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Globetrotting Catch Up

St Louis Block 1
St Louis Block 1

I am behind on my Globetrotting with Pat Sloan blocks. The wedding details derailed my plan of staying on track and getting each block in “their” month. No worries, though. I am determined to catch up!

This past weekend, when I arrived back home, first we picked up Miss Lily from the vet and then we went and picked up my sweet little sewing machine. She had been for a spa day while I was gone- all the lint and stuff has been cleaned out and she is humming along nicely!


On Sunday I decided to make the blocks for June to ease her back into sewing.

St Louis Block 2

I have been to St Louis, once on my trip moving out here to CO, which is the city for June.

As some of you know, each month I am making 2 blocks so I can make my quilt a little bigger. I really loved that skull fabric I had used before and so I decided to use it again!


Next up, July!



happy quilting,



DSCN1853p.s. To save time, I made the 2 blocks at the same time, chain piecing sections. Do you know what happens when you are doing this and each block has a similar BUT different background fabric? Yup- I mixed them up and had to play with Jack the Ripper! Ah well, live and learn!

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