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DSCN0576Do you participate in Block of the Month programs?

I guess that is a funny question for me to ask as we are still in the middle of the Around the Block Round Robin.

There are so many BOMs going on on the web- some BOM programs are free. Others have a nominal fee attached. Two free BOM programs that immediately come to my mind are the ones Pat Sloan is involved with- the Aurifil BOM and her BOM that she calls Globetrotting with Pat Sloan.

Last year I started the Aurfil BOM and quickly fell off the wagon as we were looking for a house, then moving, then traveling back to CT, then getting ready for Quilt Market, then the holidays, then I was working on our super special projects that we will be sharing information about soon….. need I say more? I am sure you have a list- a different list, but one that still takes up most of the days, nights, weekends…

So, even though I am late getting started, and we are not sure if I can manage to stay on course given my sketchy track record, I have decided to jump on the Globetrotting BOM!

I am now three blocks behind and I have not even started. (I figure since it is still April, I am not behind on that block until May!)



Here is my stack of fabrics- aren’t they pretty?



First up- the block for January : Washington DC.

(Do you want a link to her BOM? Click here.)









Like it? I think it came out great! It needs a bit of a press but I wanted to share so I couldn’t wait.













I got to use a new toy while making this block- the Essential Sandboard from Piece O’Cake Designs by C&T Publishing.








I love the size- it was so easy to draw my lines and my pieces didn’t shift around. My old sand board was a piece of cardboard with sandpaper glued to it- it worked, but the edges were curling up after all these years of use! And the flip side is smooth. Now I have to make a storage bag for it- another project! Good thing I like projects.












Did I mention I have decided to make my Globetrotting quilt bigger- so for the rest of the months I am going to make 2 blocks. OK- overachiever mode kicking in! First I am saying I am not sure I can manage to stay on course all year and now I am planning to do two blocks each month? Crazy lady!

I will share my Feb and March blocks soon- as soon as I get them done!

In the meantime, here are a few of my blocks for the Around the Block Round Robin.


happy quilting,



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