Day 1 of the Smash Your Precut Stash Blog Tour

book_blog_tour_200Welcome to Day 1 of our book’s blog tour!

Woo hoo! Before I send you off to C&T Publishing and their post, I wanted to introduce you to one of the quilters who helped us with our book.

When we were making the quilts for our book, the deadline was coming up fast! We were panicked! We weren’t sure we were going to meet our deadline. And so my friend, Shirley Wegert came to the rescue!

Shirley is my first friend in Colorado- and do you know where I met her? At a quilt shop of course! I was hanging around a local quilt store and she befriended me.

flower quiltWhat a great help Shirley was! She helped to piece one of our quilts, Picturesque. She got a lot of it done and then we shipped it off to Elizabeth to finish. It was quilted by Sandi Verbridge of Sandi’s Quilted Touch and she did a great job as well! So Picturesque has been traveling all over the country- from Colorado to Maryland to NY to CA…

And now you get to travel over to the C&T publishing blog and don’t forget to enter their drawing!


Happy quilting and we will see you tomorrow on the hop!


p.s. A shout out to my sister Doris- not only is it Elizabeth’s and my birthday month- today is my sister’s birthday! Happy birthday sis!


Book Blog Tour Starts Tomorrow!

Medallion by Seams Like a DreamWe are so excited! Our birthday month of celebrations continues.

First, our newest pattern, Medallion is up on the website. I love this pattern and Crystal did such an amazing job with the quilting of the cover quilt.


quilt pattern, machine quilting

This is such a fun quilt quilt to make; easy piecing and you can make it an octagonal quilt or a square; your choice. In 4 sizes!


Mini QuiltIsn’t this one cute too?

Alyssa posted a few pictures of the small ones she made using these fabrics and this is a small one I am making for our booth at Quilt Market. I just need to quilt it.



Our book blog tour starts tomorrow! We can’t wait. We have 9 great designers and bloggers who have agreed to be part of the celebration.


Which means that you get 9 chances to win a copy of our book, Smash Your Precut Stash!

Winners who live in the US will get a physical book; winners outside the US will get an ebook.

So mark your calendar and get ready to hop!

The schedule is below.

Tuesday April 21: C&T Publishing

Wednesday April 22: Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quiltworks

Thursday April 23: Linda Pearl of The Patchwork Pearl

Friday April 24: Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts

Saturday April 25: Casey York of Casey York Design

Monday April 27: Becky Jorgensen of Patchwork Posse

Tuesday April 28: Susan Emory of Swirly Girls

Wednesday April 29: Pat  Sloan

Thursday April 30th: US!


I will post a link each day to the blogger of the day to make it easy for you.


Happy quilting and see you on the blog tour!


p.s. Don’t forget to say Happy Birthday to Elizabeth- today is her and her husband’s birthdays! Happy birthday you two!

April Giveaways continue…

Today I am guest blogging over at McCall’s Quilting Magazine’s blog. And we have an amazing giveaway for you over there- some beautiful fabric bundles from Timeless Treasures!

So head on over and enter for a chance to win! Click here.

Blog Tour


And don’t forget- next week starts our book blog tour. So be ready for lots of chances to win a copy of our book, Smash Your Precut Stash!

happy quilting,





Quiltmaker Winners and Blog Tour

Thanks to all who commented on our last giveaway post. So nice to have you visiting with us. This weekend we had sunny weather here in Colorado, but it was windy.

windy2We were trying to take a photograph of the new quilt, but it almost became a kite!

Everyday it seems a little more like spring and I know we are all so happy about that. Our celebration month continues later this week when I will be a guest blogger over on the McCall’s Quilting blog. And we will have some great fabric to give away; I will post a link on Thursday to the post.


Book, Smash Your Precut Stash

Book Blog Tour: April 21st -30th



And starting next week, we will be having a book blog tour! Some pretty amazing quilters agreed to help us out and be on our tour. I think it is going to be so much fun. Everyday on the tour, you can enter to win a copy of our book!




The schedule is below.

Tuesday April 21: C&T Publishing

Wednesday April 22: Jackie Kunkel of Canton Village Quiltworks

Thursday April 23: Linda Pearl of The Patchwork Pearl

Friday April 24: Debbie Grifka of Esch House Quilts

Saturday April 25: Casey York of Casey York Design

Monday April 27: Becky Jorgensen of Patchwork Posse

Tuesday April 28: Susan Emory of Swirly Girls

Wednesday April 28: Pat  Sloan

Thursday April 30th: US!

What a group of amazing quilters! So mark you calendars now for this fun event.

Quiltmaker magazine

Now it is time for the winners!

Heather J and Anita are our winners of the Quiltmaker magazines. I will send you both an email and you can send me your mailing address.

Have a great week everyone!

happy quilting,



Spring has sprung! April Giveaway #2

DSCN3176I love April. And NOT just because it is my birthday month. Spring is here. Yes, we still get days where winter says it is not quite ready to go away for good, but… overall the promise of spring is strong. A sense of hope prevails.




Spring, spring quiltToday we have the next giveaway for you. My quilt, Spring Mosaic, is in the new issue of Quiltmaker magazine. It certainly looks like spring with it’s bright blues, greens and yellows against a crisp white background.


Quiltmaker magazine, blue and green quilt

Spring Mosaic- photo courtesy of Quiltmaker


I just love this quilt; it is so happy and hopeful.

And just like all the other one block quilts I have been doing for Quiltmaker this year, you can rotate the blocks to change the setting. And if you love the colors too, they have kits. Just click here.


Quiltmaker magazineThe issue came out on newsstands this week, but in case you don’t have a copy, would you like to win one?

Cool! I have 2 issues to give away. To be entered for a chance to win a copy, leave a comment.


DSCN3165Any old comment will do but you can tell us, if you want, what really makes you happy in spring. Is it the first tulips or daffodils? Is the day the trees all seem to bud out?

Back in CT, there was a house that had the most beautiful weeping cherry trees and I would drive by waiting for the day they were totally in bloom. Then I knew spring was here.


DSCN3187So leave a comment and if you get our newsletter (or sign up for it), leave a second comment for two chances. I will draw two names on Sunday night after 9pm my time (mountain time).

happy quilting,

and happy Spring!



Crafter’s ADD

Happy Tuesday everyone! Over here in New England, we are finally starting to thaw out a bit, and the wa2015-04-04 21.24.03rmer weather has sparked a major case of Crafter’s ADD. Do you ever get that? I start working on one project, make some progress, drop it, work on something else, drop that… it’s craziness! This happens to me every time there is a change in the weather, and it comes out in all sorts of places. My husband came home from a gig with his band to find that I had torn out the carpet on our staircase. I had been thinking about it for months, but as soon as spring struck- Boom, carpet gone.


2015-04-04 18.25.18-1Anyone who follows my accounts on instagram (@alydrosie and @seamslikeadreamquilts) must think that I have Lost My Mind. I posted pictures of a miniquilt that I am machine quilting, a shawl that I am crocheting, and a lap quilt top that I am finally getting around to assembling. My mind is whirling just thinking about it! I started rummaging through all of my drawers and bins where I stash my projects just to see what’s there, and the number of half-started, unfinished but so close to done, and otherwise under-construction pieces is overwhelming.


2015-04-04 16.59.34 I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who does this, so does anyone have any tips for keeping track of what you are working on, and what still needs to get done? I’ve heard a number of fun acronyms to describe these projects of ours: UFO’s (unfinished objects); MUF’s (masterpieces under fermentation); PHD’s (projects half done). Do you keep a list of them? Do you tuck them out of sight never to be seen again? Let me know! I sure could use the help! My sanity will thank you. :D



McCall’s Magazine Winners

Thank you to everyone who commented on our last post; thank you for the birthday wishes and the kudos on our book. We are just so honored to have been able to work on this and see it come together!

chocolate therapistI had a great birthday on Saturday. The sun was shining and we went for a long walk with some of our neighbors; 4 1/2 miles! Then I spent time with a couple of friends; my friend Wendy brought me chocolate. Good chocolate. Yum. I talked to all my kids and went to dinner with hubby and friends. A  wonderful day.

Now we need winners from last week’s giveaway.

Yup it’s that time!

Drum roll…

McCalls Quilting magazineBarbara Woods and Deb! I am emailing you for your mailing address.

Tomorrow Alyssa will be on the blog and on Thursday we will have another giveaway in our month long celebration. Be sure to pop back over!

Happy quilting,



The Book is in the House! And a giveaway.

quilt book, precut book, smash your precut stash

So exciting! Our book is here: Smash Your Precut Stash! Elizabeth and I received our advance copies this week. We are authors.

Our publisher also sent us flowers- isn’t that sweet?


smash your precut stash, quilt book




April is both Elizabeth’s and my birthday month. What a great birthday present! You will notice I said birthday month- I think a month of celebrating is in order!

We have a bunch of great giveaways scheduled for this month, including a book blog hop at the end of the month.

Party time!

McCalls Quilting magazine

So, to get the party started, today I have 2 copies of the newest McCall’s Quilting magazine to give away.


The magazine will be out on newsstands next week.




Asian quilt, blue quilt, Imperial Garden fabric

Moonlit Reflections

My quilt, Moonlit Reflections, is in the magazine. The quilt uses fabric from a Timeless Treasures collection called Imperial Garden. The fabric is just  gorgeous and lovely to work with.





To enter for a chance to win one of 2 magazines, leave a comment. Any old comment will do! Extra entries for peeps who sign up or already receive the newsletter- just leave a second comment telling me you are signed up.

I will pull a name on Sunday night- sometime after 9pm my time (Colorado time!).

Have a lovely weekend- for many, it is a holiday weekend, so if it is for you, Happy Easter or Passover.

happy quilting,


p.s. If you are interested in ordering an autographed copy of the book, we are working on a preorder button for the website. The book won’t be available until sometime in May- it was supposed to be April, but it is delayed in the shipping process. We were lucky to get our copy!

p.p.s. If you really love Moonlit Reflections, McCall’s Quilting has kits on their website. Click here and then go to quilt kits.


Snippets of Work

DSCN3096Another busy week last week.  And the hard part is I can’t share most of what I worked on. Drat.

DSCN3103I can share snippets though. This is a picture of one of two quilts that will be part of another new pattern.



When we go to Quilt Market in May we like to have at least 2 new patterns. That is what most shop owners ask us-“What’s new?” so we better have something new! The two quilts still need binding- I may bind one and do a facing on the other. We’ll see. Options, options!

DSCN3109Isn’t it great? Crystal did an amazing job quilting the quilts. The fabric is from Batik Textiles and they are just lovely.

Now this pattern just needs a name. I have mentioned before, naming a quilt can be tricky. Sometimes the quilt  just names itself, other times… well not so much.

Right now its name is Medallion. It might stay that. It was Table Topper which was its working title while I was designing it.

Most of my quilts start with an idea- maybe for a use, or a size or shape, a feeling… and their working title often reflects that. For this quilt, I wanted to create an octagonal quilt that could be a table topper, a wall hanging, or even, with the right fabrics, a Christmas tree skirt at the holidays! Thus the working title.

DSCN3101Then I decided it should be one great big block. This one is so much fun to make and I am going to include 4 sizes in the pattern- from a 12″ mini quilt to a 60″ wall hanging. With optional corners in case you want a square quilt not an octagonal one.

Alyssa was testing the pattern this weekend and her mini quilt is adorable. She made the small size and the mini in one day- and the mini is even quilted and bound! Want to see a picture of her mini? She posted it on our Instagram account- click here to see.

DSCN3142So that is part of what I worked on this week. The rest, well, when I can show it, I will! In the meantime, here is another snippet.

What are you working on? I would love to see!

happy quilting,



Up next: DSCN3114

National Quilting Day

Today is National Quilting Day. How are you spending the day?WWQD2015_public_150

I am doing a little quilting as I have some projects on a deadline. More about that tomorrow. But, it only seems right to visit a quilt shop on National Quilting Day.

So today I am going to Snappy Quilts.


It is their last day. They are closing which makes many of locals here so sad. Nancy the owner has health issues and can no longer run the store. No one bought it so it is closing. Nancy created a great store- it was only three years old and in the Quilt Sampler magazine last spring.


So many people loved the feeling she brought to her store, her wonderful staff and her mix of fabrics, well,  you can’t find that anywhere else around here.

So, on the day to celebrate quilting, I will go and celebrate (and mourn) a wonderful shop that was close enough to walk to from my house. But I would have traveled to it. It was that good.

happy National Quilting Day,


Here is a link to a giveaway from Quilters Newsletter for National Quilting Day- hurry! You only have until tomorrow night to enter!