Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs
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Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles

Hi friends!

Today is my day on the Piece and Quilt with Precuts blog hop. When Christa was asking designers if they wanted to be part of her new book’s blog hop, I just had to sign up.

I mean really, it’s about precut quilt pieces!

We all know that I just love precuts.

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs

We each had to pick a quilt to play with and I chose Squiggles. This quilt uses 10″ precut quilt pieces. So I was starting to look around for a really fun 10″ square pack when my good friend Sandra Clemons offered some fat quarters from her new line In Bloom for Michael Miller. Well of course I jumped at the chance to use her fabric again. I love it! It is a fun mix of florals, geometrics and butterflies.

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs: Michael Miller fabrics
In Bloom fabrics

Since I was using fat quarters, I had to figure out how many precut quilt pieces I needed. I decided on 20. I could have made the quilt with only 13, but I liked using 20 for the variety. I cut 8 squares 5″ x 5″ from each fat quarter.  That gave me 160 squares; I had 6 left over but I did not know at first which ones I would not use so I made them all into blocks.

And if you want to make the quilt a little bit bigger, 20 fat quarters precut quilt pieces could give you more blocks! Or make a fun scrappy binding.

Once I had the blocks, I started laying out the quilt. I tried a scrappy layout like the original quilt, but… well, it didn’t work for me. I kept trying to match things up! I love scrappy quilts but I have hard time being scrappy! So, I just keep moving the  blocks around until I had a design I liked.

Piece and Quilt with Precuts

Once the blocks were all made and the top put together, it was onto quilting.

For those of you who know me, I don’t usually quilt my quilts. I usually work with an amazing long arm quilter, Crystal Zagnoli, who always makes my quilts look so good!

But, the book says: Piece AND Quilt. So I was going to quilt it myself!

Christa suggested using a neutral thread like a light grey or taupe as it blends well with most prints. I thought, hmmm… I could start with that but maybe I would branch out.

Maybe a blue or pink variegated thread? That might be fun. But in the end I decided to go with a more neutral thread. My neutral? A light green!

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs: Aurifil thread
Thread choice- green- Aurifil of course!

Green is a neutral? Well, it can be depending on your fabric. I actually use a lot of light green in various shades to quilt. I love that it blends but adds a little pizazz!

And it was onto to the quilting! First I had to decide if I was going to use the quilting design Christa used on her quilt or another one she had in the book. She recommended these wavy lines made by gently moving the quilt. Squiggly lines.

After some debate I thought, why not? It really works for the quilt. So then I had to get the machine ready.

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs: machine quilting
New needle and a walking foot.

And then I was onto the quilting!

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs: machine quilting
First line of quilting

Here it is time for true confessions. First: after quilting the first few squiggly lines to secure the quilt, I was not sure I liked it. Second: not all of my quilting looks groovy. I have a few bobbles- places where the quilt and I were not in sync or where the machine was not feeding smoothly or where the quilt fell off the back of my table and the weight of the quilt made the stitches jump… the gloves cover one “oops” spot in the photo above!

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs
Close up of quilting

But I kept going and in the end, I LOVED IT!

Yes, I could rip out a few stitches here and there to fix things but nope. I am letting it go.

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs
More quilting

And I did it. All by myself.

Squiggles – the Play

(Quilters are looking at the quilting on the quilt. Each one leans over and points to different spots.)

Quilter 1- Kate

Do you like it?

 Quilter 2

I think it looks great! You did a good job.

Quilter 1- Kate

 Thank you.

(Quilter Kate does not point out all the mistakes and just pats herself on the back.)

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs
Squiggles binding

For the binding I could have used the leftovers from my fat quarters precut quilt pieces but instead, I picked 2 fabrics and used 1 strip from the teal and the rest from the dark blue. The teal strip I cut into 2 pieces and just pieced it into the binding in 2 places. Just for fun.

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs
Squiggles quilt out in the Wild

So that is my Squiggles quilt. Like it? I really do.

And the book has some other really great quilts that you will get to see over the whole blog hop. And in the book, for each quilt, Christa gives you a quilting design idea. So you don’t have to think one up on your own. And trust me, if I can quilt my own quilt, so can you!

Want to purchase a physical copy of her book?

Click here to use my Amazon affiliate link or here to go to Christa’s website and get a signed copy.

Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs

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happy quilting!







129 thoughts on “Precut Quilt Pieces: Squiggles”

  1. So wonderful! What a terrific layout and beautiful fabrics! And I love wavy line quilting — goes with everything and gives the quilt a nice texture.

  2. I love the innovative setting you choice for this lovely quilt. It was especially delightful to follow your thought process as you made it. Such as, I machine quilt all of my own quilts and have never been inspired to use the squiggly line. Not so anymore! listening to you as you watched the progression of “feeling” your way thru this design from wary to thrilled made a believer of me. Seriously I have a disappearing 9 patch baby quilt all basted and ready to go. As I woke up I mulled over quilting options. Sitting with my cup of tea reading inspiration hit. Not only am I going to quilt this one with squiggly lines, but I’m going to make this design for my next Cruiser Quilt donation! And head over to Amazon to get a Christa’s book.

  3. Love the quilt. I like the movement of the colour from one side to the other. I like your quilting, too, and appreciate your honesty. Glad we are all human!

  4. So creative! I bought Christa’s Piece & Quilt with Precuts but never would have thought to flip the Squiggles block design this way. I’ll definitely try it. I feel free that you too are encouraging us to embrace our imperfections. I’m quite the perfectionist so this is definitely new for me but the quilting process is so much more enjoyable when I don’t get hung up on every little mishap.

  5. What wonderful color gradation of your quilt & am loving that quilting-very nice! Thank you for sharing, Susan

  6. I always try to match things up too! So I love your solution with the layout. And good for you for quilting it yourself. Good job!

  7. I like the original quilt and I like yours too. It looks like an entirely different quilt. I’m very interested in trying this so I hope to win the e-book. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  8. I love how the squiggly lines turned out. I have a stitch on my machine that does a nice wavy line using the walking foot. I might need to do this on a squiggly in my future.

  9. I love your quilt and the fabric is great. The one thing I really notwas how nice your blocks looked, so nice and flat. You are a great piecer too.

  10. Your quilt is great!! I Love that you did your own quilting on it too. I also appreciate that you didn’t have to take out the less than perfect stitches. That frees me up so much when other quilters let it go too!! Lol!

  11. Isn’t this a fun quilt? Mistakes? What mistakes? I’m glad to hear you enjoyed quilting it yourself. I think wavy line quilting is my go to quilting for charity quilts and other quilts I want to finish in a hurry. Love your fabric!!!

  12. It’s beautiful! I love the color placement. I, too, love scrappy but have a hard time letting go and being free with the look. (I’m more Type A and organization.)
    Great idea to use the light green thread.

  13. I love this quilt. I am a fan of rainbow quilts. And I like how you mixed the fabrics in the same colorway.

  14. Your choices are wonderful. I would love to win a copy. I need this book desperately to improve my skills. I will buy it if I don’t win.

  15. I love your version of Christa’s design! The colors you chose are beautiful and you did a great job with the quilting! I say ‘Keep it up!’

  16. I love your layout, and I love that you quilted it yourself when normally you send it off to be quilted. Inspires me to try to quilt my own. I have a lot of UFO`s to quilt!

  17. I am going to rethink what color to use on top thread when quilting. I like the subtle blending. Great job on quilting your top!

  18. It is beautiful! I keep telling my daughter the same thing. ” Just keep quilting!” The more you quilt it, the better it looks. Pat yourself on the back again.

  19. I like your layout. I’m happy you decided to leave the bloops. Unless it’s a show quilt, no one else will notice them, especially after it’s washed and nice and crinkly. As Angela Walters (and many others) have said, “Done is better than perfect”.

  20. I love “Squiggles – The Play.” Good for you, Quilter Kate! It’s so hard to not point out your errors, but in the end, nobody notices them if you don’t! Thanks for hosting the giveaway and sharing how you made your Squiggles quilt!

  21. Really enjoyed your honest story re quilting – always good to know we’re not alone 😉
    Love Christa’s pattern and your fabric choices! Thank you for sharing

  22. Your fabric choices are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your thought process as you selected fabric. Love the quilting too.

  23. I do appreciate the color gradation. I couldn’t see the binding choice clearly but I’m sure it looks good up close. I like the look of binding that is not all the same.

  24. I love the way you put your fabrics together in this quilt. It is lovely. I like everything about it, and the quilting looks great!

  25. Love your color placement of your “scrappy” blocks. And yes, sometimes we are our own worst critics in pointing out our inconsistencies to others. Great looking finished project. Thanks for the opportunity to win an “e” copy of the book.

  26. I love that you persevered with wavy lines. Quilting has definitely taught me that perfection is not only unachievable but highly unnecessary. Figuring that out is quite calming for the soul.

  27. I love your layout of the blocks and I especially love your squiggle quilting. Thanks for the opportunity to winner an ecopy of the book.

  28. I love the colors and layout of your quilt, and the quilting, too! I quilt exclusively with my walking foot, and have those same things happen. I think when it is all done, no one else but us sees those bobbles! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Those In bloom fabrics are certainly sweet. Who wouldn’t want to sew with them. I love when the fabrics can do the talking for the quilt and your lovely design does that.

    Honestly I cannot remember when I have given a quilt to someone and they really noticed my unique design decisions (mistakes) or even commented on them. They just loved the quilt as I intended. Our unique design decisions is what makes a handmade quilt a special gift.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  30. When I saw the first photo of a small section of the quilt, I wasn’t sure I would like it, but the full quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Thanks for the great post, I learned a lot.

  31. A great variation and use of color. Not every quilt has to be a masterpiece. But your quilt is the kind that would be used and loved.

  32. I like your quilt. I think you might be stretching it – if you can quilt yours, I can quilt mine. I get tense just thinking about the true meaning of the word quilt. The colors in your quilt are beautiful. I’m glad that Christa does give an idea for quilting thee quilt. I just laugh when the patten says – baste, quilt, and bind. The only one of those that I can do is bind – usually – not great on curved binding. Thanks for a great overview of this pattern and the book in general.

  33. Awesome quilt! I haven’t tried it yet, but I suspected Green thread would really look great it in a quilt and you proved it to me!! Thank you!

  34. This looks like a fun quilt to make. Have been holding back on quilting on my sewing machine but ready to take the leap! Thanks for all the inspiration…….

  35. Oh! I *love* your version of Christa’s Squiggles pattern!!
    (I love scrappy quilts, too,… And your layout is * wonderful*!!)
    Thank you for sharing your creativity!
    (Really enjoy reading your writing, too! Your little quilter’s play had me smiling!)
    Congratulations on a wonderful quilt… that you made *all by yourself*!!
    Pat T.

  36. i love scrappy, and precuts are a great way to save time and stress. What a fun quilt you made with Christa’s pattern.

  37. I like everything about your quilt! I plan to try wavy line quilting on my next quilt since yours turned out so nice.

  38. I love your quilt! I would have not thought of light green as a neutral, but it works really well here. Thanks for the new inspiration!

  39. I love rainbow/brightly colored quilts and yours is just beautiful. Your quilting experience has me thinking about trying to quilt myself too. Thanks so much for sharing this project and review!

  40. Love your colorful quilt. And the quilting looks rad too. I need to be braver and just go for it in my quilting – I’m too up tight about making mistakes on my precious pieced pretties!

  41. Your squiggle quilting really looks nice. I love the layout and the squiggles really give it movement. Congrats!!

  42. Wonderful quilt ! I like to think of those little oopses as part of the love of handmade… We are always our own worst critics.
    Thank you for sharing.

  43. Thanks again for all the inspiration. I’ve yet to do much in the quilting world, but I’m making my way in slowly … ready to finally put the top, batting, and back together and try to machine quilt my first big (twin size) project (2 years isn’t long, right?!). Maybe I’ll try squiggles!

  44. Thank you for sharing your quilting experience. I have been thinking of trying to quilt my win quilts, so I really enjoyed reading about your experience as well as seeing your pictures. Your thread and binding choices were clever.

  45. I love your rainbow-like layout. It’s very striking. I am actually quilting a quilt right now with the same kind of wavy lines you used. I love the movement it creates in the quilt!

  46. Thanks for inspiring us ! I really like squiggles and might get up the courage to try the machine quilting .

  47. Like you, I never quilt my projects bit always take them to be quilted; even small baby quilts! Thanks for your sharing and inspiration. I a determined to quilt my own next small quilt. Probably a baby quilt as they never critique the stitching ; )

  48. Thanks for the ‘brave’ post–I’ve tackled machine quilting my quilts…and it is so hard not to point out t he ‘bad spots!’ Why do we do that??? 🙂

  49. Love your organic wavy line quilting! I always forget that I could do this for my quilts, so seeing reminders of how nice it looks and how fun it is – just what I need!

  50. Love everything about this, the pattern, the fabrics, the quilt design, the binding. Thanks so much for sharing.

  51. Kate, it’s beautiful! Never have I thought of using lime green …pizzaz indeed!
    Fortunately I learned to walking foot quilt those squiggley lines and more from Christa’s book
    “Machine quilting with Style” I’m so happy YOU quilted this quilt…it was fun wasn’t it?
    Thankyou for sharing.

  52. I can’t bring myself to be totally scrappy either. lol I love your quilt and the gentle strips of colour. And pale green thread is totally neutral. 🙂 Thank you for a well written post. I like hearing the thought process.

  53. I really like your layout design!! It is such colorful fun enhanced by your cute quilting! This project is definitely going on my to do list!!

  54. I hate to share this but I have 3 quilts that need quilting but I’ve been too scared to attempt it. This is giving me more courage than I’ve ever had. Fingers crossed!

  55. I love your fabric choice for the squiggles quilt! Grest job! This noik has so many good ideas! I think I may have to purchase it if I don’t win! Thanks for the giveaway!

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