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Tired of shopping? Me too. Except I am having a Quilting Sale!

Hi friends!

Wow. Thanksgiving weekend suddenly seems to be so overwhelming! But not due to family, or cooking and cleaning (especially for me as I did not do any cooking or hosting this year) but due to shopping!

Yikes. My email inbox was constantly full. Black Friday sale! Small Business Saturday sale! Cyber Monday sale!

(Info on my quilting sale is at the end of the post.)

I was never one to go shopping on Black Friday. Back in the day, when I was working as a nurse, Thanksgiving was the holiday I usually worked in the hopes I would get Christmas off. So I would work all weekend. Now, being a work at home person, I could go shopping. But the thought of lines and crowds just does me in.

Then last night, I decided that I really should take advantage of at least one Cyber Monday sale and the real advantage would be no crowds! No lines! But then it took me 3 hours to order 3 items because that website was so busy, it got overwhelmed and shut down.

I was in a cyber line!

All this to tell you that I am having a quilting sale on my website. It is a 12 Days of Christmas sale because I love Christmas, but if you don’t celebrate Christmas – then think of it as a 12 Days of December sale!

Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs Quilting Sale:

Here is the deal. I did not want to inundate people with blog posts for 12 days with one item for sale per day and create a sense of urgency for that day but then you forget to order and now the thing you wanted was on sale yesterday but not today…..

Too much drama.

So, there are 12 items for sale and all are for sale for all 12 days of the sale. Get any item, or all the items, on sale any day of the sale.

What’s the sale? 25% off!

12 items. 12 days. All items on sale all 12 days at 25% off . Got it?

Place your order and we will ship the next day. Easy peasy. Use the code: holiday2017.


The only caveat? While supplies last. Some items I have in limited numbers on hand. So once the inventory is gone, that item is no longer on sale. Or, it can be on sale, but I can’t guarantee when you will get it.

What items are part of my quilting sale? I picked some of my favorites and some of my more popular items.

  1. My book- Smash Your Precut Stash– a signed copy. Add a note if you want it personalized.
  2. The Braid Template.
  3. Table Scraps pattern- need to make a quick holiday gift? This is a fun table runner! Works with the Braid Template.
  4. The Pack it Up! bag and Mini Braid Template bundle.
  5. Tannenbaum Trio– had to have at least one holiday pattern on the list!
  6. Winter Star Stocking– ok, make that 2 holiday patterns!
  7. The 75 Fun Fat Quarter Quilts book- a signed copy.
  8. The Seam Guide and Sewing Edge combo– my favorite tools for a great ¼” seam!
  9. Savannah Squares pattern.
  10. Little Leaves pattern- makes a great baby or child’s quilt and it is quick!
  11. Sweet Beets pattern.
  12. Saybrook Signals pattern.

This quilting sale runs from November 29-Dec 10th, 2017. All orders include a little special gift.

Have fun shopping!

happy quilting!


And if you are a newsletter reader, look for a special coupon code for $50 off any of the quilts for sale in my ETSY shop (not the table runner or placemats). This coupon will be good thru Dec 10th as well. I know most of you make your own quilts, but if you need a nice quilt for someone special, and you don’t have time to make one right now, these quilts might help!






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