bitty pinwheel blocks
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December Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks

 Phew! I am just sneaking this in under the wire this month. It has been such a busy month- what with 2 blog hops and the holidays and stuff... wow.For December, the QM bitty block is the pinwheel. Cute little 3" pinwheels. Since I am in CT visiting family for the holidays, I was able… Continue reading December Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks

Quiltmaker bitty blocks
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November Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks

Have you been making any of the Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks? They are small, but fun! This month, Quiltmaker is making 3" Friendship Star blocks. Sooo... cute! I love stars, I love Friendship stars and I love HSTs. (Except when I have to make a gazillion of them.Then, not so much!) For these, I was just digging thru… Continue reading November Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks