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Guest blog and a new iron

Hi friends!

Today I am guest blogging over on Tamarinis– the blog of my quilt designer friend, Tammy Silvers.  So click here to go check out my post and check out Tammy’s fun patterns!

Sneak peek of my new mini pattern with Tammy’s new fabric line with Island Batik. Ignore my piecing oops! Long story…. BUT I am even doing my own quilting with my favorite Aurifil thread!


What’s going on in my studio this week? Well, I am getting ready for a guild lecture- I always try to make it fresh and new and bring different quilts each time. SO I have piles of quilts all over the living room, dining room… 

Pile ‘o Quilts
More quilts…


And I am sewing away, as usual! The difference is I have a new iron. A while back, the folks at Oliso asked me if I wanted to put an affiliate link on my website for their iron. I had heard about the irons and even tried one briefly (2 quick swipes!) at a quilt show. But not having used one before, I was hesitant. So I decided to try one. And yes, I do love it!

Oliso iron
New iron


I thought for sure I would hate the part where you don’t pick it up; you just sort of move it over to the side, but I found out 2 things. One, you can turn that feature off. Two, I actually like it! It took me about 15 minutes to get totally on board with the idea and now I love it. The iron is heavier than the cheap little iron that I had been using, but not having to tip it back on the edge every time makes that OK. And it presses beautifully.


Time for me to get back to packing quilts, prepping my lecture and then a little sewing and ironing- I’ve got quilts to make!

happy quilting,


p.s. Tomorrow I will be speaking at the Quaking Aspen Quilt Guild in Boulder CO. If you are in the area, I hope to see you there!


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