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Changes at Craftsy

Hi friends!

Many of you may have already heard about this, but Craftsy is making a change to their pattern marketplace. They have made quite a few changes in the recent year (s). 

First, they added a subscription plan to their website so you could pay one monthly fee and watch whatever classes you wanted. Instead of buying the classes one by one.

Then they split into 2 websites- their new brand Bluprint for the monthly subscription and the original Craftsy website for buying classes one at a time. That is also where their market place is- you can buy kits, patterns, fabric, yarn… so many things!

Now they are making changes to the part of the marketplace where many designers- including me- have their patterns available for sale as PDFs. First some designers are losing their store completely.


I am not losing my store (probably because I am a Craftsy instructor) but they may delete some of my items.

Since I only have a few patterns available for sale as PDFs, and they are all also available here on my website, it is not a big deal for me. Though I may have to go see if there are any I want to buy before they go away!

Some people are upset with the change. I understand. Craftsy is now owned by a large corporation and that pattern site was available for free to any designer to load up their patterns and sell them. Craftsy took nothing from the sale.

Nothing is every really free right? Or at least, it can’t be free forever. It’s a business. If everything is offered for free, they go out of business.

So hop on over to Craftsy and see if there are patterns you have wanted to buy before they go away!

happy quilting!


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  1. It would have been nice to hear from NBC/Craftsy that this change was occurring with more than 10 days notice at Christmas time for those who sold their patterns AND those of us who only go there to purchase should be been officially notified. Instead, I, as a consumer, had to find out from the blogs that I follow. Totally turned me off to Craftsy.

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