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Red and White- a classic color combo

Hi friends!

Last December I went to the CQC (Colorado Quilting Council) meeting and had wonderful time. They talked about their upcoming 40th anniversary year (2018) and all the plans they had for it.

The theme for the year long celebration is: CQC Color-Red-O Celebration, 40 Shades of Red. How fun! They are hoping for a great showing of red and white quilts at their annual quilt show in September.

And what great timing that I have this new book from F&W called Red and White Quilting- An Iconic Tradition in 40 Blocks by Linda Humphrey. 

All images courtesy of F+W Media


This book will be a perfect place to jump start an idea for a red and white quilt!

One of things I really like about the book is the beginning- Linda talks about the color red; Turkey red in particular and the history of red and white quilts. In the introduction she also talks about the various meanings of the color red.

Then she has instructions for blocks- 40 blocks in fact! And then she has the quilts made from the blocks as well as variations of the quilts. So much eye candy on each page. The directions are straightforward and easy to follow.

Duck Duck Goose wall hanging


I have always been a fan of red and white quilts. But I am became more interested in them after I went to see the exhibit of red and white quilts in New York City a few years back. I have been meaning to make a red and white quilt ever since. But I haven’t yet. 

So this book is perfect, coming right when I need it for inspiration and guidance so I can make a red and white quilt for the CQC quilt show. I truly can’t decide on which quilt to make.

Maybe this Starry Flower Garden quilt?


Or this Simply Touching Star quilt?


Or this slightly more modern quilt called X marks the Spot?


I think that is what is so great about this book. It will appeal to the traditional quilter but also to the more modern quilter. I think this Carpenter’s Square quilt has a modern feel to it.


There are so many wonderful blocks and quilts in this book it will be hard to choose one to make. I like that she not only gives you blocks with great instructions, but she also gives you quilts using the blocks. Some quilts combine a couple of blocks, some are small table runners, pillows or wall hangings… and then she provides variations. Oh my! There really is something for everyone.

Four Leaf Clover Pillow


So if you have ever needed a little inspiration to make your own red and white quilt, this book might be just the ticket for you!

I will keep you posted this year as I progress on my red and white quilt. 

First I have to pick a quilt. Maybe this one? It is called Winter Time.

Winter Time


This is the first of a few book reviews I plan to do this year. I promise to let you know what I think. And there no affiliate links or anything in this post- just a review of a book that I think you might like.

Hmmm… looking at this book again today has my creative juices flowing! I think I may know which quilt I want to make- maybe with a tweak or 2 of my own…. 

happy quilting!



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