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It’s a Puppy Life

Hi friends!

Life with a puppy should come with warning signs attached.

Warning #1: They will do bad things, you will laugh and so then they will keep doing it. It eventually won’t be funny.

Warning #2: Sleep. You will not get enough in the beginning. Just accept it. Drink more coffee.

More coffee. Use your favorite mug as coffee tastes better in your favorite mug.


Warning #3: You will not be able to finish a task, a phone call or even a meal without having to deal with the puppy. They usually have to go outside once your food is hot and ready to eat. Not before. That would just be silly.

Kira helping measure for borders.


Warning #4: They will change your life in wonderful ways! You will get outside more, meet neighbors you never knew you had and make new friends. Get a puppy.

Kira and Loki- BFFs


On a puppy side note, while I was in Lancaster teaching, hubby got bored and now Kira has her own Instagram account. It’s pretty funny- @Alkira_theaussie.

Up next on the cutting table- some yummy fabrics by my Lancaster roomie Kathy Doughty- her new collection Horizons with Free Spirit. Can’t wait to start playing!

fabric by Kathy Doughty
Horizons fabric

Oh wait, put the rotary cutter down, the puppy needs to go outside.

happy quilting!


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