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My 2016 Planner

Have I ever mentioned I am a bit of a planner addict? It is sad but true. I love planners. I don’t keep track of meals, or (ugh!) cleaning, but I think keeping a planner is one of the reasons I have been able to get so many quilts done over the last couple of years. 

When my kids were little, and until they were all out of high school, we kept a family calendar in the kitchen. Each kid’s  activities were written in a different color- green for Sean, blue for Scott and purple (or pink depending on the pen) for Alyssa. I could glance at the calendar and know right away not only what activity was on the schedule but whose it was.

A few of my old planners!

Now it is just my activities, and hubby’s. I have gone thru a bunch of planners over the last 3 years. I have used blank books where I draw my own calendar, I have bought some, printer freebies off the web, rejected them, printed another, bought another…

planner, calendar
My planner from Plum Paper

This is my planner for this year. I got it at

. It seems pretty cool. They have 4 different layouts for the week and lots of add ons to pick from. I list all the things that need to happen each week on the left side, and then schedule some them on the right. Of course, some just get done and checked off. Like follow up emails. No need to write them twice- just do it!

weekly layout

It has a spot to list goals and birthdays each month. Maybe this year I will get back on track with birthday cards. I used to be pretty good about that but the last few years- terrible!

And I even added a section for planning my blog posts. And I still love to use different colored pens, one color for appointments, one for calls, one for personal to do items, work to do items…

goals planner
A page to keep track of birthdays, goals for the month

Do you use a calendar or a planner? Paper or on your computer/phone? To be honest, appointments that I have out of the house go on both the phone calendar (which backs up to the computer) AND the paper calendar. It may be a tiny bit more work, but I am a paper girl.

So that is that. Love my paper.

Now that I have listed my to do items for today, I am off to the post office, then a little sewing and a little designing.

happy quilting!


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