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Running a Quilt Business

Hi friends!

As the year comes to a close, many people who are in business look to see how they did over the year, what worked, what didn’t work and what they need to better in the next year. As I look at what happened this year, a few things stand out.

I got to teach at 2 major Quilt Shows- the AQS show in Lancaster PA and the AQS show in Paducah. How cool is that?


I was able to visit with a bunch of quilt guilds, chat with them and teach a few classes. Such fun for me! I love meeting quilters and sharing my quilts.

Pile of Quarter Turn quilts


On the more business side, I have some changes to make. I need to create more of my patterns as PDFs for those who prefer to buy and use them.

AND I need to create a new website as this one, while it works, needs to be updated.

This is a big job. Big. Very big. And for a few reasons, it needs to happen now.

By the end of the year kind of now.

And that is a problem for me because of how my current blog is housed. Bottom line, for those of you who follow this blog by getting an email or a notification, that may need to change when the new site goes live. 

But I will keep you posted over the next week or so, and let you know before it happens.

If it happens.

Oh my!

happy quilting,


2 thoughts on “Running a Quilt Business”

  1. What a big job you have ahead of you!!! Is this connected to the Craftsy issue I’m hearing about on other blogs?

    1. Susan,
      Yes it is a big job! And funny you should mention Craftsy as that is what I am blogging about today. It is not the reason for my website change as all the PDF patterns I have on Craftsy have also been available on my website. And I am one of the lucky ones not losing my store. Though who knows if they will delete any of the patterns in my store! It is more a functionality thing though I am concerned about the blog and people not finding me if I move it!

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