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The first of the New Patterns this Fall

Hi friends!

Fall. I love this time of year. I love watching the leaves change color, the air get that crisp bite to it, the sky turn that deep shade of blue. Even though I know winter is coming, with it’s cold temperatures,  bare trees, and short days, I love fall. 


So far this year, I have not had a chance to get out in the woods and go for a hike. I have just been so busy! I did a bit of traveling in September and now it is “crunch time” for quilt designers who are scrambling to get ready for Quilt Market at the beginning of November. Luckily this year it is a week later than usual which gives me an extra week to get ready!

Woo hoo! For Quilt Market I will have a few new patterns. I hesitate to put a number to it as I have to see which ones get done in time but, here is one new quilt that will be going to market.

Meet Ninth Square! This pattern is a remake of a design that I did for another company and now that I can produce the pattern myself, I have revamped it, added sizes and ta-da! Ready to meet the world.

Ninth Square - a quilt by Kate Colleran
Ninth Square


This is such fun pattern. I made it using a jelly roll, but you can always use your scraps. With it being such simple pattern, it will go together pretty quickly and you can get another holiday gift marked off your list! 

Fabrics for Ninth Square quilt


The pattern has 3 sizes- a quick lap quilt without borders, a slightly bigger lap quilt made by adding borders and a queen size quilt. 


The pattern will be on sale this month.

In fact, I will keep adding new patterns as they are ready for Quilt Market and all the new ones will all be on sale until I get back from Quilt Market. Then it is back to their regular price once they are available to shops.


What else will be going on here this month? Next week on October 10th it will be the 3rd post for the border quilt – I guess I better get ready for that and sew the next border!

Then on October 17th I will show off a few more new patterns and a book review. October 24th is a double post week. On Wednesday the 24th I will be posting as part of the Globetrotter fabric line blog hop (batik fabrics- always fun!) and later that week I will post my Border quilt #4 post.

Photo shoot helpers


On October 31st my friend and designer extraordinaire Tammy Silvers and I will be announcing a new project we are working on together and I can’t wait to explain! So be sure to check it out.

As you can see, the kittens like fall as well. They sit by the back door and watch the leaves blowing around.



Right now, we have don’t have a deck-  they managed to take down our old deck but have not put up the new yet. It has only been over a month- no rush. I just hope they get it up before the snow starts! That’s OK- the kittens like the view! They get to see rabbits and leaves.

Personally I think they are plotting something… they remind of The Cat in the Hat book by Dr Seuss- 

I sat there with Sally.

We sat there, we two.

And I said, “How I wish

We had something to do!”


happy quilting!


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