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Border Quilt Quilt Along- final post

Hi friends!

Today is the last post about the Border Quilt! If you missed any posts click here to see my first post and start reading about it.

fat quarter stack
Fabric Stack


I started with that stack of beautiful fabrics above for the center and, at the start, I had every intention of making every border. But then life happened and I just ran out of time.

It brings up a good point though. We don’t always have to make our quilt the way the designer did. I like to think of my patterns as a guide to get you started.

Maybe I used blues and greens and you don’t like green. OK!  So use red and white or brown and gold or blue and pink…

Whatever works for you.


Maybe I plan to cut up a bunch of squares and sew them together but you prefer to cut strips, sew the strips together and then sub cut. OK!

Whatever works for you.


Maybe I like to cut my HSTs a little oversize and trim to size and you prefer to cut the exact size you need so you don’t have to trim again. OK!

Whatever works for you.


So here is my border quilt. I stopped after the pinwheels and only made a few of those. 


I love the green quilting on this quilt. Since I had skipped so many of the borders, I wasn’t sure if I liked the quilt prior to the quilting, but as they say, the quilting made the quilt.


Now I love it. It is bright and happy and just makes me smile.


Another project off the TO DO list and into the Ta Done! pile!

happy quilting,


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