Big Picture Quilting Goals for 2019 featured by top US quilting blog and shop, Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs
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Big Picture Quilting Goals for 2019

Hi friends! So last night I realized that the reason I was having trouble setting quilting goals for 2019 was that I was thinking about the small stuff. How many new patterns will I create this year? How often will I blog? How often will I post on Instagram? I have been reading a little… Continue reading Big Picture Quilting Goals for 2019

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More Mini Braid fun!

Hi friends! Yesterday morning I got up early and cleaned my house for 3 hours. Nothing so remarkable in that; it is just that I have not cleaned like that in a while. Lately it has been just a little swipe here, a quick dust there… but hubby and I were leaving to go to… Continue reading More Mini Braid fun!

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Red and White- a classic color combo

Hi friends! Last December I went to the CQC (Colorado Quilting Council) meeting and had wonderful time. They talked about their upcoming 40th anniversary year (2018) and all the plans they had for it. The theme for the year long celebration is: CQC Color-Red-O Celebration, 40 Shades of Red. How fun! They are hoping for… Continue reading Red and White- a classic color combo

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A time for reflection…

Hi friends. It is so hard to believe that 2017 is almost over. I think we all say this, probably every year, but really, where did the year go?  And I think most of us, if we can take the time from the crazy busy holiday season,like to take a few minutes to reflect on… Continue reading A time for reflection…

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100 Blocks Magazine Winners

Hi friends! I hope you are having a great week! the weather here this week is lovely- we are supposed to get to the 70s on Thanksgiving. Weird but nice. I was going to skip the blog post this week as we are all so busy, but then realized that I needed to post the… Continue reading 100 Blocks Magazine Winners