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So many projects- where to start?

Hi friends!

I just got back from a few days on the East Coast for a family wedding. My niece got married on Block Island and oh my. The weather was beautiful, the setting was amazing and my niece looked like a real live princess. 

Block Island Wedding at the Atlantic Inn


I did not take a bunch of pictures; I was too busy standing around taking in the sights (and dancing because I LOVE to dance!) but here are a couple of the view from the reception. 




One of my current projects is to take pictures of all my quilts that I currently have in the house and make a list. OMG. That will be a big list! And then decide which quilts to keep, which to donate and which to sell.

Actually, most of the quilts aren’t at my house. They are at my friend Michelle’s mother’s house. Last month we had to have our basement and garage mudjacked so that meant clearing out the basement and the garage. Everything went into a pod, the mud jackers came and pumped mud under the foundation to stop the sinking, and then we moved most of the stuff back in.   

The quilts did not go into the pod; they went directly to Michelle’s mother’s house. And then all the quilts I held back for a guild lecture went over. And then all the quilts from Quilt Market that are not currently traveling went over. 

So while hubby and I try to get the rooms in the basement painted and the floors repaired, I will also try to get over to the “house of quilts” and start documenting. Wish me luck.

Quilt Projects

As quilters, we all have a ton of projects to do. Some may be projects we are dreaming about, some may be projects we have planned, bought fabric for but not started and some may be projects we have started but not finished. 

And in the started but not finished category, they can be in many different stages! 

One of the many quilt projects that I have in the started but not finished stage is the Tula Pink City Sampler. I made the blocks last year as part of a 100 day challenge. And I kept up with it; I was so surprised! So now I have the blocks but I need to put them into a quilt. The City Sampler book has some layout options but I decided to do my own thing. 

Theses little beauties will be part of the setting blocks. 


And these will be used for a scrappy binding.


Once I have the quilt farther along, I will share the setting!

Yes, you will have to wait.


This week is the ACQ Quilt Show. ACQ is the local quilt guild that I belong to.  Every 2 years they host a quilt show and the quilts are always amazing. I didn’t enter a quilt this year. To be honest, I did not get my act together in time to submit! So if you are in the area, check it out. 


My next guild visit is to the Colorado Springs Quilt Guild on July 11th. My original visit was snowed out back in March but now I get to speak at the annual dinner meeting instead! Hope to see you there!

Next week I will start to show you some of my new patterns from Quilt Market and June 29th will be the first blog post of the next series of Adventures in Quilting with Kate and Tammy. More on that next week.

happy quilting,



p.s. Are you looking for a speaker for your guild? I am looking to fill out my 2020 schedule with a couple more quilt guild speaking/teachinggigs.

2 thoughts on “So many projects- where to start?”

  1. The wedding looked right out of a picture book…loved the few photos you showed. Sometimes we just have too much going on to get our act together, maybe next year for you.

    1. Barbara,
      You are right- maybe next year! I am not going to beat myself up as there are only so many things one can get done in a day. And yes, the wedding was just beautiful.

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