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Turnabout Patchwork Book Review

Hi friends! Welcome to my post on the Turnabout Patchwork book blog hop!   Teresa has created this wonderful book, published by Martingale, which is all about simple blocks that you slice or twist to create new blocks!     The quilt I chose to play with is called Sweet Bows and I used some… Continue reading Turnabout Patchwork Book Review


Pixelating Blog Hop- wait till you see this quilt!

Hi friends! Today is my day on the Pixelating Blog Hop! The what you say???   My friend and really cool designer Toni Smith, aka Quiltoni, has a book called Designing Block Quilts. To launch her book, she asked some people to designs quilts using the ideas in her book.    The book shows you… Continue reading Pixelating Blog Hop- wait till you see this quilt!

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Blue Moon Blog Hop Day 2

Hi friends! Today is my day on the Blue Moon blog hop.   Hmmm... you may be wondering- what is Blue Moon?  Well, it is Jackie Kunkel's new Signature Batik Collection from Island Batik designed by Kathy Engle! And it is yummy. Lucky me, Jackie sent me some scraps leftover from her projects and I got… Continue reading Blue Moon Blog Hop Day 2


Happy New Year- welcome to 2018!

Hi friends! I hope your new year has started off filled with hope, anticipation and a sense of excitement - what wonderful thing will happen this year?   For me, I have lots of plans. (*Cue evil villain rubbing hands together with a criminal cackle.*) Ok- that is a bad image. How about (*Cue cute… Continue reading Happy New Year- welcome to 2018!

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A time for reflection…

Hi friends. It is so hard to believe that 2017 is almost over. I think we all say this, probably every year, but really, where did the year go?  And I think most of us, if we can take the time from the crazy busy holiday season,like to take a few minutes to reflect on… Continue reading A time for reflection…