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Tiny Piecing- some tips

Hi friends!

As you know, I have been sewing along with the Christmas Countdown sponsored by AQS.


We are making tiny little blocks. I am keeping to the red and white theme they show because I just love red and white blocks.

But these blocks are small! The other day I posted here about how small they are. Click here to see one of the HST units in one of the blocks next to a quarter!

Here is yesterday’s block.


Yikes! So many HST units. And that block is only 4 ½”! So each HST unit finishes at ½”.

I do admit, the block is not perfect. But I am getting better at sewing small blocks. What did my mom always say- practice makes perfect! Or, at least, shows improvement.

So how does one piece such tiny blocks and have any success? Well, AQS had a blog post about that very subject yesterday and so here is a link to their post and all their suggestions.

I will tell you a few of mine that are not on their list. 

I pin carefully but away from the sewing line so the hump made by the pin doesn’t distort the block or the sewing. 



I use an awl as another finger to help keep the pieces together as I guide them under the needle. 

Using an awl to help guide the fabric


I press often and gently. For these blocks I am using spray starch. AQS suggests using spray starch before sewing. I use it as I go and after the block is done.

Before pressing with Best Press


I like both Best Press and Flatter but Best Press is a little more heavy duty. These blocks have a lot of seams so heavy duty works a little better!

After Best Press


And I am trying to slow down my sewing. I like to go pedal to the metal when I can but these blocks take time. The faster I go, the more I need to rip out! Poor Jack got quite the workout last night.

I hope when you go to the AQS blog post, that you get some good tips that will help you when sewing with tiny pieces.

Here is today’s block- not quite as many pieces. Phew.  Needs a little trim but not too bad!

Block 13 of the Christmas Countdown


happy quilting!



2 thoughts on “Tiny Piecing- some tips”

  1. Thank you for your tips and for the link!! I would love to some day make a miniature quilt, but those small pieces are intimidating!! Your blocks look great and I’m looking forward to seeing your completed quilt.

    1. Susan,
      You’re welcome! The blocks do take more time than a larger block. So they can be intimidating not just due to size but due to effort required! Or at least, they take ME more time!

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