Quilt Colors Tips featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs
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Hi friends!

When I do a lecture for a guild, or teach a class, one of the things I love to talk is color in quilting. Change the color, change the look of a quilt. And sometimes the addition of a specific color to a quilt can really make or break the design.

Quilt Colors Tips featured by top US quilt blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs

Color is the thing many quilters seem to struggle with.

And so many of us tell ourselves, “I am not good with color.” 

I say you can learn to master your quilt colors! Over the years, I have learned a bit about mixing colors and fabrics, about value, about warm and cool colors… but I think that the act of mixing fabric and color in a quilt is an ongoing learning process. We learn a little bit more from every quilt we make.

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I have made some serious missteps along the way.

Sometimes I have put fabrics together that have blended so beautifully you couldn’t see the design.


Or I just did not provided a pop of color so the quilt felt a little boring. Or I put the pop of color in the wrong spot and highlighted an uninteresting design element. It happens.

But don’t you love it when it works??!!

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Mixing fabrics, picking the fabrics for a quilt is a process, part art, part science and I believe we can all learn to do it better. Remember, I didn’t go to design school or art school; I was trained as a nurse! It just takes practice.

So how about we explore quilt color theory together?

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This weekend is the fall Retreat from Home so I am busy teaching but soon I will share a post chatting more in depth about color and picking fabrics for a quilt. 

In the meantime, leave me any specific quilt color questions you may have in the comments and I will see about incorporating them into an upcoming post!

happy quilting!


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