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It’s Almost Christmas!

Hi friends!

Here at the Casa de Colleran we celebrate Christmas. And it was a big decision this year whether or not to have a tree. 

I love live Christmas trees. The smell is just wonderful and there is something so warm and inviting about a live Christmas tree. But every since moving to Colorado, we have not had a live tree. We have had a fake tree and no tree. 

The fake tree is because we often travel at the holiday and so a live tree would just die faster since we would not be around to water it.

No tree because, again, travel. This year, we are here in Colorado for the holiday and still no tree.


Three words- Kira, Luna and Lark.

Luna and Lark atop the bookcase
sweet pup
Kira ready to get going!


They are into everything! The kittens run around, climb on anything and Kira chases them around the house. It is funny but dangerous for things like tables, magazines and Christmas trees.

So I will celebrate with small decorations, like my Christmas mug of tea and a coaster. 


And our stockings hung by the fireplace.


I hope you have had a lovely weekend!

happy quilting,


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