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Block Design boards

Have you ever made one of Lori Holt’s block design boards? I have seen a few people post links to her YouTube video where she shows how to make one and I thought, why not try it? I had the supplies already.

(If you want to see the video, click on YouTube video above or on the design board picture.)

foam core design board
Design Board


You probably have the supplies as well. Except maybe the foam core board. But I had some as I use them to help take photos. So, you need foam core board (what size?- well whatever size you want to make!), 2 ½” strips of fabric, batting and a glue gun.



Here is my finished board.  Mine is a 10″ square.

Design board
Quilt Block Design Board


Let me tell you, first, I am not a glue gun expert. So I got glue everywhere! I think I will get better with time. Second, my glue was really old and it was wood glue. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Third, my strips were only 2 ¼” since that is the size binding I use and this was leftover binding. I think maybe the slightly larger strips wrap better. Maybe. In spite of all that it was fun to make and pretty easy. I used it to audition my pieces for the next project I made.

quilt block
Block for Folding Block Station


Remember I told you about The Splendid Sampler that Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson are hosting? It starts on Feb 14th. Well, they posted instructions on how to make a cute Folding Block Station– where you can audition the pieces for your block and iron right on the mat.

Here is mine. Outside.

Block Station
Folding Block Station


folding block
Folding Block Station- inside


It was also pretty easy to make- as long as you follow the directions. If you go to the post to see how to make one for yourself, you will notice some things are different in mine. First, my block is not exactly the same. I used leftover squares from other projects and decided to leave out some of the HSTs as I did not have enough matching ones.

Second, I didn’t have ribbon so I used some leftover binding and folded it into a ribbon. I love using up my leftover fabrics! Third, I put the ribbon on the wrong side of the backing fabric- on the inside instead of on the outside! Oops! It made the binding part a little tricky but it came out just fine. 

So now I have 2 different ways to audition my blocks for The Splendid Sampler.

Tomorrow the March/April 2016 Quiltmaker magazine goes on sale and I have a quilt in it! It is called Buttercup and Blue and I hope you like it.

Blue quilt
Buttercup and Blue

happy quilting,


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