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More machine Quilting!

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend. Hubby and I did a little painting in the house, a little relaxing and a little walking. And a little eating out. What is your favorite meal to eat out? To be honest, mine is breakfast. I love breakfast food and I am even happy with breakfast for dinner.

I have been working a few different projects recently and I find that I pop between them as my fancy dictates. It is nice having things to work on with no immediate deadline. Reminds me why I do this; I started this business because I love to sew, I love to design, and I love to play with fabric and fiber.

my current knitting project


I put the fiber in there as I also love to knit. There is something so relaxing about knitting.  I am a slow knitter and since I never have a deadline with my knitting, that helps with the relaxing part.

And because I had some time the other day, I grabbed a bunch of fat quarters and started playing with a design idea. So far, it has been quite fun. I cut some tumbler shapes and made a runner and two placemats. And I have a cool quilt in mind as well; I just need more fabric. (I can see hubby’s eyes roll now. How could I possibly need MORE fabric?!)


I decided to quilt the placemats and the runner myself and not just quilt straight lines. I really like straight lines in quilting. Kind of a modern look and something I am comfortable doing. I don’t usually worry if I wobble a little and one of the lines is a bit off. Close enough.

But this time I decided to try one of the many decorative stitches on my machine. First, I did “stitch in the ditch” around the outside each of the tumbler shapes to make them stand out. Then I used the edge of my walking foot as my guide and quilted this fun design. I love how it looks! 

placemat quilting closeup


Here is the stitch close up.

quilting stitch


In case you are wondering, my background fabric is an off white, as that is what I had on hand, and I quilted it with a light grey thread to complement the black and grey prints.

For the runner I even added a straight line of the decorative stitch down the center of the background section. Love it. The runner needs a bit of a press (and some binding) and then it will look great.

runner quilting close up


Do you have a fancy stitch on your machine that you like to use for quilting? I am in need of suggestions on what to try next! Also this new quilt pattern will need a name- any suggestions for my tumbler quilt and runner pattern?

Now it is time for me to get back to writing a pattern for that fun mini braid bag I was working on.


I would rather just make more bags but the pattern does not write itself!

pattern writing


happy quilting!



p.s. Don’t forget all this month is the Island Batik Ambassador Back to School blog hop! Click here to go to my post with the whole schedule listed. 

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