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Adventures in Quilting- an Introduction to our Exploring the Basics Blog Series

Welcome to our series Exploring Quilting Basics! Up first in our basics lineup is choosing a project. If you would like to start from the beginning and work through all the topics, or find tips on a specific aspect of quilting, you can find the entire series here


Hi Friends!

Starting next week, Tammy Silvers and I are back blogging together with our Adventures In Quilting with Kate and Tammy blog posts! We are super excited about this new series of posts. Every other Wednesday, for the rest of this year, and into next year, we will be Exploring the Basics with you!


The Exploring the Basics blog series is perfect for the beginner or advanced beginner quilter. If any of you are like me, when you started quilting you did not take a lot of classes. Which means, you were learning as you sewed! Which means, there may be some great techniques out there you don’t know about yet. And if you are an intermediate quilter, well, you never know; you might learn something new as well!

We decided to to post the topics in order of the things you need to think about as you make a quilt. The series will start next week on July 3rd and the first post will be about choosing your project. In future posts we plan to talk about picking a design and fabrics, talk about color and your stash, how to organize, different ways to make blocks and so much more!


We would love to get feedback from you as we go along in the series. If we miss something you want us to cover, feel free to leave a comment asking for a topic or send one of us an email.  You can email me at or  Tammy at 

Please keep in mind, quilting is a huge subject! We can’t possibly cover everything, but we want to cover things that we feel will be helpful as a new quilter goes to make a quilt. 


Plus, since both of us will be blogging about the same topic, you will get different points of view. Sometimes Tammy and I have different approaches to quilty things and different tricks! I can’t wait to see what she posts because I am sure I  will learn a new tip or trick to add to my quilting repertoire!


In quilting, there are so many different ways to do the same thing. Tammy and I feel that each of us finds the way that works best for us. And the way you like may be different than the way your quilting BFF does it! That is OK.

We each get to choose what works for us. That said, being open to hearing a new and different way is also good. You may find your new favorite way to do something or you may say, nope, I like my way better!

If you want to pop over to see what Tammy has to say about our new blog adventure, click here! She always writes a great post!

I will see you next week back here on the blog for the first post in our series, Adventures in Quilting with Kate and Tammy: Exploring the Basics!

happy quilting!


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