Tannenbaum Trio placemat and table runner pattern by Kate Colleran
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After Market

Phew! What a week!

I got back from market late on Tuesday and spent yesterday unpacking quilts, packing up and shipping out orders and picking up my sewing machine. She had gone for a spa day while I was gone. She deserved it! Look at that booth- she sewed a lot of quilts!

quilt market
Our booth at Quilt Market


This morning I went for a walk just as the sun was coming up- aren’t the mountains beautiful, tinged with pink from the sunrise?

Morning walk
Morning walk


While I was walking, I had this thought: I think having a booth at Quilt Market is a little like childbirth- you conveniently forget how much work it is until it is too late to stop the process! But it was also amazing.

First, I got to see my daughter. She was such a big help in the booth and she made (and designed) one of the new patterns.

Farm Girls
Farm Girls


Aren’t we cute? These were our farmer girl outfits for Halloween.

Second, I got to see some of my quilty friends and some amazing quilts. Such as Cynthia England’s award winning quilt, Reflections of CapeTown.


Cynthia England's quilt Reflections of Cape Town
Cynthia England’s quilt Reflections of Cape Town


And, like Susan Carlson’s Crocodylus Smylus, a 20 foot long quilt!

Susan' Carlson's Crocodylus Smylus
Susan’ Carlson’s Crocodylus Smylus


Third, I got some great feedback on my new patterns. Yea!

The big hit was Tannenbaum Trio.

Tannenbaum Trio Wall Hanging pattern by Kate Colleran


Everyone loved the holiday card wall hanging but the placemats and table runner were a welcome addition. Simple but striking.

Tannenbaum Trio placemat and table runner pattern by Kate Colleran
Placemats and table runner


Tomorrow I will introduce you to a couple of new patterns that I did not get a chance to show you before market. Until then…

Happy quilting,



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  1. I used to live in Littleton, on Downing Circle West. Moved to Ohio for my husbands job. Want to get back to Denver, lived there for 6 years. Loved looking at the mountains.

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