Sweet Beets - a farm fresh quilt pattern by Kate Colleran
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Farm Fresh Quilts

Hi friends!

I want to introduce you to 2 new quilts- Sweet Beets and Little Leaves. They are part of a new series called Farm Fresh. The quilts are inspired by my daughter’s life on an organic farm.

Farm Fresh quilt pattern series by Kate Colleran and Alyssa DesRosier


This is Sweet Beets – the pattern has a lap quilt, a queen bed scarf, in case you want a little pop of color on the bed but don’t want to make an entire quilt, and a coordinating pillow.

Sweet Beets - a farm fresh quilt pattern by Kate Colleran
Sweet Beets lap quilt


The design is inspired by the chioggia beet- when you cut into it, it looks a little like peppermint candy!

For the fabrics, I used some lovely organics from Birch Fabrics from their basics line.

Birch Fabrics
Birch Fabrics


And here it is in some rich fabrics from the Harmony line by Quilting Treasures.

Sweet Beets quilt pattern
Sweet Beets in Harmony from Quilting Treasures


Of course, you don’t have to follow my color scheme, you could make it in blues and greens…

Sweet Beets quilt pattern
Sweet Beets in blues


or purples, greens and a pop of yellow…

Sweet Beets quilt
Sweet Beets in deep purples



My daughter Alyssa designed this one- Little Leaves.

Little Leaves- a Fram Fresh series quilt pattern by Kate Colleran and Alyssa DesRosier
Little Leaves child’s lap


Little Leaves has 2 sizes in it; a small crib and a child’s lap or bigger crib quilt. Isn’t it sweet? She made this one from some more organic fabrics from Birch Fabrics.

Little Leaves quilt
Birch Fabrics for Little Leaves


Aren’t the fabrics are adorable?  Little chickens, rabbits, chicken wire… and the outer border is a fox- separated from the chickens and rabbits by the fence (I mean border!). Can’t let the fox get in the henhouse!

A little farmer humor.

For her Little Leaves quilt, Alyssa decided to cut out the leaves using a wavy rotary cutter and then stitch them to the quilt, leaving a little bit of the edges to curl up, like leaves do.

Little Leaves quilt
Close up leaf


Little Leaves is easy to do- with 4 backgrounds and 4 leaf fabrics, it is fun to move the prints around until you have a design you like.

Oh- and just for fun, each pattern has a recipe inside! Yum!

Right now you can get either pattern- or both!- for $2 off using the discount code: Farm2.

Code is good until Monday night Nov. 7th. Click here to order Sweet Beets and here for Little Leaves.

happy quilting,


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