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Travel in February- the risks, the perks

Hi friends!

How are you? 

Last Saturday I returned home after almost 2 weeks away. I was in PA and CT helping out a family member who had surgery. We were in Pennsylvania for the surgery and then once she was cleared for travel, I drove her home to Connecticut. I was pretty worried about the trip due to weather. You never know what you might get in February! We were both pretty lucky on our trips to PA- cold weather but no snow. Phew! One leg of the trip down.

Lisa’s Knerr’s quilt from our Braid class


But the trip to CT had the potential to get sketchy. We were due to drive back to CT last Thursday. Which as those in the northeast know, a big snow storm was predicted for that day- a bit of a nor’easter. Luckily, we were released for travel a day early, we drove to CT on a beautiful, sunny day, she was settled back home with my other sister to fetch and carry as needed and we all hunkered down safe and sound for the big snow!

I rode out the snow day at my friend’s house and I wish I had taken a picture of my friend’s son shoveling/snow blowing the driveway. The snow was almost to his knees! And he is a big guy. It was a lot of snow in a short time.

Patricia Graham’s braid quilt waiting on borders


But the next day was clear, cold and sunny and just fine. I had just enough time to see a few VIPs (my daughter and son in law, then my son and daughter in law!) and then it was time to go home. The day I left was cold, a few flakes early in the morning but by the time my flight was ready to go, clear skies. And only a half full plane. Nice! So no one was sitting next to me. I could relax, throw stuff on the seat in the middle… it was great. And the lady sitting in the aisle seat was lovely and we chatted quite a bit.

So now what have I got to show? Well, to be honest, I caught a bit of a stomach bug on arrival home and have been moving slow this week. So not much!

New Crosscut quilt started before I left and not touched since! Oops!


But as you can see, while I have not been as productive, or sharing much, some of the ladies from my Braid Class with the Arapahoe County Quilters guild have been! Don’t their quilts look great?

They were making the quilt, Down the Garden Path, from my Smash Your Precut Stash book. I can’t wait to see Patricia’s with her borders on!

When I got home, there was this pile of mail waiting for me. Yikes! Hubby had cleared thru most of the junk mail, but this was what was left. 



Hmmm… looks like some fun stuff may be in some of those boxes! 

Island Batik Ambassador box!


I guess I will have things to share in the near future!

Aria from Windham fabrics


Next week I am doing a dual blog event with Leah Day! I am so excited! I met Leah at Quilt Market in the fall and she is lovely. She and I chatted a few weeks ago for her podcast and I sent her a block that I made for her to quilt. For those of you who don’t know Leah, she is a wonderful machine quilter with lots of blog posts and You Tube videos on how to machine quilt your own quilts. 

So come back Tuesday to see what I made, then you will want to pop over to her blog on Wednesday to see how she quilted my cute block! Sound like fun?

happy quilting,


p.s. Welcome to all our new readers out there! So exciting to have you here with us!


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