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Creative Spaces Blog Hop- Week 6

Hi friends!

It is the last week of the Creative Spaces Blog Hop and I hope you have had as much fun as I have!


This week we are supposed to talk about dealing with tools and rulers but wait, I sort of already did that back in the post about organizing! Oops!

Click here if you missed that post.

So, I thought I would show you what I did with that crazy “junk” drawer of mine. Kris Poor of Poorhouse Quilt Designs showed us her junk drawer and had suggestions on how to clean it up. So I thought it would be fun for me to clean up my drawer and add a couple of more tips to her list.

Click here to see her post.

Here is my drawer. Oh my.

Messy Drawer!


Truly hard to open. I had to stick my hand in the drawer to try to hold things down to open it all the way.

Ok. I was ready. I had my hot cup of coffee, set my timer for 30 minutes (Kris’ suggestion) and got to work. I dumped the drawer on the floor and started sorting items. Yikes!

Floor dump


All that was in the drawer? At least I found the organizer trays!

making piles


I think the first thing I had to decide, once I saw what I had, was what did I want to store in that drawer? Was it going to be neat but still a repository for things that had no other home? Or was it to have a storage theme?

Storage theme? What am I talking about? Well, my thread storage boxes store thread, my colored cardboard bins store templates and rulers, my fun little lunch box stores colored pencils and pens …. so they all have a theme of items. And knowing what types of things are stored where makes it easier for them to go back where they belong, right?

Storage for pens and pencils


So what was this drawer supposed to store? Given the collection of items I found at the bottom of the drawer, I think my original theme was things that had no other home. And truly, I think that is going to be the new plan as well.

In going thru the mess on the floor, I first separated by type of item. Then I put things that had another home where they belonged; thread went into my thread bins, rulers went into the ruler and template boxes, pens and pencils were stored in the pencil bin or in my Minnie Mouse mug that I use for pens I want to have easily accessible.

I put the tray organizers back in the drawer and found homes for other groups of items. This drawer now stores my hand sewing needles, thimbles, extra sewing machine needles, extra pins, velcro, elastic and bias tape, and my funnels- perfect for filling pin cushions with the crushed walnut shells!

So neat!

It feels really good to have spent the time to clean out the drawer. My additional tips to add to Kris’ great list are:

1: Organize items by type.

2. Just do 1 small spot at a time. Really it is not so overwhelming that way and it feels great to have one spot cleaned up. It will help to motivate you to do another spot another time. 

3. Celebrate each small success. I had a second hot cup of coffee and a homemade chocolate chip cookie. Yum!

I will admit that it took longer than 30 minutes. Of course part of that was the pup. Halfway thru my itemizing, Kira decided she wanted to help and she made her own piles of my things that were on the floor.

And then she added her toys.

So we took a break and went for a walk. 

Kira helps!


Want to know there weirdest thing I found in the drawer? The screws that were in my leg when I had surgery on my knee years ago!



Two years after the initial surgery, I had surgery to remove the screws. And I still have the screws. They even moved across the country with me. Weirdo.

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See you next week!

happy quilting,


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126 thoughts on “Creative Spaces Blog Hop- Week 6”

    1. Oh my goodness! Just setting up my very own sewing room. I now have so many wonderful tips to get me up and running! Thank you!

  1. Whoa! wish my “junk” drawer was soooo pretty! 🙂 Great ideas for organizing! And your sweet helper definitely deserved take you both for nice walk! giggle.. Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way..& thanks for great hints 🙂

  2. Yup I have two junk drawers in the studio that are almost jammed shut that I really need to do this to!!! Seems like I just keep putting bits and pieces in them!!! Time to dump and organize and purge! Thanks for the kick in the pants!!!

  3. It’s amazing what we find in our junk drawers. Sometimes a great discovery like something we’ve lost, and sometimes something that makes us wonder, like the screws you found.

  4. Wow! That drawer looks great! I have to get going on a drawer I have just like that! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. I think every house has a “junk” drawer. I love how you cleaned yours up! And the extra “help” from Kira was special, too!

  6. Having organized drawers is a real plus and…isn’t it fun finding those things you once thought were lost? Junk drawers aren’t all bad; always good to have a place to put something away when you aren’t sure what to do with it.

  7. I really do need to tackle my junk drawer as well. Thanks so much for partcipating in this blog hop. I’ve enjoyed all the posts!

  8. You saved those pins for a good reason. It was a part of your journey in this life. A reminder maybe that life sometimes takes us down a path that we don’t want to be on, but leads to better paths that we couldn’t have found otherwise.

    I have a drawer or two that could use a good sorting out. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a treasure among all the junk.

  9. I love the before and after! And I’d keep the screws too! Thanks for the ideas of dumping it out and sorting. I need to do that with more than one drawer! And my dog would love a walk in the process too. 🙂

  10. Well, I felt a little better about some of my drawers when you shared your before and your after was lovely. I have to admit that when I try to clean out a part of my sewing space that I make a huge mess with piles everywhere and then panic where I’m going to put it all. That doesn’t stop me from adding to my collections. This has been a great blog hop and I appreciate all of the time you spent sharing pics of your space, tools, and ideas.

  11. Love the drawer. In my room it would last about 2 weeks. Funny you have the screws. I had the broken needle that was in my son’s foot for years, finally threw it in the trash.

  12. Thank you for sharing your space with us. I’m not surprised you saved the screws from your surgery because they represent an important time I your life. When my husband had to get his second pacemaker he chose to keep the first one. Medtronics even put his name on it before shipping it back to him.

  13. Great suggestion to focus on one spot at a time so it is not overwhelming. Like the chocolate chip cookie idea too.

  14. I can relate to your mess. It seems that I have soooo many pencils, markers, seam ripers, doodads that i can’t keep them organized.

    1. Monica,
      It is so easy to collect pens, pencils and other tools of the trade. I was traveling recently and had to stop myself from buying more. But they were so pretty!

  15. I’m seeing a great big dump in my future! I’m wanting to get rid of all the “stuff” that doesn’t belong and being able to find the tools I’m looking for with ease!

    1. Anita,
      Good luck with your dump! I hope you find the tools you are looking for. I was surprised by a couple of templates I found in my drawer. Don’t even remember buying them!

  16. This has been an AWSOME Blog hop!! Great ideas all week…. Im soo going to miss it. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I love that you showed the items in the drawer and what it looked like after. Sometimes we get in a hurry and just throw it in.

  18. Those junk drawers have a way of attracting things, even those things that have a designated place! It feels good to clean them out every now and then!

  19. We all need a junk drawer for all those bits that don’t fit into any particular category so guess that’s just the right place for the screws

  20. I believe we all have a drawer like that lol. I believe I have a few, Everytime I go through it it feels like a treasure chest.

  21. It’s so easy for a junk drawer to get out of hand with lots of crazy stuff! I know this from experience. Good tips for organizing and clearing out, I need to put some of them into action.

  22. Thank you for sharing your organizing tips! I have new cabinets to be installed Friday so I can use all this help!

  23. Junk drawers are definitely full of treasures. I have a tower of drawers organized with one special drawer of crafty things for my granddaughter.
    Thanks for sharing all the organizing tips. You saved your screws and I saved my gallstones. Don’t we save strange things. Thanks for giveaway.

  24. I love getting my sewing room neat again after a project. I’m not neat while I’m working but need all the clutter put away before starting something new. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Gloria,
      That is such a good idea- to clean up after each project. Lately I have just been throwing piles on the floor and moving onto the next one. Starting with a clean area would be so much nicer!

  25. Great Ideas all around. Thank you. I clean out my junk drawers when I pull something out of them, look at it and wonder what it is and why do I have this?
    Love the way you do it. Especially the helper!

  26. Thanks for your tips. I don’t have a drawer in my sewing room but have a basket catchall. I think it’s time to tackle it.

  27. I try to keep things in their place, but sometimes it’s just quicker to toss into the junk drawer. I get it under control every few months.

  28. I really need to spend some time organizing, but I’d soooo much rather sew! Thanks for a bit of inspiration.

  29. Organization! A concept I love but have never yet achieved. Your organization of a single drawer gives me hope for organizing at least in small ways. Tomorrow I will clean out a drawer!

  30. Everyone needs a junk drawer. I have several located around the house: in the entry, in the kitchen, in the sewing room, in the hall. It’s that drawer where I hide the stuff that accumulates on any horizontal surface that needs to be stashed when company is coming. I haven’t touched them in years. After reading your post, I think I’ll clean one out to find the weirdest item I’ve kept. Now my question is: Did you keep the screws or throw them away?

  31. Well, my junk drawer at my sewing table looks like that! And I have to put my hand in sometimes to be able to open it. It was never intended to be a junk drawer….but somehow it happened. Thank you for the photos and the encouragement. One drawer at a time sounds like a good start and would apply to everything!!

  32. ? Just before I read your post I had actually just emptied a junk “box” and WoW the treasures I found!! I will not have to buy machine needles for awhile! – found at least 20 unopened packs of various sizes along with a box of flower-head pins – what a bonus find! I must have shopped a sale and then stashed them away! There were lots more sewing notions and I felt like it was a holiday to “find” such useful “gifts”!! – so much fun finding stuff that I had forgotten about!! Thanks so much for the organizing tips! Love hearing about Kira helping you!!

  33. I live in Southern Oregon and over the past +40 days we have lived in hazardous air quality due to forest fires in our area. So I have been inside and guess what I have been doing. Yep. Cleaning and organizing my sewing and jewelry making areas. Feels good!

  34. Cleaning and organizing always turn into treasure hunts/finds. And it feels so good to get things back into orderly fashion. Chocolate is my favorite reward.

  35. Thanks for sharing your ideas, and I don’t blame you for keeping those screws from your surgery! Important reminder! I think trays are so helpful. Thanks, Kathy in Colo

  36. I’m taking the one drawer at a time approach to shifting as well. It’s not as daunting, though it does mean lots of trips to the charity shops as I discover yet another pile of things stuffed into a cupboard and forgotten. Each house we shift to, seems to be older, and have less built in storage. Next stop, a cabin in the woods!
    Thanks for the hints, the series has been fun to follow along.

    1. Tarnia,
      I am so glad you enjoyed the blog hop series. I agree one drawer at a time is much less daunting. What do they say- How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.
      Thought eating an elephant does not sound good anyway!

  37. Love the idea to dump the drawer and set a timer to organize. Problem is I can’t get the drawer open! I put so much stuff in there and something is hung. That will be a goal-maybe I will find a treasure.

  38. Thanks for the great organizing tips! Just starting, but I have already decided that while I definitely need seam rippers, I probably don’t need 8 of them!! Enjoy reading your blog so much, my favorite read with my coffee break!!

    1. Sheila,
      Thank you so much for your kind words! I must admit though, I might need 8 seam rippers… one by the machine, one by the ironing table, one at the cutting table, one in my travel pile, one near the table where I hand sew binding… hmmm I am sure I can come up with 3 more places to store them. Maybe 2 by the sewing machine so when I drop one on the floor, I have a spare!

  39. Your helper is adorable. You show great restraint in being able to get anything done when she is around. 🙂

    P.S. My partner still has the screws from a shoulder surgery he had back in the 60’s, when he was a kid. It is a good thing he pointed out to me that they are precious, so that I didn’t inadvertently throw out something I didn’t know was precious.

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