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New Website is up and running!

Hi friends!

It is official- the new website is up and running!



If you get my blog posts thru Bloglovin or an RSS feed, nothing has changed for you. The links still work. (So cool!) The blog appears on the new site and if you scroll to the top of the blog page, you will see a new look and new links. 

The new website is still a work in progress, but I really am happy that it is up and running and we can keep moving forward.

A few people asked my why we did this. 

One- we wanted a better shop so your checkout was cleaner and it was easier to see the products.

Two- I wanted to update the look! It’s always nice to do a refresh, right?

I used to drive my hubby crazy years ago with refreshing the house. He would come from work and something would have happened. One time, he came home and the couch was missing. I sold it so we could buy a new one I liked better!

Another time, he came home and there were cabinets missing in the kitchen. It was my subtle way (subtle? ha!) of saying, “It’s time to do the kitchen makeover!”

So this is my website makeover and I hope you find it easy to navigate. Let me know if anything seems wonky. We still have some pages to update and there is a weird thing happening at the bottom of the blog pages (lots of white space), but we are working on it.

happy quilting!


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