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Moving- three steps forward, three steps back!

Or, where is that camera?

As many of you know, I moved last week. Not even a year from my last move. Of course, last year’s move was across the country. Well, obviously not all the way across but … This year was across town. Well, actually into the next town, but close enough!

Some stuff we still had in boxes. So that was easy. We did a lot of trips back and forth with boxes and then on Friday , we had the movers come help with the furniture and heavy boxes. You know, the ones with quilting books in them!


And I thought I was so organized! I marked the boxes with what was in them, where they should go… and then came the last minute stuff and things got pitched into random boxes. Thus, the search for my camera. I had it on Thursday and could not find it yesterday! Finally last night, I opened a random drawer looking for something else, and there it was! Yea!

So pros to the new place:

1. More light. Our apartment had primarily north facing windows, and this one, while it only has windows on two sides, has primarily west facing windows. We get to see the weather coming across the foothills.

And the sunsets.















2. Flat burners on the stove. At our apartment, the burners did not lay flat so we would have to prop the handles of the pots and pans so the food did not slide to one end of the pan. Seriously.

3. At the apartment we backed up to a golf course. I don’t play, but it was pretty. But it could also be noisy- they mow the lawn at 5am and golfers, well shall we say they have colorful language when they don’t like their shot? And in the winter, the geese arrive. By the hundreds.

At the townhouse, our new view is the cemetery. They are pretty quiet. There is the occasional large piece of equipment digging a hole, but still. Not bad.

DSC06682And the view off my sewing loft, pretty cool!









 The sewing area still has a long way to go, but at least the machine is up and running- 


I am thinking about adding shelving and turning this area into a closet, maybe using Ikea sliding panels for doors- what do you think?



Our first newsletter is coming out tomorrow! So make sure you are signed up to get it- there will be information on two new quilts!

Happy quilting,


p.s. On another note, my daughter just got engaged!

Her fiancé proposed while they were on a trip with friends in Ireland.


How sweet! I am so happy for them!

Are they cute?