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Exploring the Quilting Basics: Flying Geese Tutorial

Hi friends! Today in the Exploring Quilting Basics blog series, Tammy and I are talking about Flying Geese (FG) units. Do you like making FG units? I will admit, for quite a while, I didn't like making them, but they have grown on me. I think it is because I have learned new techniques to… Continue reading Exploring the Quilting Basics: Flying Geese Tutorial

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Adventures In Quilting- Flying Geese

Hi friends! Wow! I can't believe how long it has been since I posted here. Getting ready for Quilt Market took up so much of my time I was unable to do anything else. But I'm back! Today is another Adventures in Quilting with Kate and Tammy post.   For this post, I wanted to… Continue reading Adventures In Quilting- Flying Geese

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Pressing matters

Hi friends! How are you? Today I have a question for all of you: do you primarily press your seams to one side when making a quilt or press them open? I am typically a press to one side kind of quilter. I think it goes back to when I first started making quilts; that… Continue reading Pressing matters