blue and orange mug rugs
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Quilting and Football

When I started to work on today’s blog post, it was going to be about Valentine’s Day. And now, it is a little about Valentine’s Day and a little about football.

red and pink mug rug

So how did I get from Valentine’s Day to football?

Well, it went like this. My friend Kris Poor of Poorhouse Quilt Designs has a really cute free mini Valentine’s Day mug rug pattern on her website. You can grab a copy by clicking here to go to her site and then click on the link for the mug rug.

I decided to make a couple. I have a few heart wall hangings and a heart runner or 2… oh and a couple of Valentine Pop Ups, so some new mug rugs would round out the decorations quite nicely! 

Then it was on to picking fabric. Are you more of a red person for Valentine’s Day or a pink person? It turns out, I am more pink person but years ago, I still remember hearing Mary Ellen Hopkins saying, you can’t put 2 wrong reds together! So I didn’t worry- I just went for it.

What do you think? Cute, huh? 

red and pink mug rugs
Valentine Mug Rugs


After I made these, I thought, hmmm…they are so cute: what other colors could you make them in? And then I drifted and thought about the Super Bowl this weekend. You know how random thoughts go.

But, what a great way to root for the home team! The Denver Broncos are not MY team; but my team is not playing in the Super Bowl. And the Broncos are my “new home” team. When I moved here, I developed a rule about that. I will root for the Broncos, unless they are playing my team or hubby’s team. Seems fair to me.

orange and blue mug rugs
Bronco Mug Rugs


So this weekend I am routing for the home team. Besides, how can you not root for Peyton Manning as he is going to be the oldest quarterback to ever start a Super Bowl?

Now I have my Super Bowl paraphernalia – 2 Bronco mug rugs and a Broncos infinity scarf, courtesy of  my friend Lorraine. Who ever said quilting and football don’t mix? Not me!

blue and orange mug rugs
Close up of quilting on Bronco mug rugs


And who said mug rugs are only for coffee mugs???? Not me!

beer and bronco mg rug
Beer Mug Rugs


I am ready for the big game. Wait- who’s bringing the snacks?

happy quilting,


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  1. Hi Kate: Hope all is well!!! Love the mug rugs. What type of thread did you use? I’m not used to using threads other than the basics. How heavy of a thread can I use on my basic machine? Thks: Tammy

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