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Pat Sloan’s Podcast

FQ quiltA couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to chat with Pat Sloan for her Monday podcast and it airs today! We taped it then because today we are all traveling back home from Quilt Market.

It was really fun and we had a chance to chat about Elizabeth’s and my new book, Smash Your Precut Stash.

However, I should tell you, I may not have been coherent!

A funny thing happened while I was on the phone with Pat. Many of you have heard me talk about my cat, Lily. Her full name is Princess Tiger Lily- named by my daughter Alyssa many years ago. 16 years ago to be exact.

DSCN3395I got on the phone with Pat, and Lily was all curled up sleeping. Phew! Safe. But then she woke up.

Oh no. Lily can get cranky.

I am trying to pay attention to Pat, but keeping on eye on Lily. Then it happens. Lily marches over to me and does her old lady cat howl.


She wants to eat. So I started to walk away. She follows me. I am trying to cover the phone so no one can hear the howl but she is coming with me. So I run up the stairs. I am faster than Lily. But now I am not sure what I am saying to Pat, and I am panting.

Distracted, possibly incoherent and panting. Great.

Luckily Pat summed up what I was trying to say and Lily did not follow me upstairs. And when the call was over, I fed her. No more howling.

1 APQPodCastBlogButtonsGuest250Just another day! Want to hear me, Pat and Lily? Click here.

You can tell me if you could hear the Princess.

happy quilting,


I will tell you more about Quilt Market later in the week!

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  1. LOL……I will have to listen to you and Tiger Lily… I also have a cat named Tiger Lily……and that is why I made your quilt “Tiger Lily” and everyone loved it !! It was a great selling pattern at the shop I work at. My Tiger Lily is about 16 years old too. Happy Quilting !!!

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