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Scrap Monday- see what I made!

DSCN2303Last week as I was getting ready to go to Quilt Market I had a ton of things to do. And not one of them included making this adorable scrappy strap for my camera!

But I couldn’t resist!

Here is the tutorial from We All Sew. 

I will show what “tweaks” I did to make mine. If you look thru the original pattern first, my tweaks might make more sense!







DSCN2300First, I needed hardware. Luckily I stopped at a local shop this week and saw this package.

It is meant for a purse project, but oh well!











Next I cut 12 strips 3″ wide x 4 ½” long. If I were to do it again, I might make them only 4″ long or use 1 or 2 less. It is a little long for me.








Once I had all my strips sewn together, I added thin fusible fleece to the wrong side of the strip. I would not recommend thicker fleece- once you fold the strip in half it would be very bulky. But this added some nice padding for when it is around my neck.






DSCN2305I sewed three lines of quilting with my trust Aurifil thread. I wasn’t sure what color to use, but this variegated blue ended up being perfect; it even looked great on the pink sections!







Then I added my hardware- I just used the 2 swivel rings that were attached to D-rings and the sliding buckle so I can change the length if I want. I want! I did need two split rings to attach to my camera so I can clip the hooks onto them.

camera_strapAnd done! It did not take long- less than an hour and so totally cute! Got a camera? You should make one!

Go raid your 3 or 3 ½” bin- or this would be great for those leftover 5″ squares!

happy quilting,


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