February 2019 AQS block
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I made it! February Blocks for AQS and QP

Hi friends!

February has been a busy month- nothing spectacular going on, just busy. Well, I did go on a quick to FL to see my son and future daughter-in-law. And got a morning to play at Disney!

Love the Railroad ride!


AND I did just get back from Quilt Con in Nashville so I guess there was some pretty groovy stuff going on!


I will share some pictures from Quilt Con later this week but today I wanted to show off my blocks for the AQS and the Quilter’s Planner BOMs for February.

AQS Monthly Block

The February block for the AQS BOM is the Ohio Star. I kept looking at my stack of fabrics and was trying to decide how to pick colors each month. I realized I would not need the whole FQ stack to make the 12 blocks so I have a new plan. I will use the fabrics from the January block until I run out. As I run out of a color, I will add a new fabric in that color. Seems like a good plan, right?

That way I won’t have a ton of scraps, just some.

Here is my February Ohio Star block.

February 2019 AQS block
Ohio Star Block


And here is what I have left of my fabrics for next month’s block.

fabrics leftover


Looks like I may run out of my light first. That’s OK- I still have a lot of fabrics to pick from for next month.


Quilter’s Planner BOM- Hexie Snowflake

While at Quilt Con, I had a chance to meet Debbie Maddy, the designer of the fabric I am using for my QP BOM quilt. I just love these fabrics and it will be fun to see how this more monochromatic color scheme will look when it is all done.

blue fabric stack


The QP has 2 layouts you can follow: the Hexie Snowflake layout or the Pyramid Layout. I have my layout almost all planned out; I am following the chart for the Hexie Snowflake quilt though my layout will be slightly different.


And here are my 2 inner ring blocks for February. Love them. When you are using a lot of white, it is tough to get a good photo on a white background. It all sort of blends together. I may have to come up with a new background for these photos!

blue and white QP inner ring blocks
QP Inner Ring Blocks


OH- and if you need tips on making your QP blocks, here is the link to the QP site with their tips for this month’s block.

QP Weekly Blocks

There are also some blocks sprinkled throughout the planner- here is my block for this week- the Triple Rail Fence. I did not like my block in the arrangement of the typical Triple Rail Fence, so I rotated a few of the sections. 

red, grey and white triple rail fence block
Triple Rail Fence block- sort of!


I made it! All caught up for February.

Good thing as the month is almost over!


Adventure Quilt

The next Adventure Quilt-  a Road Trip quilt block- Block 5 – will be available here on my blog on this Wednesday February 27th.


So be sure you have downloaded Block 4 off Tammy’s website before it goes away!

See you soon!

happy quilting,


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