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Border Quilt Quilt Along-week 5

Hi friends!

I am a day and a dollar short, again! but I can show you my progress on my Border Quilt.

This week is all about the pinwheels. I love pinwheel blocks. So easy peasy to make!

First I should tell you my plan for the quilt as I am deviating from the pattern. (Click here to see Jen’s quilt; it is looking so awesome. Darn.  I may end up having to make a ton more stars and pinwheels!)

I made 4 of the star blocks and then my plan was to add long white borders to make up the border length on each side. Susan asked if I was going to add the stars in a symmetrical or asymmetrical pattern. After much debate, I decided on symmetrical.

I know. Shocker, right. 

But after measuring my white fabric, I did not have enough for my original plan! So I decided to make 2 more star blocks and started drafting the plan.


The stars will go in the corners and then nearby on the top, bottom and sides. I am thinking to do this in one upper corner and one lower corner.

This is kind of what I mean.


Then my plan is to add just a couple of pinwheels. At first I was going to add one on either side of the stars, but now that I added the extra star, I am not sure. 


I could add the corner star to the other corner or move the pinwheels to the other corners.

Hmm. Once I get all the blocks made, I will have to play some more.


The big question: what border fabric do I put in between the stars and the pinwheel borders? More of the light blue? A different white? Go buy a white print?


Please! Tell me what you think in the comments- I would love suggestions!

Next week I will be reviewing some books and in 2 weeks it will be time for the next border for the Border Quilt! I have to admit, my plan is not to add that border but to have these borders done to show you! 


OK- I still have a lot of post Quilt Market orders to process so it is back to work for me!

happy quilting!


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p.s. sorry for the yellow, grainy pictures but it is a cold, cloudy day here and I cannot get good light. I need a better lighting plan for these kind of days!

2 thoughts on “Border Quilt Quilt Along-week 5”

  1. What about making each of the solid borders using a different color that is in your quilt? Yellow, orange, red, green, pink…so many colors to choose from. I see that the original quilt has the same color used for the solid borders…that would look good as well. Or, you could use the white between some and blue between others to create the illusion that two or more pieced borders are really one border and then frame them in your solid blue border on the outside of them. If you are going to change up the pinwheels like you did the stars, use white between them and then blue after the pinwheels before the final border. So many choices…you did want to add several more borders to make this a super king sized quilt, right?

    1. Susan,
      I like the idea of the solid borders in different colors! Fun! And no, I did NOT want to make this super king size, haha! I was thinking about a white so the stars seem to float in the border. Hmmm… like you said, so many choices! Thanks for your suggestions.

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