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Splash of Color Blog Hop- Day 1

splashofcolor_bloghopWelcome to Day 1 of the Splash Of Color blog hop! Thank you for visiting with me.

When Jackie asked me to participate in this blog hop, I was so excited. I knew that anything Jackie did was sure to be amazing- full of color, pattern and just plain wonderful. And I was right!

What a great book. I know you will love the projects in here. They are dynamic, colorful and, even better, have great directions and will go together quickly! A win-win!


One of the quilts, Seeing Spots, caught my eye. I have not done a quilt with 60 degree triangles and I have always wanted to make one. So I decided to see what I had on hand and give it a try.

Seeing Spots


Vintage made ModernI found this wonderful bundle of FQs from RJR Fabrics in my stash: it is a new line called Vintage Made Modern and it is designed by Amy Barickman.




I grabbed a bunch of the FQs and just started cutting.  From each FQ I was able to cut 8 triangles and 2 smaller end wedges, though I only used the ones from the black fabrics to finish each row.



Once I had all my triangles cut, I laid the quilt out on the floor and started playing with the design. It ended up, as I played with the fabrics, that I needed 2 more black prints so I added these 2 FQs.


Here is my design, in progress.



And here is the finished top.



DSCN4093I used 2 of the leftover fabrics from the stack and made a cute row to add to the backing. And the last three fabrics from the FQ stack are going to be a scrappy binding.

Woohoo! I used the whole FQ stack! (Way to smash my stash, huh?!!!)

Vintage Made Modern
Scrappy binding fabrics








Do you like my version of Seeing Spots? There are no spots in mine so I guess I should call it something else. Thoughts?

Splash of ColorTo enter to win a Splash of Color ebook , leave a comment below.

I would love to hear your suggestions on what to call my quilt, but you can also just leave any old comment.

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Seeing Spots- alternate version of the quilt from the book.

The giveaway ends Monday October 5th and I will draw a name after 9pm my time.   Giveaway is closed! Thanks for entering!

To go to the other 2 blog posts for today, click here for Pat’s blog post and here for Jackie’s. Don’t forget to enter for a chance to win on each of their posts as well.

See below for the whole blog hop schedule.

Happy quilting and good luck!



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195 thoughts on “Splash of Color Blog Hop- Day 1”

  1. When I saw your quilt, ideas and fabrics from my stash started flashing in my mind. I was kind of in a quilting slump, so started finishing UFOs. Now I have a new quilt to create, I’m really liking this blog!!!

  2. Love the fabric! Your quilt is great! It amazes me how the same pieces of a pattern can be combined into such different layouts. How many did you try before deciding on this one? ktsquiltdreams (at)gmail (dot)com

  3. I’m not good at naming quilts, but I thought of Aurora Borealis when I saw your quilt. Beautiful colors against a night sky. Love your quilt!

  4. I love Jackie’s original quilt and your version too. Both are beautiful! I like seeing the different arrangements of blocks.

  5. I tried all three and neither of the click heres work, so I’m leaving a comment. Love the one you showcased as I love hexies no matter which way they are made. Thanks for the chance!

  6. Names are so personal but I see Hexies Abound or Hexies For All or I’m Not Square. That’s the best I can do, it turned out wonderful. This will be a great book to “dream” through.

  7. I love your quilt! And for some reason it makes me think of giant raindrops splashing on a pavement, maybe because the color placement makes it glisten. So I would call it “Splash.” Thanks for sharing it . It is gorgeous!

  8. I am not good at naming quilts but those shapes make me think of pinwheels and therefore my suggestion is “Popping Pinwheels”. Your quilt looks great.

  9. looks like a great book, thanks for a chance to win! Maybe Sewing Spots since there are such cute sewing supplies in the fabrics and the triangles kinda make circles when put together, and it is a nod to the original pattern name-just one letter off! 🙂

  10. The first thing I thought of, when I saw your quilt, was “rolling balls” — maybe that could be your title. Regardless — it’s a cool quilt.

  11. A quilt name idea “Ferris Wheel” as the colors make me think of a carnival & triangles are similar to wheels on the ride.
    I follow you on Facebook.

  12. Like how you laid out the blocks, but lacking creativity, I can’t suggest a name for your project. Im’ sure someone will come up with a zinger for you.

  13. Beautiful quilt! Thanks for sharing. I’m not much for naming things…my kids are lucky to have names, so I’m no help there. But it’s beautiful!

  14. Love how your colors turned out!! How about “Harlequin” for a name because of the diamonds? I get your E-mails.

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