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Creative Spaces Blog Hop- Week 2- These are a few of my favorite tools!


Hi friends!

As I started writing this post, I found myself singing a song from The Sound of Music: These are a few of my favorite things….


It is week 2 of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop and this week we are talking about our favorite tools. 

First, I am skipping over the usual things like my sewing machine, my Oliso iron, rotary cutter, my Go! cutter, etc.

Except maybe I need to mention Jack. Jack is an integral part of my life here at Casa De Colleran Sewing Studio.


I have many Jack’s in my life. I am not sure if I would say Jack is a favorite tool, but Jack is a necessary tool .


This is my favorite Jack. I picked him up at a quilt show and he is so sharp and so lovely to hold. 

Seam Ripper


Some of my really favorite tools are ones that help me piece more accurately: Celine Perkin’s Perfect Piecing Seam Guide and Marci Baker’s Sewing Edge.

I LOVE these 2 tools and they are essential to my sewing and achieving a good ¼” seam . 

good 1/4" seams
Perfect Piecing Seam Guide


They work best together.

good 1/4" seam
Sewing Edge


I use the Seam Guide to accurately place a small piece of the Sewing Edge on the bed of my machine. 

Line up the edge of the sewing edge to the seam guide


It works as a guide to get a perfect scant ¼” seam. I just butt the edge of my fabric along the edge of the guide and voila! An accurate seam allowance. Well, most of the time anyway.

accurate 1/4" seam
Sewing a scant 1/4″ seam


I know many people who love their ¼”  foot, however this method just works better for me. What is your favorite way to get an accurate seam?


Another favorite tool? Binding clips! They are great for binding but also for holding seams together instead of pins.

Binding clips- not just for binding!


And of course, some of my favorite tools are my own Braid Templates! I love using them to cut my braid pieces and I love sewing the braids. It is such an great technique and is easy enough for a beginner.



Some people have asked why there are 2 tools. While the original Braid Template makes braids in a lot of different sizes, they are still pretty wide.


Using the Mini Braid Template, I can make much smaller braids to use in things like my Pack it Up! bag and Jot it Down notebook cover.

And isn’t a Mini anything just so much fun? 

 This week I decided to have a sale to help you try out some of my favorite tools. The Perfect Piecing Seam Guide and Sewing Edge are both on sale starting today thru next Tuesday July 24 at 20% off. And if you buy the Combo of the 2 tools, you save even more. (I call it my Perfect Seams Combo!)

I am even putting the Braid Templates on sale- the Braid Template is only $16.00 and the MINI Braid Template is only $8.00. So grab them quick while they are on sale!

I would love to hear what your favorite tools are. I am always on the lookout for a good tool. While we can often make do, a good tool can make the job easier. Leave me a comment on your favorite tool and let’s help each other sew better!

happy quilting,


p.s. If you need links to the entire schedule of Creative Spaces bloggers, click here to go to my post where I have the links to all the blogs on the list.

p.p.s. Did you hear the news???

I will have a quilt in The Quilter’s Planner 2019! Woo hoo! Click here or on the image below to use my affiliate link to pre-order your copy. Right now there are 2 cover options so reserve yours now while you still have a choice!


I love my Quilter’s Planner and I use it everyday. I keep track of personal stuff and business stuff- including blog posts! Maybe it should be listed as one of my favorite tools? I think it should be!



30 thoughts on “Creative Spaces Blog Hop- Week 2- These are a few of my favorite tools!”

  1. I like to use the Frixion marking pen as it comes in several colors, is easy to use and irons off.

    1. Christi, I just tried a Quilter’s Select ruler recently. I agree with you that they are great. I may have to get more sizes and try the mat. And I love my BlocLoc HST ruler for trimming! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Other than my rotary cutter, my favorite tool is my Karen Kay Buckley scissors. Love the serrated edge that grips fabric.

  3. I’ve used these tools and I like them, too. My favorite tool is my Martelli rotating mat. Thanks for sharing your favorite tools.

    1. Cecilia, I had a small rotating mat at one point and liked it. I think it got too beat up to use anymore. I have not seen the martello one. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Lots of great tools – I love tools! I was sewing before rotary cutters so of course, they are my all-time favorites. But I do like the Wonder Clips, too, and I use the Purple Thang lots. The PT is great when I’m hand-sewing the bindings on; I use it too tuck in loose ends, threads, etc.

  5. I like using washi tape to mark my 1/4″ spot. I can usually find it pretty cheap after holidays with those cute holiday inspired designs. And it comes off so easily when I don’t need it!

  6. One of my favorite tools is “That Purple Thang”. Thank you for being part of the blog hop and sharing.

  7. I’ve been introduced to so many tools never seen before! I am able to get accurate 1/4″ seams with the edge of my pfaff 1/4″ foot. I currently prefer the see through version of this foot. That said, I have spent many hours sewing 1/4″ seams so it’s a practice makes progress event, perhaps.

    1. Laura, That is what is so fun- you get to see the many different tools out there and decide what works for you! And yes, practice does help (yes, mom. I know.) and so does taking it slow. The faster I go, the more ‘off’ I get!

  8. Hey Kate, Congrats on being in the Quilter’s Planner !I’ve been introduced to so many tools never seen before! I hope it will be helpful to me. Thanks for the sharing such an informative article.

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