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Sewing with Friends

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend. We had snow on Friday and today a friend and I took our pups out for a winter walk. A beautiful day for it.

I wish I had caught her pup in the picture too, but Loki was camera shy!

pup walking in the snow
Miss Kira in the snow!


This weekend a friend invited me to go hang out at a local fabric store and sew with a bunch of ladies. Some quilters I knew, some I didn’t. I could have just stayed home and sewed. But it was nice to sew a little, chat a little and meet other quilters. 

It was so fun to see everyone’s aesthetic , style of sewing, level of quilting knowledge and sense of color. Such variety! 


And while I did not get as much sewing done as I had hoped, I had fun, met new people and hope to do it again. I think it is so nice to be part of a group and just enjoy each other while working on our quilts. 

Do you attend Open Sew sessions at your local shop? I think I have a new goal for 2019- get out and sew in the community more!


Adventure Quilt Quilt Along

Are you getting excited to see the Adventure Quilt … a Road Trip Quilt?

We will reveal the quilt on Wednesday!


See you Wednesday for the Big Reveal!

happy quilting!



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