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Personalizing a Pattern

Hi friends!

One of my favorite things about being a pattern designer is when someone takes my pattern and does their own thing. I once had a quilter apologize to me when taking a class saying, “I hope you don’t mind but I picked different colors than what you have in the quilt.”

Mind? Heck no!

I love to see what people do with my patterns. They are supposed to inspire you and give you guidance. But you should pick colors and fabrics that speak to you! And you can even change things up- add borders, make more rows….whatever!

Here is an example. My quilt pattern Bubbles was made with fabric from a line from P&B Textiles. They asked me to create a pattern using their fabric and this is what I created.


Easy Quilt by Seams Like a Dream


Since then, I have recolored it a few times- here is an EQ image of the quilt in a fabric line called No Limits by  dear stella. I made that quilt for them for their booth one year at Quilt Market. Love that version!


And here is another EQ mock up in Sandra Clemon’s fabric line Applause with Michale Miller. I actually made that quilt for her booth at Quilt Market back in May.

(This is the fabric in the FQ bundle we are giving away on Instagram.)

bubbles in Applause fabric line


And here is an image of a Bubbles quilt sent to me by a quilter who came to a lecture I did   in November at the Monarch Quilters Guild in Salida, CO. Lynn wanted to make the quilt smaller and I love what she did- especially the appliquéd butterfly!

Bubbles by Lynn


And she is a fast quilt maker!

happy quilting,



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