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A new Challenge

Hi friends!

A new month, a new challenge!

Cheryl Sleboda of is running a blogging challenge this month. Write 31 blogs posts – one each day during the 31 days of December. 


This is her fourth year of running this challenge and I thought that it would be quite the feat to post all month. So I signed up and will keep my fingers crossed I can keep up.

But today my post is not just about this new challenge. Today is my daughter’s 30th birthday. My youngest baby is 30 years old. How is that possible? (And yes, I was 10 when I had her! Haha.)

Thirty years ago an adorable, chubby faced baby girl came into our lives and we are forever grateful to have her in our family. She is now a wonderful young woman who spends her days farming organic vegetables, crafting, taking care of her 3 fur babies (2 cats and one pup) and having adventures with her hubby. We couldn’t be prouder of her! 


Happy birthday Alyssa- Momma loves you!

happy quilting,


2 thoughts on “A new Challenge”

  1. Hey Kate!
    I’m doing the blog challenge as well. Funny that I came across your blog! You might remember me from Apple Valley Quilters in Southington. I’m living in Nevada now, closer to my son. The quilting world is so small?

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