Drat- did not pick up on that either though we did see a lot of cute dresses and a lot of fox patterns and fabric. And owls. As my daughter said, the fox is the new owl!


2014-10-27 08.29.54











Isn’t that pillow cute? I wish I could remember which booth that was!







2014-10-27 08.23.34

C&T Publishing Booth




And we saw a few booths with bicycles and one with a VW bug! How fun!




2014-10-23 16.30.38










Of course I should have gotten another picture of the car once they moved the pedestrian out of the way!

happy quilting,



Scrap Monday- see what I made!

DSCN2303Last week as I was getting ready to go to Quilt Market I had a ton of things to do. And not one of them included making this adorable scrappy strap for my camera!

But I couldn’t resist!

Here is the tutorial from We All Sew. 

I will show what “tweaks” I did to make mine. If you look thru the original pattern first, my tweaks might make more sense!







DSCN2300First, I needed hardware. Luckily I stopped at a local shop this week and saw this package.

It is meant for a purse project, but oh well!











Next I cut 12 strips 3″ wide x 4 ½” long. If I were to do it again, I might make them only 4″ long or use 1 or 2 less. It is a little long for me.








Once I had all my strips sewn together, I added thin fusible fleece to the wrong side of the strip. I would not recommend thicker fleece- once you fold the strip in half it would be very bulky. But this added some nice padding for when it is around my neck.






DSCN2305I sewed three lines of quilting with my trust Aurifil thread. I wasn’t sure what color to use, but this variegated blue ended up being perfect; it even looked great on the pink sections!







Then I added my hardware- I just used the 2 swivel rings that were attached to D-rings and the sliding buckle so I can change the length if I want. I want! I did need two split rings to attach to my camera so I can clip the hooks onto them.

camera_strapAnd done! It did not take long- less than an hour and so totally cute! Got a camera? You should make one!

Go raid your 3 or 3 ½” bin- or this would be great for those leftover 5″ squares!

happy quilting,


To market, to market…

To Quilt Market I go! Today I take off to the International Quilt Market- the big industry trade show that is right before the International Quilt Festival in Houston Texas. We have a booth at Market; Booth 1249. So if you are there, please stop by and say Hi!

In the meantime, I am leaving you with some photos I took the other day on my walk: enjoy fall in my little spot in Colorado.










Check back later this week;  if I can I will post from Market but we at least hope to post a few pictures on Facebook.

I have a scrappy post all set for you for Monday- just a few tweaks and it will be good to go so don’t miss it!

See ya later alligator!

happy quilting,


Scrap Monday

What a great weekend we had- beautiful weather. Sat morning I walked a lot; went on a group walk with some neighbors and we met up with Walk with a Doc group and walked some more. Then we walked home! Phew!

DSCN2250I went for a walk this morning so I didn’t lose momentum.

It was glorious.








DSCN2280This past weekend I decided I needed to continue to update my fall decorating. I had this cute witch statue and pumpkin by the front door but the mug mat did not go with them at all!


So I made a new one.






DSCN2240First I drew a picture of what it would look like; then I went to my 1 ½” scrap bin and started looking for fall color scraps.









I ironed, cut, pieced …











Then some quilting with my cute spool of #12 Aurifil thread and another scrap for the binding.











SO much better don’t you think?











DSCN2241And, with this pile of leftovers, I cut them into “my” scrap sizes- a 5″ square, a couple of 3 ½” pieces, a few 2 ½” squares and some 1 ½” strips.

DSCN2242The rest went into the trash (or the pile of scraps for pet bed filling).DSCN2243





Would you like to make one? You don’t even have to use fall fabrics; use whatever you have! I should have taken pictures as I made the first one, but I didn’t. That’s OK- I have LOTS of scraps!

Here is what you need to make a mug mat about 8″ x 10″ (or a mug rug, mini quilt…call it what you like!):


10 pieces of colored fabrics- 1 ½” x 7″ long- cut each piece into 1 rectangle 1 ½” x 5 1/2″ and 1 square 1 ½” x 1 ½”.



Background: 20 squares 1 ½” x 1 ½”

You can use all one fabric or go scrappy. I like mine consistent since the rest of the quilt is scrappy.


Batting and backing: about a 10″ x 12″ piece

Binding: 1 strip 1 ½” x 40″ for single fold binding



Lay out your colors in a pleasing arrangement.


Add in your background pieces. Alternate rows.


All rows: press away from the background squares.

Sew the rows together.

Layer with batting and backing; quilt. Bind. Done.


Easy peasy!

happy quilting,


p.s. If you need instructions on how to do single fold binding, we have a PDF on this page. Enjoy!

p.p.s. Later this week I will show you some more groovy pictures from my walk. Fall is just glorious!

Decorating for Fall

DSC02427 (copy)I used to love to decorate for the seasons. I would change curtains, accessories and knick knacks, maybe change up the quilt that is always on the back of the couch…

I haven’t done this as much since we moved to this condo last year.






DSCN2224So the other day I decided I would update the house just a little for fall.  I made these pumpkins and little pumpkin dolls many years ago- aren’t they cute? (one of them looks like he is nodding off… I guess he got a little droopy over the years!)





DSCN2228And my Halloween table runner I made last year- so cute! I used our Row House pattern because it is fast and so much fun!








I put my fun sunflower quilt on the back of the couch-

Now I have a little touch of fall inside as well as outside!

happy quilting,


Scraps again!

DSCN2174After I made the aprons for our booth at Quilt Market last weekend, I swore I would not make new badge holders. Even though our current ones don’t match the new aprons. I said I was going to use the last little bit of the strip set to make a mug rug.

I lied.

On Saturday, in spite of having many other things to do, I realized I had just enough of the leftovers from the aprons to make us new badge bags.

So I did.



Cute, huh? And now they coordinate. I will have to pop over to a local store and get some ribbon for the handles/ties- I did not have enough for that!




DSCN2213Want to see what else I made with some scraps? I had these two fabrics, and this spool of Aurifil thread that was just perfect!





Using this tutorial from Seaside Stitches,  I made a cute little fabric box for the booth to hold our small patterns. I used pins I received from a shop hop a couple of years ago to hold the flaps down instead of buttons.


There are so many great ideas in the web on how to use your scraps.




Speaking of scraps, this is the daily deal at C&T today. Scrap quilting with Alex Anderson. How did they know I would be talking about scraps today?

Click here to get it 50% off.

happy scrap busting!



Salep.s. Craftsy’s 5 Million Member Flash Sale is ending tonight. Click here for great savings on classes! So many classes- so little time!

“I really enjoy all the resources on Craftsy, and can’t wait to keep exploring.” – Jeff

Whirlybird Winner

Thank you to everyone who visited me over on Kris Poor’s blog last week- wasn’t it fun to check out her stuff? And thank you to all of Kris’s friends who popped over here- so nice to have you visit!

DSCN2148But, I am supposed to be telling you who is the winner of the Whirlybird pattern and fabric pack.


Drum roll please: Elise W!


Congratulations Elise- I will be emailing you for your address.









And the winner of Kris’s Wine Cooler pattern and Thermfoam is:

Vicki H! Congrats to both of our winners!














So, what are you up to today? I am working on a new project, and I just love the fabrics. Aren’t they fun?









I have this lovely tree outside my sewing room. (Maybe I should say sewing studio. It makes it seem more legit!)

The tree shades me in the summer from some of the intense western sunlight and then drops it’s leaves so I can see the mountains in the winter. A very nice tree.



Do you ever feel that the trees change color quickly? One day they are mostly green and then, wham! They are in full color?

It is true.



This was my tree on Sunday and then today. 4 days.


Fall is here.





happy quilting,



Whirlybird Quilt Pattern

p.s. If you did not win Whirlybird, you can grab your own copy of the pattern here. Or, hopefully it will be in your local quilt shop soon!


p.p.s I added a couple of items to our Etsy shop- two pumpkin wall hangings and some other things… check them out here! We did some of the work for you!



Scrap Busting Apron

Hi all! I hope you are having a good week. This past Sunday I decided to make a few aprons. In a little over 2 weeks, Elizabeth and I are heading to Houston for Quilt Market- a trade show for quilting that happens right before the big quilt show, International Quilt Festival. If you have ever been to Quilt Festival in Houston, you know it is a quilt show on steroids!

Quilt Market is the trade show; pretty impressive in it’s own right. And we have a booth and showing off our great patterns to shop owners! We have been planning our booth recently and decided we need new aprons.

DSCN2194Aprons are handy at Market when you are in a booth; they can hold extra brochures, pens, business cards, your phone, candy for when you need a pick me up…. and the ones we used the last few times were cute, but inadequate.


Sooo cute but the pockets are too small for patterns or the brochures.



I started a board on Pinterest for booth ideas and my daughter, who will be coming to help with our booth, found an apron pin from Sugar Bee Crafts that she thought was cute.

I made the decision to only make the aprons from my scraps. So off to the scrap pile for me.

DSCN2179I found these strip sets in my piles of scraps from a never completed project. Not really sure what I was making with these, maybe it was to be a quilt, or maybe a quilted jacket.


Either way, whatever it was going to be never materialized (haha!) so now these cute little strips will be aprons.




I tweaked the apron pattern, made the back pockets big enough to hold patterns, brochures, etc and made sure there was a small spot for pens; otherwise you are digging in bigger pockets for pens and it is frustrating!





I made three aprons- each one slightly different in fabrics and size depending on what I had.









And all leftover fabric went straight into the bins- a couple of 3 ½” pieces, a couple of 2 ½” pieces and the leftover strip I am putting aside to make a mug rug.

I had one slightly larger piece of the green fabric that I had the most of- almost a FQ so that went in the green fabric bin.

It will probably come back out to be the backing of the mug rug but at least it is in it’s place until I use it!

I am so proud of myself for using up some scraps, really repurposing an old project.

Reduce, reuse, recycle! It makes room for new fabric!

Happy quilting,


DSCN2157Hubby and I went hiking on Sat- we did not find pretty fall colors, but we did find snow  in them thar hills!

Big News!

Wow! I guess we can finally share our big news! Elizabeth and I have been working on our first book with C&T Publishing and it is on Amazon as a preorder! So exciting!

BookSo pop on over to Amazon to check it out and preorder!


It will be out in the spring.


Don’t forget to pop over to Kris’s blog and enter my great giveaway!


So excited.


happy quilting,


Guest blogging, new pattern and a Giveaway! Oh my!

Hi! Today I am guest blogging on Kris Poor’s blog- over at the Poorhouse! So click here to go to her blog- I am introducing a new pattern and I have an amazing giveaway!


Don’t miss it!

happy quilting,


p.s. If you tried to click over to her blog earlier- we are sorry! Her server was having issues all day Thursday. But it is back up and running and the giveaway box works again!

Sept Blocks for Globetrotting BOM

Phew! Just made it! I was able to get my blocks for Globetrotting with Pat Sloan done this weekend. They really went quickly- a fun block. Here they are:



What I did not get done was my scrap bin clean up. :(

Some other things came up over the weekend and so scrap bin clean up is on the agenda for later this week. But I did promise some  links about scraps so I will share one with you.

DSCN2140Bonnie Hunter does a lot with scraps. She has tons of information on her website  and here is a free pattern; a scrappy 9 patch that uses 2″ squares or strips.

Who doesn’t love a 9 patch?


She also has a tutorial on her scrap system- click here for that.



Cover1If you have not entered to win Kris’s pattern for her Wine cooler and some ThermoFoam, click here. And, remember, this Thursday I will be guest blogging on Kris’s blog and I have an amazing giveaway planned!

So don’t miss that! I will post a link to her blog on Thursday, but if you want to peek around her site, here it is. She has some really fun stuff!

happy quilting,



DSCN2136Yesterday we had truly crazy weather- thunder hail like I have not seen before! It came down so fast and hard- my poor cat was hiding under the couch, shaking! Thank goodness we had no broken windows or skylights- though not everyone here was that lucky.

But, today the sky is blue and the sun is shinning… a great day!

Welcome Kris Poor- our guest blogger!

phq-logo-300x300Handmade Gifts from the Poorhouse


Today my quilty friend Kris Poor of Poorhouse Quilt Designs, is posting on the Seams Like a Dream blog about her newest pattern, Wine Cooler. Kris has really fun patterns and this new one is a winner!

Kris shares the pattern details, some tips and a contest:


“Hi! I’m Kris Poor and I am thrilled to be a guest blogger today on Seams Like a Dream blog! I like to design small projects for home dec and gift giving, with some quilt designs sprinkled in! As Kate said, I am talking about my new wine tote pattern, Wine Cooler. Sometimes you know that giving something handmade will be appreciated – Wine Cooler is both functional and sophisticated.


We’ll be debuting the pattern at Quilt Market in Houston. It’s a wine tote with small handles and a cover to keep chilled wines at their chilly best! The handles slip through an opening at the top and top stays closed with the help of a small piece of velcro.


OK – I know there are tons of Wine Tote bag patterns out there – this one features a product called ThermoFoam. ThermoFoam is a dense fusible polyester foam with a heat reflective, metallized film laminated to one side. What is that supposed to mean? It means that it’s a thin sheet of foam with fusible on one side and “foil” on the other.  Heat reflection takes the heat (or chill) of the object inside, and directs it back to that object. The added bonus of this material is that it needs no lining for this project! Take a look inside the Wine Cooler:





The shiny material that you can see on the flap and inside the tote is ThermoFoam.






Let’s talk about using new materials – the key to your success is reading the instructions that are supplied with it and testing, testing, testing.

Everyone’s iron and fabric is different, so the instructions provide you with a starting point, then you have to find out what’s going to work for you. Just cut a small square of ThermoFoam and your project fabric and then…test!


My Tips for ThermoFoam:

  • Use a damp press cloth
  • Overlap when you fuse
  • Use a Microtex Sharp 80 needle


So, if you are in the mood to make a few gifts ahead (I wish I were like you), this pattern is for you. Each Wine Cooler uses 2 fat quarters; you can make 3 Wine Coolers from a single package of ThermoFoam. Wow! Are you ready to get started? Of course, you’ll need to visit your local Wine Shop to get some interesting bottles (one for yourself, as a reward!!)


You can enter my contest to win a pattern and a package of ThermoFoam here – “like” Poorhouse Quilt Designs facebook page through the link below and you will be entered!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway is open until Oct 9th.

happy quilting!




Week in progress…

How is your week going? I seem to be very busy this week without much definitive progress on anything. Hmmm… I guess the answer is to just keep moving forward and something will look like it is done soon!

The leaves outside my window however, seem to be on a roll. The other day, they were all green; today they are this! DSCN2098

Fall is here- I love fall, the crisp air, the blue sky, the color of the leaves… of course, here in the greater Denver area, it is supposed to get into the 80’s today! A little bit of summer still left to enjoy.


A quick update- tomorrow Kris Poor of Poorhouse designs will be guest blogging here- her post is really great and she has a fun giveaway for you! You are going to love it.

So, come back tomorrow.


I am off to see if I can move something to the DONE! pile- wish me luck.

happy quilting,


image1p.s. Silly me- I forgot to add something- heather, our winner from last year’s Wicked Blog Hop, made her Leftover‘s table runner and sent me a picture! Isn’t it great!

You can more of Heather’s work on Flickr here.

Love it!


Scrap Organization- AKA- an intervention

Last week I posted about getting organized. And no, I did not get very far! My friend Sue mentioned that often the problem is that there is too much stuff for the space. Well that is certainly true for me! Moments after I took the picture of my clean desk, it looked like a bomb had gone off. The floor had piles of stuff and if I did not look where I was walking, I would trip over them!

DSCN2097The iron is on the floor under my desk. Sigh.

But while I prefer to be more organized than this, it is, in part due to too much stuff and not enough space.

So I thought, can I learn to live within the space I have? Probably not, but I can make it better.

I decided to start with fabric scrap management. The desk stuff is too boring!

There are lots of great books out there with patterns for your scraps and systems to store your scraps. I decided to do a little research and see what ideas I can add to my current system to make it work better.

I found some great ideas and I will share a few links with you as I post about my scrap management over the next few weeks.

Years ago, I has shoe boxes for my scraps. I wish I had a picture of them. I had one for ¾” scraps, 1″ scraps, 1 ¼” scraps, 1 ½” scraps….. are you getting the picture? What was I thinking?

My quilter friend Joan Ford had three great books on scrap management and her system is called Scrap Therapy. Cute concept!

DSCN2091She has three sizes of scraps- but that won’t work for me. I can’t go that cold turkey!

I have cut it down to 1 ½”, 2″ 2 ½”, 3″ 3 ½” and 5″.

I do need to streamline this but my problem is that I hate to cut a perfectly good 3″ scrap down to 2 ½”. What if I need a 3″ scrap???

I think I need help.




And my system is not really working- these were all in the 2″ box- hmmm…. either I can’t measure or I did not cut them down to size.

So, for me, Step 1 is to go through the boxes of strips and check the sizes of strips and end up with strips that are the size listed on the box!

And yes, if that means cutting a 2 ¼” strip down to 2″, that is what I must do.

My boxes will now be:

1. 1 ½” (yes, I do use them! I like little stuff!)

2. 2″

3. 2 ½” (because I use a lot of that size )

4. 3 ½”

5. 5″

It is a start. I will have to talk about bigger pieces of fabric later. Right now I am focusing on my strips. I will check back and repot on my progress next Monday and post another link for you on interesting scrap management ideas.

In the meantime, I need a catchy name for my process. I think I will call it A Scrap Intervention- How to manage your scraps and get control of your quilting space!

And if you have any great scrap management tips- please share in the comments. I will take all the help I can get!

happy quilting,


Sale 2p.s. Just an FYI- Craftsy’s Big Fall Sale goes thru the end of today- here is my link- you get up to 50% off classes and I get credit. Maybe I can get a chance to do another class with them- it was so much fun the first time!

Go on- sign up for that class you have been meaning to take. I just signed up for a knitting class- I love to watch as I sew- or while I am cutting strips!

Fall Craftsy Sale

As promised yesterday, here is a link to the big fall sale at Craftsy.


Have you taken a class there yet?

It really is a lot of fun- I often put a class on the computer while I am sewing- I can stop, pause the class when I need to, watch a spot over again if needed… so many great things to learn!

I signed up for a photography course- I would love to take better pictures.

Of course, better photography means patience, and practice!

( I hear my mother in my head-yes mom, I know, practice, practice, practice!)

Have a great day and pop over to Crafsty using my link and sign up for that class you have been meaning to take.

Have fun!

Let me know what you are taking- I would love to hear!

happy quilting,


Are you organized?

Some people thrive in chaos. They can live with stuff helter skelter about the house- counters piled with things, surfaces covered with the congestion created by daily life- mail, receipts, keys, yesterday’s lunch remains still not out of the lunch box…

I hate that. I like order and structure and a place for everything and everything in it’s place. A lesson my father used to impart to me. I remember his tools in our basement- each had their place on the pegboard and he had old baby food jars screwed into the ceiling each holding their own size nail or screw. He knew where everything was.

The problem is, I don’t always put everything in it’s place, or even have a place for everything and so chaos ensues. Just before I went on my last trip, I had a small cleaning frenzy and did manage to clean up some of the piles.

It had gotten bad! DSCN2084

And now, since I cannot sew for a few days (or at least, I am supposed to keep this finger elevated which does make sewing challenging), I decided to look around and plan some more organization. So when I get back into a work zone, I won’t make as big a mess.

Or at least, that is the goal!



First up, my desk.

Here it is now, actually all cleaned up for you, but without a place to file some stuff (it is a good thing you can’t see under the desk!).

Usually, when I go to sit down at the desk, there is no place to work or even a place to put the computer down.

I think I want to make a pocket to hang on the wall next to the desk for mail. That would be a good place to start. What do the organizers say? Touch things once- then throw out, file….

Any suggestions? Are any of you really organized?





DSCN2090Next up will be what to do with scraps. I decided I am going to come up with a better system for scraps and for making some scrap quilts. I have a cool plan for sharing some scrap quilt tutorials.

I will post more about that plan soon.


In the meantime, it has taken forever to write this as I am used to typing with 2 hands and many fingers- not hunt and peck with one or two! So off to plan, ice, elevate….

Send me any organization tips you have- my small desk space and I need help!

happy quilting,


p.s. Don’t forget to visit our Etsy store to get started on your holiday shopping. Only 98 days until Christmas!

p.p.s. I understand there is another big Craftsy sale starting tomorrow so watch for my link. It will save you $$$$!!!!

Our Quilt has a Name!

What a great week! I have been traveling this past week- to Boston, Hingham, then onto to CT to Hamden, Guilford and Fairfield CT to spend time with family and friends. I even got a chance to do a little quilting. Boston and Hingham was for my nephew’s wedding last Friday.

DSCN2034And we got to spend a little time in Boston with our son and his girl exploring- this guy sure has the life, huh?

But mostly my husband and I helped our daughter and new son in law with their brand new house.





DSCN2083It is an adorable 1919 cape style munchkin house. So small that my DH cannot walk thru the doorways on the second floor! But just a great place and so exciting for them!


In the meantime though, we have a quilt to name.




Thank you everyone for your suggestions- this one really had us stumped. So what did we name it? Well, what I love about all your suggestions is that they sparked creativity and took us in a direction that we had not intended to go. So, after a little more brainstorming, the quilt’s name is:




Urban Twist



We love that the quilt looks like woven bands of fabric, twirling stars and the colors twist and turn.


And since we did not take anyone’s suggestion literally but used them all as inspiration, we decided to just draw a name to win a pattern.

And the winner is:


I will email you to get your snail mail address and when I have the pattern ready and on the website later this week, one will be in the mail.


Thanks again everyone. I am off to see the Jolly Beggars play (my son in law’s Irish band) at a car show and then on to the airport; it is time to go back to Colorado.

happy quilting,



Nameless Quilt Contest

We need your help. Our quilt needs a name. We have tried and tried and we just can’t seem to find one we like! Naming quilts can be tricky. We loved naming our Cat Nap series of quilts; they were easy. Cat name = quilt name! Done!



This quilt is our newest pattern. A really fun, easy to piece block that creates a striking design.











DSCN0959I used this great mustache fabric as my “focus” fabric-and Crystal quilted mustaches all over the quilt,  but I don’t want to name the quilt based on mustache fabric. So what to do?

Can you help?

Do you have a suggestion for the name of this pattern?



Leave a comment with a name suggestion and if we use your name you could win a copy of the pattern! (Or if your name suggestion is the inspiration for the name.) One pattern; one winner.

Put your thinking caps on!


Pink and green quiltHow about the quilt in pink and green fabrics?












Orange QuiltOr a nice fall color scheme?


I bet it would look great in Christmas fabrics!


Please, help us name this quilt!

happy quilting,





DSCN2008I am caught up with my Globetrotting blocks.

Yea! DSCN2007Just in time too since September is next week.























Enjoy your weekend!

The last big weekend of summer.




Happy quilting,



DSCN1922Do you ever work in a series? Lately, without meaning to, I have been working in a series. Each of the recent quilts I have designed for various projects, seems to have a variation of a checkerboard in them!









How funny is that?












I must be in a checkerboard mood!


happy quilting,





Globetrotting- getting closer to caught up!

This past weekend, on Saturday night, hubbie and I went out to a photography MeetUp group event and watched the group set off paper Japanese lanterns into the evening sky. It was pretty fun, but I could not capture the lanterns with my camera; it was pretty windy, too windy really, and the lanterns were moving too fast! They all have these really spiffy cameras…


This is the best that I could get. There were actually about 5 lanterns in the shot when I pressed the button on the camera!


(And just in case you were wondering, the lanterns are biodegradable!)





DSCN1980 (copy)I did mange to get a few photographs of pretty flowers, much more my speed.










DSCN1964 (copy)And evidence that fall is coming.










DSCN2004Yea! My next set of blocks are done for the Globetrotting with Pat Sloan BOM.

DSCN2006These are the July blocks- I think they came out great!

Next up- the August blocks- I better hurry up- can you believe this is the last week of August???

Don’t we say this every year: Where did the summer go?

Have a great week!

happy quilting,



Sewing usually means you are inside. And in the winter, that is OK! but in the summer, it is often so nice out, I hate being inside! Last week, when we first got home from our travels, I had a bunch of fabric to iron for a new project. And it was just lovely outside.

DSCN1848So I set up my ironing on the deck.

Now I have to figure out how to sew on the deck. I know I can bring the machine outside, maybe on a card table or my portable table from Arrow, but what about a place to cut and trim???

Hmmm…. this will take some thought.

Any suggestions?

happy quilting,


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