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Border Quilt Quilt Along- week 3

Hi friends!

This is week 3 of the border Quilt Quilt Along! 

This week the plan is to add more background borders and a pieced star border. Here is a tip about the stars. Starting the night before you need to write the blog post is a mistake! 

Oh wait! That is a tip for me, not you!

The first border I added was another simple straight border. I decided to use the same border fabric as the first background border to provide a little bit of continuity. 


Then it was onto the stars. Since I needed 22 stars, I decided to make 5 sets of 4 stars and one set of 2 stars. That way my border would be scrappy but a controlled scrappy. 

One set of fabric for star blocks


Click here to go to Jen’s post and see her tips for making stars. I love making the flying geese using the 4 FG at a time method. I usually sew the seams with a scant ¼” seam and then I have a little bit to trim and make them perfect. Jen cuts them a little oversize so there is a bit more to trim down but not too much. 

To trim, I use the Wing Clipper by Deb Tucker. Makes the process easy peasy!

flying geese blocks
Trimming the geese


Once I had made all my sets of star blocks, is sewed them into the rows.

Star block ready to sew


Then I sewed the rows to the quilt and added my last background border. I decided to use more of the blue for this one. 

I like it!

Star border


Are you sewing along with us? How is your border quilt coming along?

Next week on the blog I will be showing off another new pattern (I hope!) and a book review.  

So, till next week…..

happy quilting,



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