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Our Day on the Studio Spotlight Blog Hop!

Welcome to our studios! I say, studios because since there are three of us here at Seams Like a Dream, So you get to see three studios! Let’s start with the youngest member, Alyssa.



Well, seeing as my studio space is the smallest out of the three of us, I better try to make this a quick tour! My husband and I moved into our house in August, and when we decided on this place, my original plan was to commandeer some space in one of the two bedrooms. Unfortunately, once we actually got into the house and starting bringing in our furniture, I quickly realized that my plan just would not work.

At all.


So, instead I took over this space! The “before” picture is actually from the real estate listing. It was just an awkwardly wide hallway before, but with a nice bit light coming in from the front window.


2015-01-07 12.35.26Now the space has become my little studio, complete with two sewing areas, a cutting table, and a bookcase for storage. My main sewing area is just a desk that I have had for ages. It has gone through many decorative iterations (don’t look at the back… I went through a decoupage phase at one point) but now it holds my mom’s MegaQuilter that she’s letting me borrow. I added the cute blue knobs last year, and I love my little sewing chair. It adds a fun pop of color to the space.


2015-01-07 12.35.13My second sewing area is a little less functional, but I only use it occasionally when I need to do something other than a straight stitch. My little BabyLock is over there, on top of my prized Singer sewing machine. I picked that treasure up at an antiques barn, and I swear they had no idea what they were doing, because I got it for $35. My husband loves telling people that story, but maybe I will save that for another time. A few weeks ago I decorated the corner with these pretty decals to add some fun to the white walls.

2015-01-16 16.18.23And of course I had to put up my little drawing that reads “Home is where the Art is”.

Tucked into the corner is my basket of yarn. That where I store anything that isn’t a current project.

2015-01-07 12.36.22The last area holds my cutting table. This was a huge surprise for me- I went to work one day, and while I was gone, my parents and the hubby went out and bought this at Ikea, and set it up for me! I love it- way better than the hijacked dresser I was using before.

2015-01-16 16.17.51They also picked up this handy storage rack while they were at Ikea, along with the spotlights that I have placed near my cutting table and sewing machine for extra light. The drawers of the table are huge, which is great for storing all of my rulers, threads, and leftover fabrics. I am still trying to come up with a good system for my scraps, but right now I have been cutting most of them up into 2.5” squares. Anything that is a decent size I try to keep, but all of the little scraps get put into my squares collection.

So there you have it- my area!

Isn’t her space cute? Small but very functional!

Next up is…


My studio is in the basement of our house- the unfinished section! However, while one of my wishes for the space would definitely be drywall (and a little better lighting!), I was very lucky that the former owner was also a crafter and she left me her big cutting table, a wall pegboard and other groovy stuff! So that really helped!

IMG_0039I have some open shelving along one side of the room with plastic bins to hold all my “stash”- well most of it! It is primarily sorted by color, but then there is the holiday, reproduction and polka dot bin!

IMG_0040I hung a shower pocket organizer on the back of the door leading into my space that holds all my smaller notions like needles, rotary blades, marking pens, zippers…  and yes Kate,  I have zippers!…etc.

IMG_0038On another wall is my white cubbies. These hold all of my small UFO projects, each in a small ziplock bag. with all the ingredients to finish, the pattern, fabric, backing and binding choices.


IMG_0042I have a great big table in the center where I cut, my sewing table is next to it as well as another table so they form one big area. Another holds pattern stuff- paper, baggies and envelopes- everything I need to put on my “shipping department” hat and send out our patterns to everyone!

Elizabeth has made a plain basement into a great space. And now for mine!


DSCN2697I have shown some photos of my space before, but here is the view from the front door. Jim and I live in a condo, not huge but not tiny either. Kind of like the three bears, it is just right!

We love the view off the back oStudio3f our main space- we can just see the mountains in the distance and see the sunsets from here.



The railing along the hallway, and my space, often has quilts draped all over it! It is a great place to hang quilt tops that are waiting to be quilted, quilts that are done that need to be photographed or sent somewhere or sometimes, there is even fabric that I have ironed and is waiting to be used. I must admit, sometimes the whole thing is covered!

Studio5My space is a loft type area, so it is missing a wall and a door. But that makes this small space feel much bigger than it is! And yes, I admit to cleaning it up, mostly to show you but also because I like it better clean! I work much better in a clean, organized studio. Otherwise, I just get distracted.



My sewing table is an old countertop from our home in CT with bookcase legs from Ikea. I use the bookcases to store things I don’t need too often. Paperwork, a bin with all the magazines we have had projects in, my drawing supplies…



This is my cutting table. I bought it years ago at Ikea and I love it. It is technically a kitchen island and with all it’s shelves and drawers, a great spot for baskets with fabrics and projects, my extra mats, rulers and such. Above it is my design wall- small but functional.



One one side of the cutting table, I attached those stick on hangers to hang some of my rulers and I attached more on the side of the dresser that holds more “stuff”.

Beware: There are UFO’s in there!DSCN2673




DSCN2679My rotary cutters and scissors hang from a pegboard on the other side of the cutting table.


Studio2I have a small desk tucked against a very skinny wall next to the closet.

Well, when we moved in it was really just a nook, but we decided it would be more functional as a closet.



DSCN2675So we hung some shelving and now it holds my fabric stash- sorted mostly by color, some more UFO projects, my hand dyed fabric that I dyed with a friend  and some of my office supplies. My desk does not have drawers so I use the shelves.


DSCN2676I have some space still underneath the shelves. I haven’t decided if I am going to add more shelves or get a small dresser or … all to be decided. One day. The sliding curtain doors are wonderful- they don’t take up space and I can close off the clutter if it gets crazy back there!

I also have stuff stored about the house. I have a bookcase in my husband’s “office” that has my books and magazines. I have paper, baggies and other pattern printing supplies in the office closet as well as leftover batting. I have quilts piled on the bed in the spare bedroom downstairs. Sometimes I have so much stuff in my area, I escape to work on the dining room table with my laptop!

DSCN2669I have to say, my biggest challenges are what to do with my scraps from each project and project paperwork. I do have my scrap bins, but not everything makes it into the bins. I just pulled this pile out from my big scrap bin; it was so full it just about toppled over!

OK- you have seen just about it all!

So any helpful suggestions for me with my scraps? Some does make it into my bins for different size strips but the rest??? Maybe a Shop my Stash sale???


And of course, we have great giveaway for you. So here it is: leave a comment on this post and you are entered. That’s it. Just a comment.

We would love for you to sign up for our newsletter and get our free pattern; we would love for you to like our Facebook page and visit with us on Pinterest; but to be entered, all you have to do is leave a comment.

Oh- what are we giving away? Some wonderful bundles of fabric from P&B Textiles! Thank you P&B!! And some wonderful patterns from us! Woo Hoo! There will be three winners… 3 studios=3 winners!

DSCN2680UntitledOne lucky quilter will win: Two FQ stacks of fabric from P&B Textiles- a stack of Color Weave and a stack of Fantasy Garden AND a pattern from us called Urban Twist!





DSCN2690UntitledOne lucky quilter will win: A huge FQ stack of Luxury Essentials and a pattern from us called Brick and Mortar.








Untitled 2One lucky quilter will win: A FQ stack of Suede Medley and a pattern from us called Whirlybird!




Thanks for making it all the way to the end of this post! The drawing will close on Friday January 23rd at 9pm MT.

Shipping is to US and Canada addresses only -sorry!

Good luck!

happy quilting,

Kate, Elizabeth and Alyssa!




78 thoughts on “Our Day on the Studio Spotlight Blog Hop!”

  1. Thanks for sharing your diverse spaces. Everyone has made the the most of their sewing areas. I tend to cut my scraps into squares or strips. Then I have fabric ready to go for scrap projects.

  2. This is the first time I have seen realistic creative spaces, without all custom built cabinets and specialty storage. I love that!! Now I feel as though I can make my space look great and be organized without breaking the budget.

  3. I love getting ideas on making small spaces work, the furniture, the shelves and the bins I see several ideas I can incorporate. Thanks for the great ideas!

  4. it’s really great to see other studio spaces. I just finished putting one together in my basement – and I love it.

  5. I so much enjoyed looking at your studios. I am in the process of changing my space and this blog hop has been very helpful. Scraps are hard. 2.5″ squares and strips are very handy, but them sometimes it’s hard to cut off 2.5′ noticing there is still an inch left over. Decisions, decisions… Thanks again for sharing your spaces.

  6. I am so enjoying this studio hop. It is such fun to sneak into someone’s home and see their sewing/quilting space; the variety is amazing! Thank you for sharing with me.

  7. I love looking at other people’s studios and reading the stories behind them! Thanks so much for sharing yours! There are some great organization ideas and creative inspiration!

  8. Thank you to all for sharing! I also love using the as storage boxes. I usually cut my scraps I to 2 1/2 inch strips (jelly roll) or 2 1/2 inch squares. Although I do have 2 inch squares. It is so hard to throw away any scraps! lol. I love making quilts and donating them to Quilts of Compassion.

  9. Thank you for sharing! I am in love with your cutting table, It definitely gives me some ideas. Have a wonderful day. Oh and I subscribed to your newsletter, I look forward to getting them.

  10. I loved seeing your studios. I’m impressed with how Alyssa made such good use of the small space she has. Kate’s balcony reminded me of the house I just left to come to a life care facility where I don’t have the space I used to and the railings to hang my quilts. However, we do get to hang our own stuff on the hallway outside our apartment, and I have six quilts there.

  11. I am also trying to organize the out of hand stash that I have. Seems I have been folding fabrics forever! Your room looks nice! Maybe someday………

  12. What an interesting site. Loved the tour or all three rooms. Found a couple of ideas I just might copy. Your have some very nice patterns. Think I better start paying attention to you gals.

  13. I’ve been getting my space in better shape all week so appreciate the efforts made by these talented people! Thks for the inspiration.

  14. Your spaces are all great. I have a lot of unorganized space that I utilize. At this time of the year I am attempting to gain some semblance of organization so this blog hop has given me some ideas and inspiration.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing the pics of your spaces! What wonderfully creative uses of the space available. I always get a little deflated when I see all the sewing rooms that are bigger than my house and with all the fancy tables and storage areas!!! I share my sewing room with my husband’s TV and computer desk and my desk so it gets a little cramped sometimes but it works! It’s also the room where I put everything that I can’t find a place for yet!!! LOL
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  16. Thanks for the peek into your quilting spaces. Seeing where other people create always makes me think about my own quilting space. Not necessarily that I should overhaul it–or even that I should clean it up! But it reminds me to do the little projects I’ve been “planning” to do, like hang a small design wall and be on the lookout for a bookcase so my quilting books won’t continue to be stacked on the floor. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Wow, such a variety. Thanks for thoughtfully showing us through your spaces. part of the fun of having a studio is making it work for you. This blog hop has really helped me to formulate some ideas for my own space.

  18. Nice spaces. Mine is very small but it gets the job done. When I get more scraps then I can visually see at one time, I give them to another scrap quilter. Other pieces I cut up after each sewing session into 2.5, 5.00 squares or 2.5 in strips. The rest go in my scrap bins. If I have big pieces that dont make it to a the 44-46 inches of the fabric for stips I make fat quarters ot of. One of these days I may make layer cake squares (10in.) But that is too much cutting for me. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. I’m so jealous of your sewing space. I’m working on the dining room table and have my stuff stashed here there and everywhere that I can find room.

  20. Love seeing your cute house Alyssa and how you used your small space and Kate, your view is breathtaking! Your creativity shows up everywhere!.

  21. Wow, I love seeing sewing studios. I always get ideas and inspiration I can use in my own. Thanks for the chance in the fabulous giveaway — so many pretty fabrics!

  22. I love having the opportunity to snoop into other quilter’s studios so thanks so much for posting the photos of your quilting space!

  23. I loved seeing all of your studio spaces. I now have an empty bedroom I’m thinking of using for my crafts. We just had my mother’s sewing machine overhauled, and I’m ready to start using it.

  24. It’s fun to see how people arrange their sewing space, no matter what the size is. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these awesome giveaways too! Good luck to all!

  25. refreshing space and I love the loft. It looks so cheery and still close to any action going on below! thanks for sharing your spaces.

  26. Thank you for all of the wonderful organization tips. Your sewing studios are fabulous! And, of course, I would love to win one of your great prizes! Thanks for your terrific site. I look forward to reading it each day. Happy Stitches!

  27. You three are brave to show off your quilting space…mine is a tad messy right now. I am so blessed to have a nice quilting place, thanks to my husband! Thanks for the great giveaway too!!

  28. I love all the different ideas for sewing rooms. I really need to tweak/change mine lots more! Thank you for the inspiration. Elaine

  29. Great job in setting up your studios. My suggestion would be (when funds are available) to get a sewing cabinet where your machine sits down into it so that your sewing area is level with your machine bed. I made that investment years ago and have NEVER regretted it. I can now sew ALL day and not have the aches and pains I use to get after just an hour or so.
    As for the scraps, I just cleaned out my scraps only to find that I had TWELVE large bins with scraps. That put me in the mode to get them into something I would work with. For one month, everytime I have a few minutes extra, I am cutting the scraps into squares and strips. I decided on squares from 1 1/2″ up to 12 1/2″ and strips of the same sizes. I have completed one full bin and 2 bags of scraps. Those scraps now fit into one 14 x 14 x 3 container and one 16 x 11 x 6. They are ready when I get ready to sew. I feel such a sense of accomplishment but have a long way to go before all are cut. I am going to continue working on it a little at a time and I know it will get done.
    Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway!

  30. Thanks for sharing the studio spaces, I always love looking at places where people create Mine is in an unfinished basement too, but we did add a lot more light this past year, and I love having a place that is just mine – finished or not.

  31. Love seeing your sewing spaces, just moved in Sept. mine is still in a state of flux, what I thought would work isn’t as the walls seem to have moved in and the space shrunk. hmm, having to rethink ideas for storage. Thanks for the giveaway!


  32. I love how Alyssa made such a small space so useful. I normally cut my scraps into usable sizes, store them in totes and get rid of anything that is real small. I just do not have the space or time to worry about every little piece of material that is cut up while making a quilt.

  33. I used to feel like I was the only one trying to run a business out of a sewing room, closet, utility room, family room, hallway, and pole barn but I now know that I am right in the mainstream. I have truly enjoyed looking at everyone’s blogs about their work space. I am no longer going to stress about my space and just embrace it! Happy sewing!, Diane

  34. Loved the stusio tours and each have some great ideas! I too have a scrap problem. I put a basket on my sewing table to put all scraps (I save almost everything) and when that basket fills up-I move it and put another one. I have started tp piece some crazy quilt blocks that might be the answer! Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful giveaways!

  35. I loved all of the tours and it has helped me figure out a little on how to store the Stash I’m starting to get. I’m fairly new to all things sewing and I love seeing how to figure all this out. I am totally addicted to sewing now and I am enjoying your blog so much! Thanks for a chance to win!

  36. Wow. That is way too much organization even for me. They do all look very light and girly though. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

  37. I love your space and especially your view. I wouldn’r get a lot done looking out the windows. Great storage ideas going here.

  38. It’s so fun to look at three such different studios! They are all wonderfully creative and I can only imagine the fun the three of you have working together. Thanks for sharing!

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