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Cats and Quilts

Cats and quiltsSince Kate and Elizabeth are away at Quilt Market, I’ve hijacked the blog for the day to see if you can help with something.  I’ve seen all the quilt pictures on Facebook, here on the Blog and on the website. And more often than not, a cat seems to creep into the photo-shoot.

At the same time, I’ve watched shows and commercials starring a missing cat – 
The cat up in the tree rescued by a VW slam of the door.  
From the little I’ve seen, the easiest way to catch a cat (lost or otherwise) is to put a quilt on the floor. Simple as that – they can’t resist it.  If there is a quilt on the floor, there’s a cat in it!  That was the impetus behind the “Cat Nap Series” – put down the quilt and poof! – there’s a cat napping in it. 
Here’s what I need from you – is it just us, or do you see the same thing?  If I found in quilt in your house, would it have a cat curled up on (or in) it?  Let us peek into your world – comment, email us a photo, post a picture on our Facebook page – and who knows, one of those cats might get a quilt named after him or her.
By the way, I’m more of a dog person.  My dogs never really curled up in the quilts.  But if yours do, we’d love to see that too!

4 thoughts on “Cats and Quilts”

  1. Yes, if I put a quilt on the floor to measure or take a picture, my cat Gussie, will lay on it. It’s better than catnip. 🙂

  2. Hahaha, it’s true! It doesn’t even have to be a finished quilt, though. I had a couple of pieces of fabric laid out today as I was going through my scrap bin (I made a little organizer for all of my crochet hooks!) and immediately after putting the fabric down… there was a cat on it. It’s like they have to make sure they get their fur into every little piece of it!

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