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Donation Quilts and a Giveaway

Hi friends!

Today I wanted to share with you some of what I am doing with the many, many quilts in my possession! 

So many quilts…

I have been so honored in my quilt designing career to be able to design quilts for magazines, for Craftsy (Bluprint), for fabric companies and for my own patterns. And once they are designed, well, then they usually have to get made! 

(Sometimes I design for a fabric line and never see the fabric in person so I never make those quilts. But this post isn’t about them!)

Over the last 18 years of being in business, I have made a lot of quilts. And I can’t keep them all. I live in a townhouse and we are running out of room. In the past, some of the quilt became donation quilts.  And this year, I am going to donate some more quilts and sell some quilts. 


To get this process started, I divided the quilts into a keep pile(s) and a donate/sell pile(s).  They were pretty big piles!

Some of my quilts have a happy place in my home; they are folded up on shelves that I see every day- they always makes me smile!

Some are hanging on walls. I have some spots where I change up the quilt during the year to match the season or the holiday!

Modern star quilt


And some are stored for the next time I travel to present at guild meetings. Back in the day, before Covid and doing guild Zoom meetings, I used to bring 2 suitcases full of quilts! 

New Patterns

I have a group of quilts that were in magazines and now need to be written as a pattern.

Donation quilts and quilts to Sell

And there is a group of quilts that it is time for them to go. It is so hard to part with these quilts. They are all part of me. I designed them, made them and loved them!

Some of my donation quilts will go to my quilt guild; they do an amazing number of charity quilts every year. I am still sorting, photographing, cataloging and deciding which quilts will be donated and which will go up for sale in my ETSY shop.

After my family gets first pick of the group!

I was going to have a Christmas in July sale on ETSY- a great way to get a start on your holiday presents! But… now it is going to be an August Holiday Sale. I will have quilts, table runners and bags for sale!

What do you do with your quilts? 


How about a quilty giveaway to go with this post? I will give away one of my Table Scraps table runners.

Would like a chance to win it? Leave me a comment on this post about what size quilt you love to make- lap, twin, queen or maybe you like to make quick and easy table runners?

The giveaway is open until next Tuesday night, July 20th at 9pm MT. I will be away but I will pick a winner when I get home! Due to shipping costs, giveaway is open to continental US residents.

Giveaway is closed! Thanks everyone!!

And, I haven’t done this in a while, but if you want a second chance to win, sign up for my newsletter and leave a SECOND comment telling me you did that!

Note: if you are already signed up for the newsletter, just leave the second comment and let me know that too!

As I am on vacation next week, the letter W post in the A Quilter’s Alphabet series, is being postponed.

Have a great week and see you back here in 2 weeks!

happy quilting!


56 thoughts on “Donation Quilts and a Giveaway”

  1. I prefer making lap quilts. Planning to finish one this weekend to give to a co-worker for his birthday. Thanks.

  2. I love making quilts and have started making more lap\twin size. They finish faster, so I can start the next one. I also have a thing for table runners, and yours is beautiful!!

  3. Your quilts are so stunning. I make a lot of lap size quilts as they are the easiest for me to handle when quilting on my home machine.

  4. Lately I’ve been on a queen size bed spree- I’m on queen quilt #3 now. I’m using Christmas fabrics that I can’t resist buying after the holidays are over.

  5. This is my second chance of possibly winning.
    My donation quilts go to QFaC.org an Arizonan non profit that sells quilts and the profits go to support breast and gynecoligical cancers. If I win, I will donate it to Quilt For a Cause. Thank you

  6. I have noticed that many quilters that do books, classes, patterns, etc., are also going through the “many, many quilts” and making those tough decisions.

    At this point in my life, I like small wall hangings, mini quilts, baby quilts, and smaller table runners.

  7. i like making lap quilts the best but i also like small, quick projects like tble toppers and wall hangings.

  8. I Usually make lap, baby or Twin sized quilts and love table runners! As I head into retirement I am going to use my stash up and make lap quilts for memory care and some quilts of valor! Have a nice time off and thank you for the giveaway chance!

  9. Thanks for the chance to win. I usually make smaller quilts but now that I have a longarm I am expanding.

  10. Such a wonderful way to share it quilts, a little to everyone. Thank you
    I have made a few quilts to go on my ben

  11. My favorite size to make is throw/lap. As many of the others listed above, I too quilt on my domestic machine. I don’t know if I could quilt a twin or anything bigger.

  12. I am a beginner quilter and have only done tote bags and one pot holder…very beginner. I want to make a table runner or two before I try a quilt.

  13. Lap quilts are my favorite to make, although I make all sizes! I also love to make table toppers for my kitchen table.

  14. I have only finished two quilts so far, but I have two others I am working on starting. So far, I think lap quilts are my favorite to make. 60″x60″ is the largest I have attempted so far, one day we’ll see if I like making bigger ones even more!

  15. I make big quilts! Queen or bigger. The last quilt I made was 120″ x 120″ and loved it but gave it to my brother and sister in law. I am already subscribed to your email. Thank you!

  16. Our little sewing/quilting circle sells and donates quilts for 2 organizations, dog rescue where sometimes we make smaller quilts for the dogs that come to us and need a soft place to land, some we sell and the money goes to pay for the medical treatment for puppers. We also make quilts for kids that are in transition from the hospital to home. It’s a good way to try new patterns that I might not need/want in my home but love to try the technique. Sometimes it is hard to part with them. I take pictures, give them a hug and send them on their way to fulfil their purpose. Thanks.

  17. Hi Kate—we appreciate all the quilts you donate to the guild. Wow, you have made so many quilts over the years! Would love to have a Kate original. I will be signing up for your newsletter too

  18. I prefer making queen size quilts, but do enjoy making smaller or larger projects as well. Right now I’m making quilts to donate to the residents who lost everything to a wildfire so various sizes work.

  19. I am new to the quilting world and I am loving it. I have become a quilting junkie. So far I am almost done with my first quilt. It’s a wonky 9 patch because I am still trying to perfect the nesting of the seams. I would say a lap quilt is my go to for now because my hubby and child are amazonian tall while I am a vertically challenged almost 5 feet. Thank you for your wonderful post and the time you take to explain it all. Makes my world of learning a lot easier. Hope you have a good time away.

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