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Hi friends!

I have a question for you today: do you sew in quiet, or with music, an audio book or maybe with a movie or a tv show playing?

For me it all depends. Actually on a few things. Some days I need quiet while I sew so  I can just concentrate on sewing. I find in those times, my mind wanders around in the background and works out some answer to something I have been pondering.

Other days I need the distraction while I sew. Maybe because I am chain sewing a bunch of like units and it helps keep me on track. My distraction of choice is a movie or TV show. I seems to find with audio books I lose track of what is being said.

Seems weird right a movie in the background keeps me on track with my sewing? But it does.

Other times, I feel the need for a movie BUT I should have kept things quiet. Like this afternoon. I was working on my AQS block and was watching The Crown on Netflix. I ended up with a center star unit that looked like this.


Hmmm. I believe that is wrong! There should be a Flying Geese unit on each side of the center square.

Jack to the rescue! And ta-da- I fixed the star and kept sewing my block.


Well,  I best keep sewing and finish up that block! If you want to see it, check Instagram later! Maybe I will turn off the movie until the block is done and wait till I get to my chain piecing for the quilt I can’t show yet!

happy quilting!


3 thoughts on “Distraction”

  1. I have the TV on when I am sewing or quilting. Before I had a TV in my quilting room, I would listen to CDs (I live in the boonies and my longarm would interfere with the radio stations coming in!). The TV is actually the background noise to just about everything I do…reading, computer, sleep, cook. I am a bit ADHD so having something going on in the background actually helps me to concentrate on what I’m sewing.

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