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Retreat Day 1

So I made it up the the Black Hawk area. What a funny thing. I drove thru Clear Creek Canyon and it was so nice and picturesque. Then you get to Black Hawk which is a small town, rock face on one side, hotels and casinos on the other- just a swath of buildings thru the rock.

DSCN3464Just past the town, this house is up a gravel road and has a wonderful view. What great place. Twelve tables, great long neck Ott lamps, and sewing stuff everywhere!



Outside there are decks on 3 sides and lovely views and hummingbirds! I tried to get some pictures but they were not happy if I got too close to their feeders.


DSCN3472Project 1 on my list- a Sew Together Bag for myself. I have made these for others, but never made one for myself. I forgot the fusible fleece but I had some batting so I thought, why not? Well, because it is too thick! I think the bag will be great, but only if I can get my machine to sew it!

I am taking a break from that project.

DSCN3475On to Project 2- the block exchange from a few years ago. I got the blocks made, and started the rows. But then it was time to get some sleep- I think Alison and I were up until 1:30am or so. Everyone else had gone to bed. So this morning, it is time to work on the rows and make some sort of border.

I have lots of batik scraps, so a scrappy border it will be!

Have a great day!

happy quilting,


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