blue quilts folded up on a shelf
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Quilt Storage

Hi friends!

I have been debating my quilt storage for a while now. When hubby and I moved here, I had a few quilts. Well, quite a few. But in the 6+ years we have been in Colorado, I have made a lot more.

Like a lot more. 

So I started storing them on the spare bed in the basement. We have a small bedroom down there for guests. This way I kept the crease issue to a minimum and I could shut the door and keep the animals out.

Theoretically. The minute I open that door they all come running!

bed with quilts piled on it!
A gazillion quilts on the bed!


Of course, if a guest tried to sleep under all those quilts, they would be smothered! 

So if anyone does come to stay, I have to move all the quilts- but where? I usually just make piles of them on the floor. Big piles!

Someone suggested I donate the quilts and I have donated some, but many I use for my lectures, or classes as samples or I loan out to shops as samples… so they have a purpose and come and go as needed.

I occasionally will sell a few in my ETSY shop. But the thing I really want to do is use a few more in the rest of my house. As decorative accents. As a way to add a little color. I do use my small wall hangings or small quilts on tables a lot, but not many of the bigger quilts.

Moon Flower Mini on the coffee table


My first update was to play with this cute wine/alcohol storage unit – that has no alcohol in it! So I took out the wine racks and stored some quilts! I love how it looks.

Quilts in the wine rack


(I know, I know!  For those of you who are wine aficionados this is sacrilege, but I don’t drink so ….it works for me!)

I also tucked a few quilts on the bottom shelf of this end table…

blue quilts folded up on a shelf
Quilts under the end table


And now I want to get a ladder. I have the perfect spot for it. I just need to find a white one that is a little rustic and then I can hang a few more quilts on it. 

How do you store quilts?

Hopefully I can find a ladder that is the height I want, the color I want in the price range I want.

A tall order! (Haha- get it? Tall order-tall ladder?) Wish me luck!

happy quilting,


6 thoughts on “Quilt Storage”

  1. I store my quilts on a bed in a guest room as well, but it is one of three so I rarely need to move them. My quilt tops awaiting quilting are stored on a quilt rack. I would love to have an apple ladder to hang quilts on, but I will have to figure out how to make it myself.

  2. Building your own ladder is so easy! You can even get the wood cut to length where you buy it. Google to find some instructions. I like the spots you found for some of the quilts. Rolled up in a big basket is another idea.

    1. I went shopping with a friend on Saturday and found an old ladder fairly cheap. Now I just need to wash it down and maybe give it some whitewash. Can’t wait to get it up and filled with quilts!

  3. Luckily, I have a closet in my sewing/quilting room which has the original rod and extra room. I’ve purchased a bunch of hangers with clips on them (pants/skirt hangers maybe) and hang finished quilts from the clips. Makes it easy to rotate seasonal quilts.

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