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Book Review- Quilt Big

Hi friends!

Recently I was given another great book to check out and see what I thought. The book is called Quilt Big by Jemima Flendt.


This is a fun concept. You start with a basic quilt block, but enlarge it. And then you make a quilt using larger blocks which means the quilt goes together really fast!

It reminds me of my quilt, Medallion. Medallion is really just a big block!

Medallion Quilt


Anyway, back to the book.

In the book, Jemima tells you how to upsize quilt blocks in Chapter 2. Then in Chapter 3 she gives you directions for a lot of different blocks that she has upsized.

Then in Chapter 4, she gives you lots of quilts to make from those blocks! 

One I want to show you is A Churn Dash quilt. Love the Churn Dash block and it looks so modern and bright in these quilts.

Churn Dash Quilt
Churn Dash quilt


The next is a quilt called Home Treasures. A big star! Love the quilt against the brick wall.

Home Treasure Quilt
Close Up


Another favorite block of mine is the Log Cabin and this quilt is just wonderful.

Log Cabin Quilt
Modern Log Cabin quilt


And then Simplex Star- a fun, pinwheel star that looks so easy and I just want it on my bed! It looks like summer to me. I do love my blues!

Simplex Star


What do you think- they look like fun don’t they?


This might be book you want to grab for when you need a quilt and don’t have a ton of time.

happy quilting,



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