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Say hello to my new pattern- Quarter Turn

Meet one of my new patterns, Quarter Turn

Quarter Turn - quilt pattern design by Kate Colleran
Quarter Turn


Since ZigZagnoli, I have wanted to do another pattern with a simple block that has big impact. There are many ways to work with a quarter square block, but I wanted to give it some pow factor.

So I finally decided to use just 4 fabrics and see what would happen. And this is what happens!

Quarter Turn quilt pattern by Kate Colleran
Quarter Turn


The 2 cover quilts were created with fabric from Batik Textiles- they are just yummy. Bright and fun.

I put 3 sizes in the pattern- a baby (or kid) quilt, a lap quilt and a bed quilt. Then I used different size blocks to create the different size quilts.

This pattern is fun because, well because it is only 4 fabrics! That makes it really easy for you to pick your fabrics- you can pick colors with color contrast like my orange and purple quilt, or use lights and darks to create contrast.

You can pick 4 colors that are totally different or 2 of 2 different colors, like in my pink quilt.  In that one I used 2 white prints and 2 pink fabrics. Lots of possibilities, but you only need to pick 4!

The other fun part is, depending on how you pick your fabrics and how you place your blocks, the quilt can look very different.

Here is the blue baby quilt.

baby quilt
Quarter Turn baby blue- randomly turned blocks


Love this one. I used fabrics from the Serenity line by Amy Ellis for Moda.

Here is the pink baby quilt- totally love this one! It has some Art Gallery fabric, and a little of this and that! I love the binding- a checked pink that I have had for a while. But it went perfectly!

Quarter Turn baby pink
Quarter Turn baby pink



Crystal of The Quilted Cricket quilted all of them and she did something really special on the pink quilt. Isn’t the quilting great? 

And Lily seems to like it; actually I think she is saying, what are these intruders doing on my quilt?

Quarter Turn crib quilt pattern by Kate Colleran
Lily sleeping on pink quilt!


Obviously, Lily decided to share and took a nap. Cat approved!

Here it is in black and white with grey.  Très chic!


quarter turn
black and white quilt



How about some cool blues and 2 grey fabrics?

blue and grey quilt
blue and grey quilt


The pattern is now available in my shop and you can use the code pattern2 to get $2 off the pattern. Coupon will work for any of the new quilt patterns I will introduce this week and it is good until Friday October 28th!

See you tomorrow with another new pattern!

happy quilting, 


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